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Title: Entry Status
Post by: Mina on 28 December 2006, 20:55:27
Academy, the Magical - Up to date
Ahm, Principle of - Needs update Mostly elaboration
Anilya, Guardian/Magic - Up to date Should be in People not Magic

Black Unicorn, Apparit. - Should be moved (Bestiary)
Blood Magic, Arcane Art of - Up to date
Brownie Magic - Up to date

Cár'áll, Magical Aura - Up to date Weaver section and Usage section need update when these two areas are further defined.
Clericial Magic - Needs major changes (in progress)
    3. Eternal Lock - Should probably be removed (clerical magic does not have spells)

Delonaire, Woven City - Needs major changes/Should be moved (Cosmology and Myth?)
Demonology Rituals - Needs (possibly major) changes (depending on religion/clerical magic updates)
Druidic Magic - Up to date
Druidic Orders - Up to date

Earth Magic, Ximaxian School of - Up to date
-Earth Magic Spells
    1. Bone Calling - Needs major changes (reserved)
    1. Sanguinary Block  - Up to date
    1. Solidify - Up to date
    2. Impede - Up to date
    2. Iron Will
    2. Weaken Resolve
    3. Break - Up to date
    3. Colossal Weight - Up to date
    3. Deadened Senses - Up to date
    3. Harden - Up to date
    3. Impale - Up to date
    3. Shield of Stone - Up to date
    3. Wizard's Chain - Up to date
    3. Wizard's lock - Up to date
    4. Bone Crafting - Up to date
    4. Sculpt Earth - Up to date
    5. Animate Dead - Needs major changes (reserved)
    5. Call to the Beast - Needs (possibly major) changes (not necessarily elemental magic)
    5. Raise Skeleton - Needs some changes (also should be reclassified as Fire, reserved)
    5. Wind Walking - Up to date
    6. Guise of Bones - Up to date
    7. Mend Earth - Up to date
    8. Petrify - Up to date
    8. Waning - Up to date

Ecuá Magic - Needs an entry
-Ecúa Magic Spells - Needs major changes/No longer possible (entire section)
    3. Frantic Purification
    4. Despirit
    4. Word of Stunning
    6. Sum. Chasm Dem.
    8. Unbeing

Elemental, Mag. Creat. - Needs update: Requires knowledge of Xeua and Ecua.
Eleven Staffs of Ximax - Needs major changes
Ethereal Void - Needs some changes (including format), should be moved.  In progress (Places)
Eyash. Mindsmoothers - Up to date

Fire Magic, School of - Need update (nothing major though)
-Fire Magic Spells - Note: most updates should be fairly small as what the spells do is generally ok
    1. Flame Control - Up to date
    1. Quell Flame - Up to date
    1. Rise Flame - Up to date
    1. Sparkling Stream - Up to date
    2. Boiling Blood - Up to date
    2. Burning Wind - Up to date
    2. Demoralize - Up to date
    2. Extinguish - Up to date
    2. Injèrán Touch - Up to date
    2. Light - Up to date
    2. Searing - Up to date
    3. Edict of Terror - Up to date
    3. Fiery Minion - Up to date
    3. Fireball, Quilrosh's - Up to date
    3. Grip of the Malefic - Up to date
    3. Shroud of Radiance - Up to date
    4. Blood Breaker - Up to date
    4. Burning Regeneration - Needs update
    4. Entice - Up to date
    4. Firebolt - Requires very minor changes
    4. Flash - Up to date
    5. Fiery Feet - Up to date
    6. Blazing Shield - Needs update
    6. Fireblast - Up to date
    7. Dark Stability - Up to date
    7. Fiery Curtain - Up to date
    7. Ghastly Guardian - Up to date
    7. Rays of Heat - Needs update
    7. Rise of the Phoenix - Up to date
    8. Eruption of Chaos - Up to date
    9. Draconic Effigy - Up to date
    9. Flame Engulfment - Up to date
    10. Extended Life - Needs major update (should be done by someone experienced)

Formulas, Magical - Outdated (on hold?)

