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Title: Compendium!!
Post by: Capher on 11 April 2007, 00:12:10
Ok, I know I am old, and my eyesight is very poor, but for the life of me I cannot find the Compendium.  I know it is there. I know that because that is where you would find all of the completed entries. So whoever hid it from me please come forward so I can breath dragonfire on you!!

Or in the case of an old dragon just not seeing or understanding what he should do then please take him by the arm, or wing, if you prefer and not only point him in the right direction, but be by his side, leading him until he finds his treasure; which in this case is the Compendium.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Mirmec Rethindor on 11 April 2007, 00:20:52
if you look at the main leftmost sidebar (which switches btw between two menus when you click on The Santharian Dream Ellipsis), you'll see a whole bunch of icons for various parts of the compedium. but you will also see a little indescript white circle on the right hand side at the top below the rightmost vertex of the "The Santharian Dream" ellipsis, and there that little white button is the search button for the entire compedium.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Lady Cherri on 11 April 2007, 00:21:07
Mmm, capher the easiest way I know is to...wait you do not see the old menus to the left of the screen like on the old board right?  The web, horses head, flower, ord, etc?  

Probably not or else you wouldn't have asked how to access the Compendium.  

Easiest thing I know is to go to the RP board, look to the left menu and click the link that says main site.  A new window will open and the old menus will be there.  Then just click the scroll.  

Probably this is the wrong way and I would like to know the right way, but it will work for now.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 11 April 2007, 02:00:59
Yeah, are you sure that you enter the site properly, Capher? Like typing in and click on "Enter"?  :huh:

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Irid alMenie on 11 April 2007, 05:55:57
*cough* Uhm, Mirmec, Capher has been on Santharia for years, I think he knows the search function. He just didn't find all the icons anymore.

But like Arti said, the easiest way would be to go to and clicking enter (or the drawing at the top, that works as well)

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Gean Firefeet on 11 April 2007, 08:10:50
Hmmm, you would surprised at the fact of how many people seem to miss this function regularly :rolleyes: but nevertheless...

A Capher sighting!!!

How fares our Dragon shapeshifter?

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Trelstahl on 11 April 2007, 11:28:32
By the way - whoever built the Search Function - kudos to you!!!  :thumbup:  :thumbup: :thumbup:

As a developer I've found it to be the most useful tool on the website.


Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Mirmec Rethindor on 11 April 2007, 12:18:44
oh sorry Irid, i know i seen him over on the RPG forum, just not here. i know when i first started reading Santharia i had a horrible time with seeing the entire screen and i wrote a series of notes to Artimidor about it. there never really was a solution, i think it has to do with the width of my computer screen, but Artimidor did say you can click on the golden claws above the forum to get the sidebars to appear (right or left claw, right or left sidebar). Anyway we have a bigger computer screen now so the problem is not so bad.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Capher on 12 April 2007, 00:55:28
Ah, I see where I have been going wrong now. I have not been entering the site like I should have been.  I have been entering right to the dev board instead of going to the entrance board.  I was under the impression that once this new board was set up that the old one would be gone, but I see you just kind of integrated some of the old menus with this new one.

Thank you all for your replies and help.

@Gean, I am still flying around. I am glad to see you as well my friend.

@Art, I have been toying now for over a year or more about revising my novel.  I had a hard drive crash about a year ago and lost all of my data on the novel.  I thought that I could download the story from here and rework it. I can download it easy enough but I cannot do any revising; it will not let me.

I guess I will have to download the novel a chapter at a time, open a new window on Word, and retype the whole thing over with my new revisions.  I was just wondering if you could tell me or remember what setting we had as far as page size, text size, that sort of thing.

Also, when I finally do have a finished chapter do I put it in the Library thread or just send it to you?

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Mirmec Rethindor on 12 April 2007, 01:06:10
actually there are alot of OCR software that probably could scan most of it into Word for you. Just go down to your local copy shop and see what they charge to scan per page?

or you could ask Artimidor if he could take your selection out and with his computer knowledge translate it back into Word for you. I had a similair problem like what you are describing several years ago and wen the scanning route and it worked out ok.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 12 April 2007, 04:08:15
Hmmm... Can you be more precise about "it will not let me [revise the story]", Capher? I've checked myself now and downloaded the Prologue - it is a regular Word file that I can open and edit, no problem whatsoever. What kind of message do you receive and when? Can you edit, but not save? Have you unzipped the file properly first?

