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Title: The School of Earth Magic
Post by: KingofGames5 on 24 July 2004, 18:50:00
heres an attempt at the earth school. btw i based it on the wind school only since its earth its reversed concepts. HELP IS GREATLY NEEDED
The School of Earth Magic

The School of Earth Magic, along with the Wind, Fire and, Water Schools represents one of the four Elemental Schools of magic taught in the Magical Academy of Ximax in western Santharia. Note that the Schools of Magic, their Spheres and Spell Classes, do not represent an objective "truth" on all things magical, but are only one of many possible categorizations, an arbitrary one as critics say, or an absolutely essential one as supporters confirm.

Within the Elemental Schools, the Earth School overall mainly tends to deal with more physical aspects of beings rather then the mental and spiritual ones. (Help for the next sentence)

Description. The Element of Earth includes things related to the ground (help for rest of sentence). This element has a reputation for being one of the more peaceful elements, but can, at times, lead to chaos and destruction as well, through manipulation of (body and structure?). Though it should be noted that most users of Earth Magic will not use their powers in such a way as Earth Magic is closely related to the advanced Magic School of Xeuá Magic, for which the Earth School in fact provides many preconditions. Furthermore the Element of Earth seems to have a natural affinity for members of the dwarvern race, or those that have partly dwarvern blood in their bodies, at least this is what the religious belief of the elves suggest, a belief that they practice throughout their lives. Though of course, one of most any race can learn to be strong in this area of magic.

Earth magic tends to be more connected to the (help for rest of sentence). (Help with rest of paragraph).

(Help with paragraph).

(Help with paragraph).

Spheres of Earth Magic. Like at all other Elemental Schools, there exist 3 Spheres in order to categorize the School of Magic:

(Help me make up the 3 spheres. Btw I would like necromancy and demonology to be able to be incorporated into the spheres)

Spell Classification.
(help 4 this section as well. Keep in mind I want necromancy and demonology in there as earth spells already have this)

Reagents. A short list of possible Earth School reagents includes the following.
Diamond dust
Iron dust
Any bone/s

Title: Re: The School of Earth Magic
Post by: Mina on 24 July 2004, 19:11:00
Earth magic is already taken.  In fact, all 4 elements have been taken.  Wind and earth by Rayne and water and fire by Dasson.  

Title: Re: The School of Earth Magic
Post by: KingofGames5 on 25 July 2004, 09:13:00
well i don't see any up to date posts about the fire school except mine which i used dasson's work. and the same goes 4 the earth school. if they r taken why don't people post them?

Title: Re: The School of Earth Magic
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 25 July 2004, 11:13:00
KoG, please read the posts oin the thread "An oun of a proposal", to get a better picture of magic ATM.

As for the earth school, well, Dasson is not going to work on magic as he has said, so that isnt much of a problem. The problem is that we may strand again on disagreements. But if KoG wants, sure he should try. I'll help.

First of all, Earth does not only deal with physical aspects. We have been using a classification of three spheres, and I have before worked out a small Sphere proposal. So I'll repost that at the bottom of this post. It should give you an idea of what Earth stands for.

Earth is not peaceful, earth is... slow. Hard to get in motion, hard to alter. But very powerful once you manage to alter and make it move.

There is no necromancy in XImax, but "Necromancy" is defined as bringing energy and motion to that which is still, and that is Fire. Please, accept that as a fact, otherwise mine and other's wrath will come down upon you. The reason it is fire is because earth is stillness, while wind is motion. Fire is Earth trying to be Wind, aka stillness wanting to move (simplfied. Kik, dont shoot me for my wording)

This is a p r o p o s a l, nothign else. There has been disagreement before, voice it again if it still is there.
The Sphere of Solids

Class: Realism? (Physical representation of Solids)

Spell examples:
Lvl. 1 Solidify (Makes e.g. a sword harder to break and dull)
Lvl. 6 Stone Skin (Causes the skin of the caster to become more solid and harder to pierce)

