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Title: Toolbar
Post by: Thortar on 29 April 2007, 03:56:07

just thinking.  ;) any way, when i look around the site there is never enough width to view alot of the page. I thought maybe you could make the toolbar thing on the left have an optional slide in thingy so it would take up less room if not being used. but this might not be possible. Just a thought anyway.


Edit: just realised it has disapearedbut then again every thing else like role playbook has disapeared too.   :fish:,

Title: Re: Toolbar
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 April 2007, 04:09:11
Do you mean the side menu in the Forum? Look for the claws on the top left and right of the page... And click!

You could also open the Forum in an own window of course to have even more room!

Title: Re: Toolbar
Post by: Thortar on 29 April 2007, 04:11:48
no the one with the library and herbarium and stuff, with the link to main hompage and stuff. it appears at first but then completely leaves you to be trapped in the dev. forum,  not that thats a bad thing :noidea:

Title: Re: Toolbar
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 April 2007, 04:16:03
That's the site menu, that cannot be removed. But just open the Forum in a new window (SHIFT-click on Internet Explorer for example) - and bookmark that URL! :)

Title: Re: Toolbar
Post by: Kareesh Valendar on 29 April 2007, 07:13:13
I always use either or to get to the dev. forum. Using it through the front page makes everything too small IMO. If I need something from the main page, I just use tabs.

Title: Re: Toolbar
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 29 April 2007, 20:56:49
*nods* thats the easiest way of doing things. I always have two tabs, and a tab open.. it makes writing while researching at the same time so much easier...

Title: Re: Toolbar
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on 03 May 2007, 10:31:01
i go two dev tabs, a dream tab AND a RPG tab....As well, I drink copious amounts of caffeine and swallow aspirin by the bottle full....

Title: Re: Toolbar
Post by: Bard Judith on 03 May 2007, 16:07:16
I'll see you two research tabs, a Compendium tab,  a Dev tab...  And I'll raise you a Google tab and a painting window open...  plus a Disney video playing in the background for Katherine and Bryan's video game noises drifting by...

Title: Re: Toolbar
Post by: Drúadan on 03 May 2007, 20:29:26
I can top you all, and maybe without embellishing too much. (Just kidding, this is all real)

Usually for me, its a glass of water, some pretzels, 2 Microsoft word files, 2 dev tabs, 2 entry tabs, a google/wiki/some other form of research tab/my paper encyclopedia/ and last but not least maybe Groliers, as I can just hijack the school password that they hand out and use it for Santharian reserarch when I need some ideas for a birdie or beastie.

But I have to hand it to you Bard, I have no disney in the backround. Though sometimes my sister is watching something and I just drift off sometimes and listen.

Yeah... and I don't do asprin. ATM, i'm intaking allergy medication. Sudafed, Claritan, you get the idea. My driveway is no longer black, its... pollen covered.

OH, and occasionally I have some unfinished homework waiting in the very back of all these screens, but I just ignore that usually.

Title: Re: Toolbar
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 05 May 2007, 03:54:08
Caffeine... every writers greatest asset... I do my best (read; fastest) work when i brew my personal Monster-Coffee, a brew that rivals professional espresso.. for some reason none of my housemates ever wanted any after their first cup...

One compendium, two dev tabs, a google window (with as much tabs as the situation requires) a Mediaplayer, an "entry window" with tabs for all the entries i will need more than just reading them briefly... i think my record stands on 11 tabs and/or windows when i was writing my DW entry.

Title: Re: Toolbar
Post by: Marvin Cerambit on 05 May 2007, 20:57:04
My record is about 65+ tabs simultaneously I think. But that was back when I read more comics. Maybe it was more back in the days I played some browsered based game :) For Santharia I think the max would have been something between 20-30 or so (without counting other tabs like gmail). But then I tend to open all topics I want to read first and then start reading them.