Chapters should be posted ideally in the Library, then people can read it and comment on it :) - BTW: As far as I remember your story deals with Sophronians as well, here we are currently revising the history, see here ( for details. Just to make sure you're aware that we're working on this part right now. We might also elaborate a proper Sophronian nomenclature scheme sooner or later.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Capher on 12 April 2007, 05:10:51
Art, I could not edit, before. But now I can and save it.  So I guess that problem has been taken care of.

As far as the history of the Sophronians and their kingdom the Serpheloria I will check out what you and the others have decided.

If you recall I was the originator of the Sophronian tribe and its migration and history.

My novel(which would probably be a trilogy) is based upon the "old world" of Caelereth, before Santhros, it tries to explain the elven myth of the War of the Chosen, how humans became involved in the war, the prophecy of the Wizard of the White tower and its creation, and how the first Wizard of the White Tower came from the union of Saban and a Sophronian girl. It will also explain how the continent of Santharia was changed by the war; IE, how the Bay of Winds came into existence and other physical changes to the continent.  It also introduces for the first time in the history of Caelereth the shapeshifting dragon that is come to be known as Capher, White Wolf, and the Storyteller; depending upon who or what tribe of people you talk to.

So, I guess my novel would be somewhat a historical one, yet as you and others work on the history of Caelereth and change and revise it, perhaps my novel would not fit anymore into the scheme of things as it is written now. So I may have to rethink the whole thing.

As Dala did with her story and brought to life and made historical fact to Voldar and Katya I guess I was hoping to do the same with mine.  I am not too sure I can, though.

I think I am rambling now, so I will just shut up and I apologize to any who may have become offended.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 12 April 2007, 05:20:44
Good to hear that your edit problem was only temporary. :)

Oh, and don't worry, Capher, we're not reinventing the wheel in regards of the Sophronians, we're just going to make things more precise, and ajust the dates somewhat so that things fit together better. We're also going to connect the Sophronians with the Avennorian tribe somewhat a bit later etc. Well, you'll see.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: king of santharia on 15 April 2007, 05:58:20
is all this stuff copyrighted? and are you guys goin to make a 3D game of celereth?

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 15 April 2007, 06:01:08
Its all copyrighted, and no, the only game plans we have are extremely long term and text based, i believe.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Drasil Razorfang on 15 April 2007, 22:42:57
Once I actually sit down and teach myself programing and the like, I was thinking of eventually making one, but it would probably take years, especially if someone like me did it.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 16 April 2007, 02:29:38
We'd still need ideas for Santhworld, which means concrete rooms and dialogues for it for those interested setting up something adventure-like. We'll start with some sort of interactive tutorial in the Santharian Library where the player can talk to various members. We need a concept for that. Rooms and dialogues can be made without needing any programming skills.

I'm currently finishing the reprogramming of the basic version while waiting for Quellion to complete the interface background. Then we're ready for constructing such an interactive tutorial.

Based on the standard features (now realized much better than in the experimental first version) I can then add a bunch of extras that provide more interactivity. E.g. people recognizing the daytime and greet accordingly, allow dialogue/room content from a pool of random answers, thus giving the impression of a more lively environment. Various combobox selections will be changed in the next version, so that you can actually type in adventure-like commands like "EXAMINE BOOK", "READ BOOK" etc. Conditional answers are more complex, but will come eventually as well.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: king of santharia on 16 April 2007, 05:39:31
thats pretty sweet. so is it going to be 3D? or is it going to be like a 2D game where it says ' you pass the newly sprouted roses.' or something like that where it explains everything?
     the reason i asked if your stuff was copyrighted was because im interested in making games, which i dont know how yet but soon will, and your stuff is really cool and i wanted to use just thinking of ideas for games right now.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Mirmec Rethindor on 16 April 2007, 14:14:30
you know i tried that out, or tried to try it out and never could get it to accept my commands.

i think a more fun way to do it, instead of having people type commands, is to use some sort of mechanism Artimidor like you do with your map overlays. So say they would have a "magic guide book" in their hands, that they had to attain by fulfilling some sort of newbie quest like choosing what sort of character they want to be, and based on the character type, they get the appropriate "magic guidebook" for their profession.

then each page  in the guide book woudl just start out looking blank, and as they point to things on the page, they would gradually reveal themselves, sort of like you do with your map overlays when people point to different countries and it shows the various colros and things.

and of course the things they point to would be things about Santharia, but in order to learn new things in their guidebook they would have to "travel/move to another room/place" in order to have the conditions favorable for the book to reveal a little bit more.

