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Title: Need an Idea or Want to Revise an Entry? Click Here!
Post by: Drasil Razorfang on 15 September 2006, 06:44:39
Greetings Developers,

This thread consists of a compilation of entries which have been started, mentioned in other entries, or are wanted concepts of an entry. Just as important as writing new entries for the Compendium, is the maintenance and re-writing of existing entries which haven't been adjusted yet to our latest Bestiary scheme. This task is an especially good place to start for newbies, since some ideas and a main skeleton are already there, taking away quite some weight of starting everything from scratch while not yet acquainted with the Santharian Dream.

In case you're developing e.g. a region and would need a special animal/plant for it, you can post here, and maybe someone will realize an entry according to your proposal. If you can provide some details in advance concerning this beast/plant you desire, please include them when you post a development proposal.

We will use colour coding to highlight easy entries, best suited for new researchers who are easing into the Santharian Universe. Similarly, more intricate creatures with less existing information on them will be highlighted as more being more complex entries. We will strive to attach as many sources of information to the animals.

Entries Needing Revision or Expansion

* Great Drakes(Overview) ( Kalina
* Strata Milking Cow ( Talia
* Inca Tati Shapeshifter ( Azhira
* The Ska'Kailn ( Valan
* The Kiivosh (,12269.msg145504.html#msg145504) Talia

Animals, Domestic (,10891.msg190854.html#msg190854)
* Doríiyn Sheep (
* Inja Goat (
* The Daw (http://daw) / @ (
* The Orcal Lizard Goat (#post_orcallgoat)
* The Rimmilch Cow (#post_rimmilchcow)
* The Violet Sky-Dancer (#post_violetdancer)

Animals, Smaller (,10891.msg190858.html#msg190858)
* The Paeth (#post_paeth) / @ ( Abilities)
* Lots of Rats ( Destinctions)
* The Flaret (#post_flaret) / @ (
* The Golden Seean (#post_goldenseean)
* The Trolog (#post_trolog)

Animals, Flying (,10891.msg190864.html#msg190864)
* The M Water Bird (#post_mwbird) / @ (

Animals, Wild (,10891.msg190859.html#msg190859)
* The Ar'bez (#post_arbez) / @ (
* The Oryx (#post_oryx) / @ (
* The Desert Trag (#post_dtrag) / @ (,12979.0.html) / @ (,14413.0.html)

Monsters, Flying (,10891.msg190861.html#msg190861)

Monsters, Aquatic (,10891.msg190863.html#msg190863)
* The Greater Trolog (#post_gtrolog)

Please note that posts will be deleted after your reservation has gone up next to the entry. Once the entry has been posted, your name and the summary found in the archives will be deleted. If you do not commence work within two weeks your claim will be removed

Title: Re: Need an Idea or Want to Revise an Entry? [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Post by: Jonael Tomeskrift on 27 May 2011, 05:25:52
Animals, Domestic

The Orcal Lizard-Goat - A creature referenced in the Seven Bright Days festival. A presumably vicious breed of livestock native to the orcal territories.

The Rimmilch Cow - By far the most common kind of cattle you will encounter in the United Kingdom of Santharia. As the name already implies, the Rimmilch Cow dominates the areas around the Rimmerins ring, but also can be found until the Tandalas up north, thus providing dairy products for large parts of Santharia and is especially liked for the excellent milch cheese.

The Daw - A species of Cows that is kept by the penda'u at the continent of Akdor. It measures up to two peds in heigth and three and a half ped in length. It has long brown hair, that gets thicker near the hooves, grey eyes that may contain both threat and calmness. The males grow horns up to half a ped that are curved slightly downwards, and could make fierce weapons. They are kept for their milk, but also for their beef and skin.

Title: Re: Need an Idea or Want to Revise an Entry? [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Post by: Jonael Tomeskrift on 27 May 2011, 06:13:21
Animals, Smaller

Paeth - Tiny insects found deep within the soil all over the Sarvonian continent. They are the favorite food of the Cheerk.

Golden Seean - See Drape Silk Spider entry for details or contact Stormraven.

Violet Sky-Dancer - A butterfly. One of the largest members of the butterfly family native of northeastern Sihitara (a Krean metropolis). A group of priestesses from the High Temple of Ankriss (christening themselves as the Violet Dancers after the well-known butterfly) serve as the guard of honor for the Warden of State.