Class: Enforcement (Spiritual representation of Solids)

Spell examples:
Lvl. 3 Resist magic (Causes the car'all of the target to become more earth, thus making it harder to manipulate)

The Sphere of Death

Class: Stillness (Physical representation of Death)

Spell examples:
Lvl. 3 Slow (Slows down somethign that is in motion, e.g. causing a man to act and walk slower)
Lvl. 10 Petrify (Turns a living target to stone)

Class: Dementalism (Spiritual representation of Death)

Spell examples:
Lvl. 3 Tire (Causes the target to lose strength and energy)
Lvl. 5 Despirit (Causes target to lose vigor, making him/her indifferent to an idea)
Lvl. 8 Mind Blast (Causes the target's mind to shut down)

The Sphere of Unity

Class: Unification (Physical representation of Unity)

Spell examples:
Lvl. 3 Break (Allows the caster to break off e.g. a rock)
Lvl. 10 Earthquake (Causes the earth to crack and move)

Class: Spiritual linking (Spiritual representation of Unity)

Spell examples:
Lvl. 2 Attune (Causes car'all of target to become as much earth as the car'all of something else)
Lvl. 6 Counterspell (Forces the car'all affected by a spell to lie still, thus cancelling the spell)

And yes, don't give up KoG

Title: Re: The School of Earth Magic
Post by: isaraldor glamthail on 25 July 2004, 14:41:00
hmm ok. the problem i have with your representation of the 3 spheres is that some of the spells and your naming of the spheres don't go with what i gathered from the web and arti's post about what the 3 spheres do. i read all the earth spells and about 4 said necromancy as thier spell class but that can be changed so i won't argue about it... to much. any help is gladly welcomed and by the way this KoG. mina told me to change my name so i did.
(the only problem i have is having to log in to KoG and change it from there. u think i should repost it as isaraldor?)

Title: Re: The School of Earth Magic
Post by: Mina on 25 July 2004, 15:29:00
Actually, it was Khiera who told you to get a new username.  I don't think I've commented on your CD for a while now.  

Title: ...
Post by: Kikhku on 25 July 2004, 18:29:00
Silf, I wrote up a few of these spheres a while ago.  Here's another proposal.  Tell me what you thing.

Sphere 1: The Sphere of Heartiness

(Deals with physical and mental strength.)
Encompasses all of the solidify  spells, and the spiritual aspect is a group of spells that provide mental strength and fortify one's current state of mind.

Sphere 2: The Sphere of Attraction

(Deals with the attractive forces between two objects, between a person's mind and an object, or between two minds.)
Arti said that "attraction", the santharian version of magnetism, would be earth magic.  This sphere would encompass all of the spells that use magnetism to either move something or bond two things together such as Bone Calling, and can also be used to tear earth oriented things apart, such as Break..  It also includes spells that increase a persons feelings of attraction or repulsion to another person or an object.  Attraction spells can also cause weight to increase, either the weight of an object, or the weight of an event on a person (Eg, a person loses a pet and would normally brush it off and move on.  However with this spell active, they would be completely devastated.)

Sphere 3: The Sphere of Construction

(Deals with using the two aforementioned spheres to create something new)
Working on this one.  But it would probably ensue spells focused on creating something out of what seems to be nothing (Gathering dust from the air and making it into an axe).  The spiritual application could include giving a target new emotions, perhaps giving bravery or courage to someone who has none.  It could also be used to create conditions where thought is impossible, turning the person into a vegatable, or even killing the person instantly (death).  

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 26 July 2004, 05:04:00
Well, it is a workable thing Kik, however, the problem is that indeed, I recall Arti saying that spheres should be a difficulty chart as well as a spell chart. My proposal does not do that, as all the three spheres have both low and high level spells within them.

The question would be, if I for one agree that we need spheres to be difficulty as well - I greatly dislike to make spells high in level if they cna be made lower levels by lowering their impact.

And there is again the issue of how we will decide how stuff will work.

