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Title: Master Plan: The Zhunite Plains of Nybelmar
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 30 May 2007, 04:05:17

Master Plan Goal Definitions
  • Place and Geography (#post_Places)
  • Resources and Essentials (#post_Resources)
  • Politics (#post_Politics)
  • People and Tribes (#post_People)
  • History (#post_History)
  • Recent Situation (#post_Recent)

How should Master Plans look like?
Each given section should contain a list of tasks that can be done to fulfill part of the overall goal - be it to suggest entry proposals, collecting data, drawing a rough map to illustrate something so that other works can use that as basis etc. Important is that the results of such a goal should be able to make it to the site once that goal is finished - this is not always directly possible, but has to be prime directive. As various things drown in the gigantic monstrous gorge also known as the "Forum Depths" in Santharian jargon, it has to be ensured that this monster isn't fed with our goals.

Goals can be roughly defined by simply mentioning the entry that should be made, or in more detail by adding in a few lines in what direction something should be developed. Important is not so much the precise definition of the goal (a rough sketch on a Places entry could already be found e.g. in the Places Forum), key is the inspiration these goals produce, and thus eventually the results.

(so declares the Great Sage Arimidor Federkiel)

Title: Re: Master Plan: The Zhunite Plains of Nybelmar
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 30 May 2007, 04:30:11
Places and Geography

Places and Geography comprises everything that has to do with major settlements of people or settlements of importance for people or geographical occurences worth mentioning that has an influence on the people living there - or not living there.

Top Priority

  • Overview of the Dragon’s Back region (
    Completed by Coren.

  • Search Karakan  ( entry (and others) to find the other mentioned cities
    Completed by Druadan & Miraran. Only Katra-Ilar Chagru was not mentioned below.

  • Nybelmar general timeline (
    Reserved for Coren & Smith.

  • Elaborate on the MAP!!! Additional cities, geography…

  • Mini-Descriptions based on the Mantharian model


  • See Grand Empire of Krath entry
    “Great white waves washed against the dignified cliffs of the eastern shore and softened in their intensity as they brushed the beaches taking cover in the azure bays resting between cities of the southern coast, perhaps emasculated by the activity in the colossal harbours.

    Great settlements brimming with life and commerce lined the coast, hungry seagulls circling above the waterfront. Trade met the lively waters of the Zyloth Sea in the busy docks of these majestic cities. Before the Year of Darkness, these piers were among the west’s most eventful centres of sea-trade, between the political instability of the Zhunite cities and the twisted perils of the Zyloth Sea only a small portion of the merchants that set sail from Anpagan shores actually reached the – relative – safety of these harbours.

    The piers along the shoreline were used to transport large quantities of food (mostly grain) and other essential goods from Nybelmarasa and Zhun further south to the peninsula.

    The animated Zyloth Sea making the plains’ border with wave embroidery gave way to endless fields stretching all the way to the distant horizon behind the towns. A mesmerizing sense of order and efficiency exuded from the fields, all precisely packed and parcelled into convenient sections. Not a single breath was wasted to idleness; it is said that when a farmer lifted his head from his work or wiped sweat off his forehead to catch the cool afternoon breeze stirring amongst the golden rows, no matter where he was, saw Three Priestesses: The stern gaze of the Overseer always bellowing – even in her silence – further instructions, the reassuring smile of the Grower behind her, and the tireless – and at times lost – scribbling of the Observer.

    Mills and patches of sunflowers would begin to dot the almost monotonous expanse of irrigated fields, the autumn harvest matching the sands of the seashore in hue and abundance. Wherever the hand of civilization did not reach to sow its crops, verdant pastures and temperate hills, covered in mantles of wildflowers and daisies in springtime, rushed forth to fill the landscape. Maquis growth sheathed the soil far and wide. Everywhere, everywhere in the wilderness was swathed by forests of fruit-bearing olive trees.

    The gradual rise of the terrain to the north heralded the dark heights of the Imperial Mines nestled in the breadth of the great Dragon’s Back Mountains. A perpetual drone resonated in the cliffs, carried away by the wind, howling as it spiralled down from the snow-capped peaks to the valley floor.” (Grand Empire of Krath)

Main Cities

(The following map is a cut from the larger map. Click on image to enlarge!)
( (

Coastal Settlements

  • Cusca (aka “Salt Hill”)
    Reserved for Coren.

