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Title: Masterwork Ideas (yay!)
Post by: Decipher Ziron on 14 December 2006, 04:01:46
After enquiring, I have been told by Arti that I am allowed to begin my Masterwork, though I am not sure what I should do. I am very interested in Western Nybelmar and some of the ideas which I originally entertained were:

- Jungles of Shar (already disapproved by Coren so this is not possible)

-The High Priestess 'Alora' (I have a decent amount of knowledge on this certain character, and are interested in creating her)

-Marmarra (I have various entries on this which I would like to compile to create a series of inter connected Marmarra works, I will post proposal of my chosen entries if you would allow me to work there)

- The Witch Queen of Marmarra 'Eluda' (As with 'Alora' decent amount of knowledge and interested in the character, could also be a component of the Marmarra project)

I open to other Nybelmar related masterwork ideas, to please post here!!!

Title: Re: Masterwork Ideas (yay!)
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 14 December 2006, 05:12:18
How about one of the Places entries Coren suggested in the related thread?

Title: Re: Masterwork Ideas (yay!)
Post by: Decipher Ziron on 15 December 2006, 03:27:32
Related thread?

Title: Re: Masterwork Ideas (yay!)
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 15 December 2006, 04:05:55
Place Entry Suggestions of course! :P (in the places forum, in case you didn;t get it..)

Title: Re: Masterwork Ideas (yay!)
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 15 December 2006, 04:13:16
I would strongly urge you to reserve the Marmarra bundle as a project to tackle as a member. To me, the purpose of a masterwork is to evince that an apprentice is ready to operate independently: after having demonstrated s/he can pull together a coherent, well-integrated enty with a decent command over language.

The problem with Marmarra as a masterwork is just that: There simply isn't enough material to 'reference' - either I would have to guide literally your eve ry step, coming up with the points myself (which is hardly 'fun', fair or creative for you) or you would have to be given free reign (which again runs against the grain of a masterwork)

I support Mira's proposition: How about looking at the places entires I've written out so far, pick one and try to create a small 'satellite' settlement - maybe a village within the larger city's area of rule/influence. Sah, Narah and Karakan are good places to start :)

If you have any other ideas, I am of course glad to consider them! :D

Title: Re: Masterwork Ideas (yay!)
Post by: Decipher Ziron on 17 December 2006, 00:14:20
Are all the districts of Sithara defined? I had an idea for one, one where all the 'normal' Krean live. I would have it centred around a huge market (where legal and illegal goods could be purchased) and the huge accomadation blocks (it would have the largest population density of all the districts)

Some people would live in mild poverty, but the mood of this area would be constantly cheerful and the living, breathing example of that sithara saying that goes along the lines of 'If you want to be more miserable, get yourself some more gold' (or something similar anyway :grin:).

What do you think?

Title: Re: Masterwork Ideas (yay!)
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 18 December 2006, 02:35:36
We can't have that in Sihitara (see below), but I don't see why we shouldn't be able to have that as a neighbouring settlement - sort of the 'workforce' to keep Sihitara running.

Sihitara has a very precise geometric design (I discussed this with Rayne a while ago - it takes a long time to explain the concept though, so I can't promise to do it again soon). Although I don't have the 'content' of each district set in stone yet, there is a very rigid 'structure' that has to be followed: I intend Sihitara to be the epitome of the "symmetry obsession" mentioned in the Krean entry. Basically, the metropolis has radial symmetry: Each district should match its 'yang' (you decide the 'pairs' according to radial sym) perfectly in lay-out. So if there is a central fountain in one district, there should be a fountain of the same size at the exact same spot in the 'complemenatry district'. This applies to everything, from trees to boulevards to the most insignificant 'private' garden or public bench.

That is exactly what makes navigating Sihitara so frustrating for a complete stranger: One feels as if one is continually moving in circles. Imagine running into identical squares over and over and over - makes you go mad, especially if you consider the size of the city...

However, it is not mind-numbingly 'boring' for the Krean inhabitants. Think of it as an insider joke of some sort: While each of the 'pair' districts seems to mirror the other with unnerving precision, the Krean have actually introduced a very significant number of 'nuances' - the more subtle, the more 'fun'. (It is a continuing challenge for the Krean to acquaint themselves with ALL of these 'tricks').

Some of these differences are more glaringly obvious: For instance, the central fountain of one district might be shaped as a Violet Sky Dancer while that of the pair, although identical in proportions, might be a Spiral Butterfly. This is where the 'themes' come into play. Each district should have a distinct theme or 'feel' - which should correspond to the main lines of production/trade there. For instance, the one Rayne and I were co-authoring was the 'flora capital': lots of honey, perfume etc manufacturing - and was one of the bastions for the butterfly sentries/spies. Therefore the 'symbol' was the great Violet Sky Dancer monument (the rotating fountain/cafe). That's also why we introduced the 'veins' of glass aquaducts and tubes watering the city.

I will open Sihitara to devoted Nybelmar developers like Mira and you if either of you is interested once we get the first 'pair' completed as an example of how it should be done. Then all that needs to be done is writing down the 'structure': the symmetry and general substance (ie which district is known for what)

Also, with 'mild poverty', bear in mind that you would be writing for the Krean before the fall of the Empire. Which means 'mild poverty' for the Krean in actually 'upper middle-class' for the average tribe. A lot of money flowing in to the Krean kingdom from trade, feeding its perpetual voracity.

Sihitara is a very 'middle-class and above' (and mind, to KREAN standards) location - the property prices are scorching - so even a decent, little shop hints at a quite wealhty owner... Which is all the more reason to accommodate your idea! We would need TREMENDOUS labour to keep a luxury capital of that size running... (however, remember that even these 'work-camps' should be aesthetical to some extent - we can't have bleak, 'communal' concretes...

And I am glad that you've picket out that little detail (that saying) and decided to build around that!