Golem, Magical Creat. -Needs update. Should wait until Xeua and Ecua entries are update

Hypothesis, Ardelor - Up to date

Imp, Magical Creature - Should be movedUp to date (Bestiary)

Krean Arcane Arts - Up to date
Hypothesis, Ardelor - Up to date
Obstruction, Olesian - Up to date

Jamliso's Ring, Artifact - Update in Progress

Lectures on Magic Whole section up to date
 Understanding Car'all
  What is the Car'all
  What makes up Car'all
  What is Magic

Life Magic, School - Up to date

Macanti, Fake Mages - Should be moved (People)
Magical Bags - Minor update Should be moved (Misc.)
Magic of Caelereth -Needs Updates
Mage Grabber Disease - Minor update needed[/b] Should be moved (Misc)

Obstruction, Oleasian Up to date
Oh'mód'hál, Perceptiv. - Format changes needed Could use some further elaboration
Old Weavers, Mages - Needs update
Orb of Bluestride - Minor changes

Raw Magic - Needs an entry
-Raw Magic Spells - Needs major changes (whole section)
    6. Stored Momentum

Sanryu Concept - Up to date
Schools of Magic - Needs some changes
Schools of Mag., Brow. - Obsolete (replaced by this entry (
Shadowmancy, Mag.Art - Needs Minor changes to Ximax section
Soór, Principle - Needs elaboration
Spell Fizzling - Needs update Should be done by someone experienced
Spell Levels - Needs major changes (in progress)
Spyder, Mag. Creature - Needs major update Should be moved to Bestiary.  Requires Weaving entry to be completed.
Summoning, Procedure. - Needs major changes

True Vision Cult - Needs major changes Should be moved to People

Void Sail, Mag. Apparit. - Should be moved to Bestiary

Water Magic, School - Needs minor update Most of the content is ok, but there are a few statements that are incorrect
-Water Magic Spells
    1. Animal Protection - Needs major changes
    1. Calm - Up to date
    1. First Pulse - Up to date
    1. Splash - Up to date
    2. Cold Breath - Up to date
    2. Distract - Needs some changes
    2. Ice Touch - Up to date
    3. Area of Frost - Needs some changes
    3. Frost Shield - Needs minor changes
    3. Quicksand - Up to date
    3. Shape Water - Needs some changes
    4. Liquidization - Up to date
    4. Serenity - Up to date
    4. Wave - Needs some changes
    5. Freeze - Up to date
    5. Spear of Frost Up to date
    6. Treacherous Embrace - Up to date
    7. Fever of Nightmar. - Needs update
    7. Water Extraction - Up to date
    8. Ice Barrage - Up to date
    9. Ice Enchantment - Needs update Needs to be changed to reflect Enchantments entry
    11. Call Lightning - Needs major changes

Weaver Magic - Needs major changes
Weavers, Magicians - Needs major changes

Wind Magic, School of - Needs minor update Same issues as Water School
-Wind Magic Spells
    1. Conjure Wind - Up to date
    1. Reflection - Needs update
    1. Vanish - Up to date
    2. Confusion - Needs minor changes
    2. Enlightenment - Needs minor changes
    2. Hide - Up to date
    2. Nightshade cloud Up to date
    2. Sense Aura - Needs major changes
    3. Amnesia - Up to date
    3. Clap of Thunder - Needs some changes
    3. Cloak of Shadows - Needs update
    3. Insubstantial Shield - Needs update
    3. Spectral Sight - Needs update
    3. Static Trap - Needs update
    3. Telekinesis - Needs some changes
    3. Thievish Winds - Up to date
    3. Wind Exile - Up to date
    4. Aura of Smothering - Needs update
    4. Aura Sight - Needs update
    4. Shape Smoke = Up to date
    5. Chimaera - Needs update
    5. Preacarious Plummet -Up to date
    5. Static Bolt - Needs update Maybe removed?  Same thing as Clap of Thunder
    6. Aura of Restoration - Needs update
    6. Fist of Thunder - Minor update
    6. Refresh - Up to date
    7. Riding the Wind - Up to date
    7. Shadow - Needs an update
    7. Shielding Winds - Up to date
    7. Touch of Fate - Needs major changes
    7. Void Breath - Needs update
    8. Comfort - Needs an update
    8. Phase Shift - Needs update