    (I have this wonderful painting as a source of inspiration: )

    (Meet the Zhunites)
    “YOU ARE A CUSCAN! Be courteous. You have been superbly educated in the arts and the arcane, and trained to be extremely productive and capable in times of peace or war. You are an achiever. Until age eight, you were taught at home by your mother, or by a male tutor. From age nine to fifteen, you attended a day school in the neighborhood where you memorized Krean poetry and learned to play that magnificent instrument, the lyre. You learned drama, public speaking, reading, writing, arithmology, and perhaps even how to play the flute. You attended four years of higher school, and learned more about math and science and government. At seventeen, you attended military school for two additional years! You are proud to be Cuscan! Famed for its literature, drama, theatre, schools, government, and intellectual superiority (if only those Krean would not participate!), you have no doubt that your city, Cusca, is clearly the shining star of all the Zhunite city-states.

    CUSCAN GOALS AND BEHAVIOR AT THE ZHUNITE GAMES: You know your archrival, those horrible Karakan’amar, will do anything to win, even lie and threaten, but you are Cuscans - you would never stoop to such uncouth behavior. Cooperate with your fellow Cuscans to defeat those boorish Karakanites, and do your personal best! Say witty things to impress representatives from other city-states (but make sure no Krean is about – you know well what happens when you try to best a Krean!). Be courteous to all Zhunites, no matter what inferior city they represent. Make up a clever chant for Cusca, and sing or say it each time a Cuscan wins an event or a makes a witty comment. Shake hands with your fellow Cuscans, whenever you greet them. You are Cuscans, the clever, creative, courteous representatives of that shining example of all that is fine and noble, the city of Salt Hills. Great luck in the games – may the sun shine for you!”

    What needs to be done:
    - Rummage around the website to collect existing references: Decipher?

    Things to mention:
    - Cusca vs Karakan rivalry & tense relations
    - Formerly capitol of the Zhunite region (pre-Dearan ; therefore tense relations with Dearan)
    - The great university
    - Open-space planning manor: see notes on paper & remember BBC ‘Grand Designs’ programme
    - Fireworks & music all around (see above)

    Remember: Cannes, 14 Juillet. Music before the fireworks >>> transform: little pedestals all around (gardens, especially lining the gulf). Special holiday >> all musicians playing the same thing at the same time (Medieval hi-fi?)

    outcomes: school of music >>>> school of dance (instituted by Dearan)

    Questions to self:
    = Which city? East coast or west? How about Cusca?
    - Heavy krean influence or not? Keep it entirely Zhunite?

  • Kimbar
    Things to mention:
    - Cobra
    - The Search for the Silver Serpent (see Karakan mythology)
    - Math & accountancy
    - Textiles
    - Aeolus

  • Hostar

  • Marmarra (
    Completed by Decipher.

Northern Settlements
  • Karakan - Entry on site
    What needs to be done:
    - Language needs polishing
    - Coren’s handwritten notes have to be integrated

    Things to mention:
    - Cusca vs Karakan rivalry & tense relations

  • Evasnos (aka “City of the Gods”)
    “As your cart leaves the Pageant of Blue and White, it jolts carelessly off the mosaic street tiles one last time – perhaps brandishing a final farewell to peaceful Evasnos. A furlay away - after a day’s leisurely ride from the City of Gods – sunflowers already dot the countryside. Smile to each curtsying golden-blade! Smile to the wind’s welcome, sighing softly through fields awaiting harvest! Wildflowers in their prime meet your passage in their brightest wears; the liberated horse neighs his proud greeting: Welcome to Zhun, welcome to the state of the sun! Far away on each hand stretch rich pastures and patches of maroon soil made ready for the peasants’ corn. There is a remnant still of last year’s golden clusters of beehive ricks rising at regular intervals behind strips of geranium.” Excerpt taken from Dearan Asaen’s “A Zhunite Sunset”; Tome 4: The Northern March ; Chapter 3: Dawn Over the Sleeping North ; Section: Introduction: A Northern Cascade

