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Title: Poems
Post by: mellonestel on 05 June 2007, 12:46:38
Teaser: Somewhere over the rainbow...Darkness dominates...

Somewhere over the Rainbow
Darkness dominates
No longer caring for one another
Not father, Sister
Mother or Brother
Evil there that does not sleep
Women in streets that endlessly weep
The very air you breathe
Is a poisonous fume
Bringing nothing but tears and gloom
But for the people
A hope remains
For one day a hero will rise
To vanquish all evil, bring its demise
A joyous day that will be
When the sun finally shines
And the people are giddy with glee
But, the hero has yet to appear
So the people wait, still in fear
In their endless world
Of mist and shadow, cloud and shade
Until the day
When all evil will fade

Title: Re: Poems
Post by: Aurora Damall on 05 June 2007, 22:05:22
Do you mean this poem to be on the site Mell. :huh: Anyways welcome to Santharia, a very intresting poem there. Maybe you could change it to be more Santharian like.

Title: Re: Poems
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 06 June 2007, 03:54:45
Yes, indeed this is the Santharian Development Board, Mellonestel, so poems, stories etc. should somehow be related to Santharia, have a context or direct references to the world, things like that. Otherwise it can hardly fit into the fantasy scheme here.

For non-Santharian poems there's also an own Forum at the RPG Board, where you can receive comments on your work, that is not related to Santharia.