Common Rat - They vary in size and color, but are usually about a Fore in length, including the tail. Their coloring ranges from browns and blacks to whites and even the occasional paint. Pure albinos are uncommon. Their beady eyes are almost always black, and they have hairless pink tails and feet. Originally this species probably originated in the Narfost Plain or the desert to the south, where small numbers can be found, but these Rats have spread all over Santharia, Denilou, Aeruillin and Nyblemar and are commonly found in cities, village barns, ships, and other places of human inhabitance where food is to be found. Rats and mice often fall prey to cats, stray dogs, and snakes, as well as meaner Rats of their own kind, although their large front teeth and short, sharp claws can do some serious damage. For the most part, however, they are cowardly creatures, preferring to scavenge and steal, and run away from a fight whenever they can. A common rat's diet might consist of insects, grains, scrap food, waste, grass, flowers, and just about anything that is available and easily scavenged. Common Rats often carry ticks or fleas, and occasionally diseases as well.

Flax Rat - Sometimes referred to as the "Farmer's Friend", are the smallest of the Rat spieces, and dwell in more northerly climbs of Caelereth, usually no further south than Elsreth, among many different types of crop but especially flax. About 5 nails breaths end to end, they are fiercly territorial and aggressive and will bite if disturbed. Usually yellowish or gray in color they are carnivorous and eat many insects and small animals that would normally destroy crops.

Snow Rat - Only slightly larger than the Common Rat and similar in many aspects to most rodents. However, they possess several adaptations to their harsh tundra climate that set them apart from all other Rat species. The most noticeable is their coat: it is pure white, long, and very soft. The hairs also grow to cover their wide-spread feet, allowing them to scamper lightly across snow drifts leaving nearly invisible tracks. The silky hairs of the Snow Rat not only provide warmth, but camouflage as well. Their blue eyes might make one think these Rats are blind, but while their eyesight is not exceptional, their sense of hearing is acute.

Water Rat - Or sometimes Black Rats are almost completely black in color. They are prevelant in midland and southern Santharia, Aeruillin and Nybelmar, in and around slow flowing rivers, marshes and wetlands. They are also to be found in quiet costal waters of the Isles of Quios - in river estuarys and natural bays. Much like the Common Rat in appearance it is distinguishable from a black Common Rat only by their slightly larger size and webbed hind feet, which make them rather less agile than their land dwelling cousins, but far stronger swimmers. The front feet are unwebbed to allow them to manipulate things. They have extremly course waterproof fur and a female Water Rat may produce anything from 1 to 11 young in a litter.

Wood Rat - Also known as Bush Rats or Steppe Rats, because of their fondness for living far from human habitation. The Bush Rats, which are 1 or 2 palmspans in length, are found in wooded and desert areas throughout Caelereth. They build characteristic dome-shaped nests, usually in tree branches, about 1 ped high, by weaving straw and sticks together. The exterior of the nest is studded with needle-sharp thorns by weaving in the branches of thorny or venomous plants for protection against natural enemies. These Rats are herbivours, eating berries, roots and grains. In certain areas esepcially on the Elverground farmers may have to protect their crops from the damage these Rats can so. One method is to take grain to the Rats characteristic nests to prevent them damaging the crop. Wood Rats are slate-gray, blue or tan above and white below and can easily be identified by their hairy tails.

Brownie Rat - They live in the streets and sewers of large cities and grow large, powerful, and ill-tempered. Armored with tough hide and coarse hair, large jutting front teeth, and sharp claws, Brownie Rats were soon adopted as the steeds of many of the tribes of the diminutive city-dwelling Rat Brownies, especially in Nyermersys (hence their name).

Little fairy type of bugs- Contact Mira for details: An undeveloped bug, looks more or less fairy-like. Look in the Tethinrhim Ria city entry for more details.

The Flaret - A small rodents that live within Hol'Dispor. Compared to other rodents they are relatively large. Its primary predator is the Mermac.

The Trolog Dek - basically the size of a small dog ... and is actually treated by the BSEs as lap dog top things.

Title: Re: Need an Idea or Want to Revise an Entry? [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Post by: Jonael Tomeskrift on 27 May 2011, 06:15:28
Animals, Wild

The Ar'bez - A deer like beast in the Rahaz Dath desert. See Talia Sturmwind for more details.