why this is a more fun approach is it takes you out of the typed command database where if someone misspells, 'take book" as "take books" nothing woudl come up, but if they were just pointing with their mouse to a page in their book, how could they misspell that??

its just an idea.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 16 April 2007, 15:19:30
Actually I didn't understand much of your proposal, Mirmec, and it wouldn't help that much if I did I fear. Making such an interactive "game" like this is a lot of work and what you suggest is definitely a completely new approach that has little to do with what is done already. Now that Santhworld is soon operationable the way it can be enjoyable for people it won't happen that I make something completely new. Plus, if you tried the first version already and didn't manage to get the commands accepted, then you simply haven't read the instructions - others tried and had no problem. The words you could type in are also all displayed on the screen, additionally marked at the main text area etc. So it's difficult to get something wrong, unless you don't know how you're supposed to enter something, which is clearly explained in the program.

@King of Santharia: No 3d, this should have been pretty clear from the posts above. It's a textbased "you pass the newly sprouted roses" thing if you so want, at the moment consisting of rooms and characters to talk to (no action in the sense of taking and using stuff yet, it is here for getting to know the world mainly) - you can have a first glance on the old version here ( The new version has an editor available as well for everyone interested in constructing rooms and dialogues. And dear king: if you don't know how to make games as of yet (if that's meant as a general statement) then I assume that the idea is more dominant than your capabilities. If this is the case I fear you won't get that far with your game making ambitions. Especially if you're aiming for 3d games, which require a couple of developers, so the experience needs to be there first. Before we can allow people to do something on their own with Santharian stuff we'd need to see something that you have already done in order to judge the capabilities.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: king of santharia on 17 April 2007, 07:50:46
all right :cry:. but may i ask? what program do you use to create your maps? and uh what can a newbie like me with no experience whatso ever do to contribute on creating and developing the santharian dream?

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Jairo Koshi on 17 April 2007, 13:31:40
That's interesting... You DO use the Legendary Tales editor, correct?
I know how to code with it, actually... I suppose I could be of some assisstance. Where is the developement of rooms and such taking place, or has it been suspended temporarily for a later time?

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 17 April 2007, 15:02:32
@King: Maps? You mean the drawn maps? These are done with Photoshop. "Room maps" for the textgame? See Jiro answer.

@Jiro: No Legendary Tales editor, Jiro, this is completely unrelated to LT. I only took the rooms we have created for that game and put them into the new editor. I use a VB6 editor I've programmed myself in order to be able to work with Flash properly. This allows me to add and change stuff at will. You can see screenshots here ( To work with the editor you don't really need to know any coding, you just need to understand how it works.

People can develop independent "modules" (a bunch of interconnected rooms) as they like and fill them with things to examine and people to talk to, feel free to be creative and plan a cave area, a haunted house, a village, an inn etc. Quellion for example said that he'd like to provide a few more portraits for that purpose, but of course the most important thing now is that the interface gets completed. Pictures can be integrated as well, that's why we start with the Nepris area, as we have a bunch of pics here to use. Note that you cannot manipulate environment at the moment, but you can learn new keywords from characters which you can ask others and thus learn new things you can ask others or which you can examine in rooms, allowing you to discover secret passages, hidden books and what not. Upon reading books one can also display pictures on the stories you read to add graphics. Even with this limited system you can accomplish quite a bit, and more features will follow - if you have ideas you can already concept something.

Title: Re: Compendium!!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 18 April 2007, 02:43:40
A preview of the new Santhworld version you can get here ( BTW. Changes, as has been mentioned, were primarily of technical nature ti improve the code's efficiency tremendously and prepare possibilities to integrate further features.

Title screen background is still a placeholder as of yet, also there's no preloader at the moment and parts of the Nepris area are not properly converted yet, and the Help file isn't working. Just type in GOTO SVANFRILL and walk around from there, most things should still work.

Obviously new is the fact that the listboxes which didn't fit to the design were abolished and that you now see Quellion's scrollbars (if you have text to scroll) - I hope we can manage to get the highlighted arrows in still. There's also a new area in the very west, just go west at the first crossing and follow the Mage's Path - there are some funny things to discover. You can't go into Fizzlefist's Hut right now, but you can enter a few rooms of his Laboratory and can get an idea what his apprentice was up to, and I fear it didn't do much good...  :shocked:

I also have the concept for a "relatively easy" to realize Flash mini map in my head, which I'll add to my to-do-list.