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Title: Northern Bay.. What is ->HERE?<-
Post by: Ruil Mallister on 01 October 2007, 00:31:57
Instead of trolls or ant-people, you should make them crab-people!  And they'll taste like crab and walk like people! And they'll be a crabby bunch, and pinch those they mislike.  It's brilliant! Brilliant, I say!

Okay, yeah, I'm totally kidding... Uhm, I was hoping to perhaps get in on this Nybelmar action before the continent was totally fleshed out.  Is there anything you guys need help with outside of trouble-makers?

EDIT: Oh yes. (  I've colored in a section that says "What is here?" and that's a question for you good sirs.

Title: Northern Bay.. What is -
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 01 October 2007, 05:07:20
I truely have no idea. Nothing, so far.

Title: Northern Bay.. What is -
Post by: Ruil Mallister on 01 October 2007, 06:32:34
Really..?  Hm... well, one of the things I'd always wanted to do is make my own tribe of humans for Nybelmar.  Would it be okay if, eventually, I begin working on that area after I do my research on what you guys already have?  I probably won't start any real work on the area/tribe until after I've done as much research on the surrounding lands, peoples and history.  Also, I'd be glad to wet my feet by first helping you guys out with any problem-spots you all have.

Title: Northern Bay.. What is -
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 02 October 2007, 01:16:35
You realy seem to have a lot of grand plans Ruil..

I also see you've claimed to be a member of old, but i've not seen any proof, so you will have to forgive me for treating you like your official status sais; a newbie.

Here be the rules.

1) You can work in Nybelmar, but only on the regions already under development as long as you are a Newbie. You will have to stay away from Tribes, large Places and Regions, Religions, and most things related to the Krean (those last ones are reserved for Coren, the Head Dev of Western Nybelmar).

2)After proving your quality, you can ask Artimidor for an apprentice plaque. Now, you can develop things more freely, and can submit a plan for the region you've asked for to myself and Decipher Ziron, and whomever feels he/she should comment. Once you get it approved, you can start doing the basic entries for the region during the run-up to a Masterwork, and full Membership.

3) The big entries will have to wait untill you are a member (except for the one you might use as a Masterwork). Assuming you went through the first two stages well, you'll now have a fair amount of freedom in your region.

A word of caution; this is not an easy task, nor is it always fun to do. Developing your own region means a lot of freedom, but also a lot of tedious work, research, and interweaving your entries. It will take a lot of time to get anywhere at all. I  spend a year writing up animals and plants just to be able to write the basic area entry on the Drifting Woods, and i've spend the last two months working on a tribe entry that is far from finished. Think twice before committing yourselves to something like this, and be aware, like i said above, that the regional heads of development, in this case Coren, Decipher and myself will be quite demanding when it somes to approving your proposal for that location.


Title: Northern Bay.. What is -
Post by: Ruil Mallister on 02 October 2007, 02:17:41
"A lot of grand plans"..?  What grand plans?  All I want to do is work on the weapons and armor in the world of Caelereth (as very, very few people can tell various weapons apart), and do a little work on Nybelmar.  Oh, that and I'm working on getting my CD to be near perfect before I submit it.  Other than that... I don't really have any plans, grand or no.

And now that I look at it, my answer to whether or not I'm a "member of old" depends solely on your definition of a "member".  If you're going to judge me by my works, then check out my Lance and Frost Dragon entries, and know that I am the one responsible for the re-organization of the weapons last year.  Did I ever become an apprentice or a full-fledged member? No.  I was on and off of the boards, but I've watched Santh grow for five years.  I'm not exactly a newbie.

That being said, I told Decipher that being given the basic outline that a newbie would be given is fine.  And I also stated in my above post that working on a tribe was my end goal, not my immediate want.  Not only do I feel I am ready for such an endeavor yet, but I don't want to do it yet.  I simply saw that there was "nothing there as of yet", and hoped that you might be able to put that section on hold before every last bit of Nybelmar has been developed.

I knew I'd have to start out small and work my way up.  I understand the rules you've given me, and I'd like to know where you all need help with so that I may begin becoming part of this development team.  I have quite a lot of knowledge on militaries, weapons and armor, and I think I can be of much help.

Title: Northern Bay.. What is -
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 02 October 2007, 02:32:35
Good :) The Ivyeth mountains will be 'under option' for you.

And i think you should speak to Decipher about some entries he might need in Zhun, as the norhtwest is not yet developed anough to need such entries. ( for one, it has no tribes with a completed entry, and most of the names are rough drafts. )

Title: Northern Bay.. What is -
Post by: Ruil Mallister on 02 October 2007, 10:35:28
*salutes Miraran* Aye aye, skip!

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