And also, Kik, creation is not earth - your third sphere is Xeua. And I still believe that Death should be part of earth someghow,m if not necessarily a separatre sphere.

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 26 July 2004, 05:43:00
Points to Minas post - earth taken by Rayne? Then wait for her, I would say....

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Title: ...
Post by: Kikhku on 26 July 2004, 06:32:00
Why not call it the sphere of Stillness.  Death could be stilling someone's mind and body perminantly, and stillness could imply many other things as well.

If it's a difficulty level, well.. I don't see how solidify and bone calling could ever fit into the same sphere.  One deals with attraction and one deals with solidification, and yet they're both level one.  Maybe the sphere deals with the average difficulty level of the spell.  

I just realized something.  The sphere of attraction could include summoning too o.o!!  I know all about summoning being the strengthening and weakening of Xeua links, but I think that it should also be earth.  We already have call to the beast.  Demonology might work as an earth magic after all.

Arg, if Fairhaven ever gets up, I'm using my own magic system for the school there >.<  This one really is confuzzling.

Title: ...
Post by: isaraldor glamthail on 26 July 2004, 07:23:00
oh srry mina.
hmm yeah i've been pondering that Kik. any1 have suggestions for that? remember that we can change spells around as long as the basic concept is there (i think)

Title: ...
Post by: Kikhku on 26 July 2004, 07:42:00
Well why do they have to be the same for all elements?  Maybe earth magi have an easier time using second sphere magics then all the other magi do?  It could be part of their element, or even they way they teach at Ximax.

Title: Re: ...
Post by: isaraldor glamthail on 30 July 2004, 07:58:00
well then we had better get started with something. lets start with the sphere names and spell class names. then we can go on to giving them a description. then the rest of the page will come to together.

here's an idea for the spheres (trying to keep everyones ideas although kik is right becuz earth mages seem to have an easier time with the second sphere. maybe we can do something like that with all the other schools. maybe we can make wind mages have an easier time with spiritual spells? alright back to earth. get it? back to earth. ok kinda lame.:) )

sphere 1- magenetism

sphere 2- fortification

sphere 3- construction

there now don't forget that we have earth AND fire to do

May the wind cast you to your doom evil ones

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 30 July 2004, 10:03:00
*Bows and asks evryone to look in the "Magic once again" thread*

Title: Re: ...
Post by: isaraldor glamthail on 30 July 2004, 11:15:00
read it silfer. we need to make changes to the current spells if its going to work so lets start. here are the spells
1. bone callingx
1. solidify
2. waning
3. break
4. guise of bonesx
5. call to the beast
5. raise skeletonx
6. bone craftingx
these are the spells currently on the list take note that necromancy spells are going to be moved to fire. so an x is placed next to the ones i think are going to be moved to fire.

ok. solidify is a sphere 2 spell, break can go into the same sphere. waning can be sphere 3, as i interpret the spell anyway. however i'm not sure if call to the beast is going to be incorparated in earth or moved to xuea/ecua. however if its going to stay i think it should be moved to sphere 3 (which really puts a strain on my cd) and would contradict waning. any suggestions, comments or concerns (or pointing me to a thread:) )

May the wind cast you to your doom evil ones

Title: Re: ...
Post by: Silfer Darkflare on 30 July 2004, 11:33:00
Solidify is sphere one, you make earth dominating. It CAN be done by sphere two, by rearranging earth so it is a "shell" of earth around the object, so to speak. (Remeber, things can be done in different ways)

Break is sphere two, no doubt.

However, Isar, do wait. Arti has not even stated if my ideas are correct, and you are in a hurry, and hurry leads to short-time conceptions and finally it leads notwhere. Slow down.

BTW, have you read the entries on the site on Magic and Schools of magic? I think you should do so. Will help you avoid pitfalls.  

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: isaraldor glamthail on 30 July 2004, 12:08:00
it said sphere 2 but oh well. i've read everything about wind and some other stuff but i will go ahead and read everything over now and when arti does the next update.

May the wind cast you to your doom evil ones