The Oryx - Another deer-like creature that is the second favorite food of the deadly Ju'bat Cat.    See Talia for details.

The Dessert Trag - A strange omnivorous deer about as large as a rat named after Tragulidae the family name of the chevrotain, also known as mouse deer I was thinking of adding antlers to this animal and giving it lightning magic abilities. See gopag entry for details.

Title: Re: Need an Idea or Want to Revise an Entry? [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Post by: Jonael Tomeskrift on 27 May 2011, 06:17:57


Sea Wyrm - A dragon-like creature that lives of the coast of the Zeiphyrian Forest

XŠníkrŤ Drake (StyrŠsh long mouth) - A drake with a long crocodile like mouth and excellent sense of smell. See gopag entry for details

Spiked Drakes - Similar to Horned Drakes but found in southwest Nybelmar instead of Santharia.

Abyssal Dragon - They have no colour. In fact they look either completely black or are not seen at all. Its eyes are jet black, but they sparkle purple slightly. Abyssal Dragons have the ability to pass between realms and live in the Etherial Void. If exposed to sunlight, they will die, leaving their hide behind and nothing else. This hide keeps the same properties as the dragon Did in life, and is prized by assassins and magic-users.

The Adamant Dragon - They are extremely rare but powerful mythical dragons, who are said to have a gem (an adamant) anchored in their foreheads, endowing them with nearly god-like powers. One of the most renknown Adamant Dragons is undoubtedly Ol'dem'brey, who is said to have been defeated by the young girl Katya Ileri Dain following the Vardżnnian Atonement. Kayta later on became Erpheronian queen Katya the Just for her imcomparable courage to confront the supposedly invincible dragon.

The Astral Dragon - the Abyssal Dragonís counterpart. The only difference between the two is the eyes: the Astral Dragonís are much brighter, and appear to harbour twin galaxies. Astral Dragons are said to be able to stand some light, but in direct sunlight or strong moonlight it will die and leave behind its hide.

The Aurora Dragon - This creature is black with lights that ripple through its skin, indicating at the powerful magic that it commands. The lights can indicate the Dragonís moods, but Aurora Dragons may also use them to deceive. This Dragon lives mainly in the clouds, and has the ability to hover or to move without using physical means of propulsion. Its magic is slightly less powerful than the Adamant Dragon's.

The Cloud Dragon - is quite unusual. It has a rounded appearance that most dragons do not, and its hide is extremely soft. It is pure white and has blue eyes. Cloud Dragons live in the sky and conceal themselves in the clouds. It feeds on water in any state.

The Emerald Sea Dragon - After the Adamant Dragon, is one of the three most powerful dragons. It has the appearance of a normal Dragon, with the exception of being sleeker and having webbed feet. It has a blue-green color that is brilliant especially in the sunlight and has a strange refractive property. This factor has led to its name. The Emerald Sea Dragon lives underwater and sleeps on the bottom of whatever waterway it currently inhabits. This Dragon wields magic as potent as the Adamant Dragons, possibly even slightly more powerful.

The Dawn Dragon - Comes out in the day just after sunrise. It has a grayish cast with light blue streaks starting at its eyes and continuing down its body to the tip of its tail. However, in contrast to the rest of the Dragon, its eyes are a vibrant yellow. It cannot cast any magic

The Dusk Dragon- has the same basic coloring as the Dawn Dragon, but the streaks are purple, and its eyes are coal black. It is basically the nocturnal version of the Dawn Dragon, and also possesses no magic

Giant Dragons- can be any type of Dragon, but come in enormous sizes. Giant Dragons range from two to ten times the size of the average dragon of their type. Their magic abilities usually don't change based on their size. Giant Dragons often play central roles in heroic stories, where single persons are said to have defeated such powerful beasts, which usually can resist whole armies.

The Lunar Dragon- comes out when the moon is out and usually hunts during the new moon. They go all the rest of the time without eating. Lunar Dragons are great scholars and possess powerful magic.

The Mist Dragon- is closely related to the Shadow Dragon and his also as huge as this beast. It has the same skills, except that its solid state is a light gray and that it appears as mist instead of shadow. Like the Shadow Dragon, the Mist Dragon is able to hover or move without its wings, as well as allowing solid objects to either pass through or be blocked by it, although persons would feel moisture against their skin.