    Things to mention:
    - Pageant of Blue and White
    - Pantheon (for the numerous Zhunite deities)
    - Porcelains

Middle/Plains Settlements
  • Cyras
    Things to mention:
    - Tense relationship; distrust & fear of Marmarra
    - Close (but envious) relationship with Hostar
    - Scorned by other cities because refused military aid to Cusca & Karakan against Orcal (following Marmarran advice ; why no longer trust them)
    - Krean sanctions
    - Hall of Heroes & stone sculptures
    - Drama & open-air theatres
    - Seramics (vases), competition with Serekeye

Other cities of note the exact location of which is not yet decided
  • Ratheen
    Krean settlement? Rose fields of; spring of; forest of

Key Geographical Occurrences/Places

  • The Rose Fields of Ratheen
  • Cotton Cliffs (aka Cotton Terraces)
  • Vocis Wells
    Northeast Zhun; around the small grove
  • Dranakkindren Cliffs / Nest
  • Dranakkindren Falls (aka Dearanic Falls?)


  • Takasestet Wharves
    Right in the middle of Cusca and Kimbar. Largest wharf & ship-construction site in Zhun.
         Note: The military side was essential during Krath Empire; with the rise of the city-states pupeteered by the Anpagan Republic the harbour became almost exclusively commercial. Because Anpagan does not allow the cities to support flotillas significant enough to pose a potential threat to their monopoly in the Zyloth.
  • Ysel Ralendi
    Convergence of eastern trade routes

Current Projects

  • "Welcome to the Dragon's Back ("
    Project especially recommended for newcomers.

    What needs to be done:
    - Revise project plan
    - See Nybelmar Board for particulars

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Title: Re: Master Plan: The Zhunite Plains of Nybelmar
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 30 May 2007, 04:55:40
Resources and Essentials

With "Resources and Essentials" we mean all kind of stuff that is needed for a region, which helps to also define it. Resources can be minerals, but also beasts and plants, rivers, Essentials can be inventions made in that region, thus gear and tools, magical artifacts or books which are of the uttermost importance for the area and the people living there.

  • Development Resources Map
    A rough development resources map should guarantee much more efficient development regarding existing minerals, wood types etc.

    • Overview of Trade/Production in Current Day Zhun
      An introduction of the main trade dynamics of the region and short captions on what each city is famous for and their chief imports/exports.

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Title: Re: Master Plan: The Zhunite Plains of Nybelmar
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 30 May 2007, 04:57:26
People & Tribes

The People section contains all kinds of things related to people in this region, be it something related to the tribe as a whole or single celebrities, historical key characters etc.

  • Sketch the Zhunite religion: polytheistic, later adopted the Krean High Goddess Ankriss as the 'Mother' of their Pantheon


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Title: Re: Master Plan: The Zhunite Plains of Nybelmar
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 30 May 2007, 05:01:37


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Title: Re: Master Plan: The Zhunite Plains of Nybelmar
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 30 May 2007, 05:05:11

History comprises all kinds of major events that lead to what we have in the region now, that provide background. Background can mean sketching timelines (as flexible as they still might be at first) for tribe development, defining timespans of regents, but providing background can also mean writing detailed entries on key events. Both, the rough timelines and elaboration of the key events are of the uttermost importance.

  • Battle of the Hundred Cries
    Cusca & Karakan united against the Orcristh
  • War of the Crimson Rose

(It is essential that all these wars get crappy, soap-opera names)

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Title: Re: Master Plan: The Zhunite Plains of Nybelmar
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 30 May 2007, 05:08:09
Recent Situation

In this section we should try to accumulate all kinds of entries that help to contribute to what this region represents today. This section should help so that one can easily look up territory borders, division of the land in duchies, fiefs etc., important contemporary people and recent developments worth of note like inventions, introductions of laws, recently fought wars or political disputes - you get the picture.

  • Main Settlements Overview

  • Zhun Today
    A brief overview on Zhun in relation to the rest of Nybelmar: Trade, current political structure, figures of note, recap of recent history.

Nybelmar Political Map: Current Times:
( (

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Title: Re: Master Plan: The Zhunite Plains of Nybelmar
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 30 May 2007, 05:19:49
Please discuss matters concerning the Zhunite Master Plan in this thread (

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