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Title: Rhulran Work
Post by: Luca the Thief on 19 August 2006, 10:57:26
What's she doing here again, you ask? Out to cause more trouble and headaches?

You bet your buns I am!

I was wondering if you kids were still up for some fleshing out with my wee little tribe... namely a People (group, rather) entry and a linked beastie (yes, another odd riding animal)? I might also get around to doing a place entry on Rhual, but don't hold your breath (no offense... I just find cities to be a complete snore to write about).

Title: Re: Rhulran Work
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 24 August 2006, 05:57:11
I'm sure further work would be appreciated, Luca :) Though Talia is busy with celebrating birthdays these days and Artemis is not that often around in general. - But if you have further stuff you'd like to develop, go ahead!  :cool:

Title: Re: Rhulran Work
Post by: Artemis on 24 August 2006, 13:28:31
Yeah, go right ahead, your Rhulran tribe entry was fantastic and it'll be good to see some work on Aeruillin being done - I've been on a hiatus for about a year, University just takes up all my time...

:D :D :D

Title: Re: Rhulran Work
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 24 August 2006, 23:31:26

Yeah, go on! It is a pity you didn't do already more, with such a slendid first work!