The Opal Dragon- Another one of the three most powerful Dragons after the Adamant. Like the Emerald Sea Dragon, the Opal Dragon has a strange property to its skin, but instead of being green and refractive, it has a milky white skin that has traces of red, green, and blue drifting in it. It lives on land and rests underground in a burrow or cave. It has also powerful magic compareable to the Adamant Dragons.

Shadow Dragon- are among the largest forms of dragonkind and are very powerful. Their magic is almost as strong as that of the Adamant Dragon. Shadow Dragons are able to hover in the air or move without using their wings. But their most unique trait is the fact that they are able to appear as shadows, and this is where their name comes from. They are also able to turn completely invisible, or go into a solid state in which they are completely black. The Shadow dragon can allow people to pass through it or not at will, but they will feel an odd sensation.

The Solar Dragon- comes out in the daytime. During solar eclipses, the Dragon tends to watch the sun disappear and fly around its home until it returns. Usually a warrior. Has powerful magic

Sea Wyrm- a basic water Dragon, though more like a snake with wings and fins. It is sometimes a pet of sea captains used for measuring depth, currents, and the best paths to take.

Shipwrecker Wyrm- A giant wyrm that is often sighted in storms. It has armor plating and a spiked tail that it uses to crush and sink ships. Feared by most sailors that are not fools. It not only attacks ships for food, but seems to take a strange pleasure in the action. Perhaps because they feel that we are invading their territory.

The Breeze Drake- this is a Drake that is very much like the Gale Drake, although much smaller and less powerful. It cannot be trained, and if captured will simply disappear out of the cage. It definitely must have some magic, although its magic has never been seen.

Black Drakes- like Red Dragons are mainly seen as evil dragons, since they were used by mages for evil work. Red Dragons will transform into Black Dragons when they reach full maturity. Black Dragons were used because of their very powerful magic and harsh temperaments. They are able to send fire out of their mouths or to cause creatures to lose consciousness simply by the strength of their mind.

Bronze Dragons- are mainly under the command of other, more powerful metallic Dragons. Many stories are told about Bronze Dragons like that they almost never hoard treasure, but if found will go to one of their commander's treasure troves and give something to the being that found them. Unless the dragon dislikes the person, in which case it will simply eat them.

The Clear Dragon- usually lives in the air and sleeps on clouds. It has the ability to hover in the air. Also, it is able to refract or reflect light and avoid detection using its unusual powers. Clear Dragons are also known as Glass Dragons.

Gem Drake- A Gem Dragonís hide is covered in gemstones and their eyes have the appearance of liquid forms of these precious stones. These Dragons are able to live anywhere as they do not need to breathe or eat. Rather they enjoy hoarding magical items, gold, and other valuables. When someone is lucky enough to find a Gem Dragon, the dragon will give up some of its treasure to the person. But if the person returns looking for more gold, they are quickly eaten. However, if their purpose is different than greed, they will be welcomed, though will not receive more. Gem dragons often command other chromatic dragons in armies, and were a crucial part of the Dragon's side of the Dragonstorm (after the Adamant Dragons).

Green Dragons- forest dragons. They are normally a mottled green color and protect their habitat viciously. They are very territorial, but have a moderate temperate to those who are not conceived as threats.

Platinum Dragons- share the color and beauty of the metal after which they were named. Like Gem Dragons they hoard treasure, but are not as likely to give it up as Gem Dragons, though it has been known to happen. They can also command other Dragons, but not as well as the Gem Dragons

Purple Dragons- live on high mountains and hunt mainly at night in darkness or moonlight. They are most famous for being a rare form of mount in the city of Corloth on the island of Quel'tra'loh.

Silver Dragons Kalina - are so reflective that they cannot be seen if looking for them in a forest, unless a person catches sight of themselves in the dragon's hide. They can assist a Gold Dragon command other Dragons, but mostly only have the power to influence, and in that case only Bronze Dragons. They hoard lesser valuables that catch their interest.

White Dragons- Good sorcerers usually use White Dragons, mainly because of their color and beneficial magic. They are moderately powerful, and can send ice or white fire out of their mouths either as a tool or in defense.

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Monsters, Flying

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Monsters, Aquatic

The Greater Trolog Dek - big mean, nasty, reptilian and acquatic and poisonous

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Animals. Flying

The M Water Bird - Being a waterbased bird that can't fly but swims on the water and dives under the water, but has a series of calls that Master Anfang researched.