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Title: Of Nybelmar
Post by: Ruil Mallister on 30 September 2007, 15:40:28
How goes development in my favorite continent?  I've noticed that the maps don't seem to have been updated since 2002.  Do the admins request that we not develop Nybelmar?  If we are allowed to step onto the lands of Nybelmar, is the NW developed at all? I can't find any information regarding that section of the continent on the site.

Title: Re: Of Nybelmar
Post by: Takór Salenár on 30 September 2007, 19:48:51
Just look at the continent specific discussions, there are some newer maps .The  problem is  that Art does not have the time to do new maps there as well and Rakshiri who did the old ones is not here often anymore.

Nyblemar is under development, though the focus is still Manthria. In the NW are Mira's Drifting Woods and what is currently worked on most (apart from the DW) is the southwest. Have a look at what Coren , Deci and Arceon are doing there. (Have I missed one?)

Title: Re: Of Nybelmar
Post by: Decipher Ziron on 30 September 2007, 22:02:10
Hey Ruil!

Nybelmar is still under development of course. At the moment Coren (who is head of the West of Nybelmar) is rarely around regularly. As such, me and Mira have taken control of our respective reigons for the time being (I have South West he has North West) but Smith in Exile remains head of the entire east.

Perhaps PM me your MSN (or other IM) details and we can discuss where you can fit in and aid in our work?

PS: If you would like to see some more updated maps- check out the one on the Nybelmar boards under Kaerath...It has various new races and tribes on it...,11215.0.html (,11215.0.html)

Decipher Ziron.

Title: Re: Of Nybelmar
Post by: Ruil Mallister on 01 October 2007, 00:15:02
Ah, thank you, both of you.  Deci, my MSN is, but I often forget to log on.  If you have AIM, that's the best way to get ahold of me as LupineMaverick.  I'll PM you this info, too.

I look forward to discussing Nybelmar with you ^_^

EDIT: Oh right.  I glanced through the timeline of Nybelmar, and saw nothing of the a.S. calendar.  Have you guys not developed the history to/past that point?