Wizardleaf, Mag. Plant
Wizard Weed (Zifel) - Needs update

Xeuá Principle - Needs update
Xeua Magic, School of - Needs an entry
-Xeuá Magic Spells - Needs major changes/No longer possible (entire section)
    2. Magical Chain
    4. Create Golem
    4. Word of Fear
    5. Physical Shield
    6. Biorhythm
    6. Create Adv. Golem
    6. Close Wound
    6. Orm Growth
    8. Create Elemental
    9. Dominate

Ximax, Magical City of - Needs update in progress

Zifel Plant (Wiz. Weed) - Needs update  should be done by someone with knowledge of Xeua and Ecua

Title: Re: Entry Status
Post by: Drasil Razorfang on 11 August 2010, 11:05:14
This has been fully updated now.  If anyone would like to sign up for any of the entries in need of a re-write please either send me a PM or post here and I will consider your request.  Posts will be deleted a few days after an answer has been delivered to keep clutter to a minimum. 

Title: Re: Entry Status
Post by: Azhira Styralias on 19 August 2010, 20:25:18
An aura for Drasil for keeping this list updated! That's alot of red.. ;)

Title: Re: Entry Status
Post by: Eldor Delrossa on 22 August 2010, 07:59:43
Ummm...Drasil...I revised the Shape Smoke wind spell, and Fox approved it. So I don't think it needs to be updated... :undecided:

Title: Re: Entry Status
Post by: Drasil Razorfang on 22 August 2010, 10:56:44
Ah, alright.  I didn't bother looking over the spells Mina had already marked as either ok or in need of an upgrade so that's why its still in red.  I'll change it right now.

As an aside for Artimidor, the Shape Smoke spell is still listed as being level 2 on the magic menu even though it is now level 4

Title: Re: Entry Status
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 24 August 2010, 03:11:46
See, I'm not a magic expert anymore, and I do whoever decides what here. But I have serious doubts if what's going on here makes that much sense.

All that this spell (Shape Smoke) really was is to change smoke to a certain form temporarily, say like Gandalf shaping a dragon out of smoke from his pipe. If this isn't a low level spell, then I don't know what is. Now suddenly this most simple of all spells turns into a level 4, Sphere II spell. See, I'm not really seriously concerned with what our magicians do here, but as an amateur I have my questions.

Title: Re: Entry Status
Post by: Azhira Styralias on 25 August 2010, 02:52:35
It was actually the other Magic Mod who recommended that this spell be changed to lvl 4. Specifically, it was my Nightshade Cloud spell that was requested to be changed as it was originally a lvl 2 spell. It uses the same principles as Shape Smoke...

So if that unnamed magic mod is out there, come explain yourself!  :P

Title: Re: Entry Status
Post by: Drasil Razorfang on 28 August 2010, 01:08:55
My guess is that it was made level IV is because it requires the physical manipulation of the ounia into new patterns, which falls into Sphere II.  Magic levels don't work based upon how "easy" or "simple" the effect is, but how that effect can be realistically achieved using Ximaxian techniques.  If you wish to change this, it would require completely scrapping the current magic system and the years of work that has gone into making it so complex.  I don't want to sound offensive or abrasive, but the time to raise this argument was 5-6 years ago Art, not now when there is nothing that anyone can do about it. 

Title: Re: Entry Status
Post by: Eldor Delrossa on 22 September 2011, 11:31:51
I'd just like to point something out very quickly. The level four water magic spell "Liquidization" is far from up to date even though it as listed as such. I would like to volunteer to revise it, and possibly to revise other spells if I would be allowed to. These updates need to be done.

Title: Re: Entry Status
Post by: Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang on 25 September 2011, 21:40:22
Hi Eldor,

In what way does Liquidization need an update in your opinion? It lacks an Overview section, but other than that I'm not sure what needs to be changed? Maybe you could explain your view (since you know more about Ximaxian magic than I do)?

In any case, the original entry was written by Fox, who has been around recently, even though she hasn't posted. So if you had suggestions for updates to the entry, maybe write her a PM to see what she thinks? I believe we don't usually change entries without the permission of the original author, unless he or she has ceased to be active and doesn't respond to contact attempts.

Title: Re: Entry Status
Post by: Fox on 26 September 2011, 06:23:43
If you wish to revise it, be my guest. It is definitely out of date.

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