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Title: Cor'hm clan wars
Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on 31 July 2006, 13:18:48
The Cor'hm are infamous for their constant barrage of clan wars and I, being of the Cor'hm myself, thought it would be fun if there was a way set up for other Cor'hm clans to fight. If this sounds like something you all would consider hearing more about I've already got alot of Ideas on how to set it up and how to work it out but if ya'll dont then Ill just close down the thread and try my luck with something else.

Title: Re: Cor'hm clan wars
Post by: Gean Firefeet on 31 July 2006, 18:19:50
Hi Navar,

I just took a quick peek in the Coor'hem entry on the site: there are most certainly a lot of possibilities here. I'm sure you've seen the Challenges among clan leaders which have been described there, the habit of armourers to create stronger or weaker weapons depending on his customer. If I understand you correctly you want to create something tournament like for the clans to fight among each other, or perhaps more something of a tradition of warfare which is used for this (nightly raids, stuff like that)? Keep in mind that in the end, the race as a whole has to survive, and that clans can't start decimating each other as that would mean the end of the complete tribe. If you can find around this, I'm curious as to what you come up to. I hope the other Nybelmarian developers are also interested, as I'm just passing by for that matter ;)

Title: Re: Cor'hm clan wars
Post by: Decipher Ziron on 31 July 2006, 18:40:03
Interesting idea Navar.What about somekind of gladitorial combat when clan leaders fight for  honour or something like that. You could even extend it to make it so that if a clan leader loses, but doesn't die he is exiled from is own clan. There are so many possiblities for an idea like this.


Title: Re: Cor'hm clan wars
Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on 01 August 2006, 02:09:09
Before I begin would this be the appropriate forum to post in or is their one that would more appropriate to post in.

Title: Re: Cor'hm clan wars
Post by: Gean Firefeet on 01 August 2006, 02:28:06
I think this is an excellent place to post it, as it concerns an already existing topic for Nybelmar and it's not a plant/beast/place etc. You could also place it in Races & Tribes I think, as it concerns the habits of one particular tribe. Now that I think of it, you might want to post it there, as I believe the original division was to post discussions in the second section of fora, while the third would hold the actual entries. So... Races & Tribes would be the place for it! Looking forward to see your work :thumbup:

Title: Re: Coór'hém clan wars
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 01 August 2006, 04:02:28
Hi Navar!
I see two problems here.
For one - history is not something recommended for a first entry, it seems a bit a difficult topic to start with and one which might take a long time till it is finished. Look at the bottom of this thread here (,4923.0.html)

Then - the focus of developement is the Sarvonian continent, especially Santharia. And the Coór'hém are not even in Coren‘s realm so that we could look away.

I would in any case first ask the two moderators of Nybelmar if it is ok to start with it, for you will need quite some help here and I don‘t know, if Coren wants to spend his time on these elves.

Title: Re: Cor'hm clan wars
Post by: xerampelinae deicida on 01 August 2006, 10:47:55
What about doing a weapon used by Cor'hm elves that would help to fammiliarize you with their combat techniques so you'll understand them better if you do a clan war later on.

Title: Re: Cor'hm clan wars
Post by: Smith in Exile on 02 August 2006, 03:31:12
Coor'rhem are Viresse's "realm," but I haven't seen her in a while. I can check this out though, as east would be my responsibility... The idea as I get it is to write an entry about a sort of a tournament right? Or you were thinking about clan wars? If it's a tournament it's ok. The history would be more complicated as we're still working on that and we don't know too much about anything from the Year of Darkness on. Anyway, if you can be more specific than that, maybe I can give you an answer and help.

Title: Re: Cor'hm clan wars
Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on 02 August 2006, 04:41:21
Smith first off Id like to thank you for a reply and yes a tournament could work but what I was shooting for was Clan wars. In which each clan would have two leaders (Ruhns as the Cor'hm call their clan leaders) one male the other female, and as the leaders they are responsible for their clan and each one having command over their sex (male:male female:female). However if either of the Ruhn want to rule the entire clan they can fight head to head or set their faction against the other and the winner of the fight would inturn be the sole leader of the clan. Now a Ruhn can also be challenged by another clan member for leadership, in that case they head into head to head combat for dominace of the clan faction or entire clan depending on the circumstances.

Clans are made up of other Santharians (preferably the Cor'hm but in all reality there are not enough Cor'hm for that so other tribes are welcome)
are grouped and selcted by one who wishes to start a clan (men recruit men and women recruit women) the recruiter is the Ruhn of the clan, or once clan membership is completed the clan can challange each other and the most powerful man and woman can take their place as clan leaders.

Now for external clan matters, the clans are pointless unless there are other clans to fight so there are two options here clans of Santarians vs NPC clans where the NPCs or having Santharian vs Santharian. In these battles clans fight head on for dominance. Here losind does not end with death but lose of honor. Im still brainstorming on penalties for losing I have a few Ideas but I dont want to post htem until they are well developed.

This is just a bare bone explanation I have alot more info concernings this matter and I can go into much more detail if needed.

 On a more personal note this idea intrigues to the point that I am willing to put in any amount of work and any amount of time to see it take form and become a part of the Santharian Dream.


Title: Re: Cor'hm clan wars
Post by: Decipher Ziron on 02 August 2006, 04:45:46

I am willing to put in any amount of work and any amount of time to see it take form and become a part of the Santharian Dream.

Thats a pretty big commitment. *Bows*

Title: Re: Cor'hm clan wars
Post by: Mina on 02 August 2006, 05:49:07
Navar, it seems you're trying to come up with a RPG story, not a dev entry.  This isn't the right board for RPG issues.  Try the RPG board instead. 

Title: Re: Cor'hm clan wars
Post by: Smith in Exile on 03 August 2006, 07:08:17
The Cor'hm live on the continent of Nybelmar, in the western portion of Gaeldorioth, calling their portion of the woods Crystalwoods. In these woods there are many villages, fortifications and temples hidden among the trees and shrubs of the forest. A little over a quarter of the Cor'hm live in Sevari, broken into 7 clans. There are roughly 150 to 200 Cor'hm clans residing in the Crystalwoods, excluding the larger Sevari clans; and a new clan is made every few months, with an elder clan being lost every year.

Cor'hm live in family clans, of roughly 40 members to a clan. They have an established village and hunting grounds, hidden from visitors. The Cor'hm constantly battle nearby clans and family members for power. Through this practice, new clan members are taken and lost. In family battles, yielding is expected, but to ensure success, victors sometimes may push the fight further, either mortally woulding on "accident" or hiring another drow to finish the job.

Whenever a new Ruhn battles into power, that ruler's sex takes that day as an observance, calling it Ruhn (Name's) Day. The day is celebrated every year as long as the Ruhn is in power. Certain families within the clan may still observe a particular Ruler's day, especially if the Ruler benefitted them. They also observe Halfar'Bedar, the wedding day of two of the most important Rulers in Cor'hm history. In Sevari, when a new Ruhn takes leadership, a week is given for celebration.

These quotes are from the entry. Ok, so leaving the RPG thing aside (your use of "NPC" and "Santharians" - which is at least confusing for the dev board), I gather that you actually want to write an entry on how these battles are fought - meaning that you want to bring in more details on Coor'rhem life. I would say that this is great so you have my ok for it.

Bell-ring me or send me a message when you post your first draft.