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Title: Remusian Nomenclature
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on 23 December 2007, 07:59:50
Hi Art.  Saw what you did with Sophronian Nomenclature and thought it was great.  I've been working on my own nomenclature for the Remusians... well, just writing down what I make up on the spot when creating both entries and on the RP site.

I had always envisioned ancient Remusian as a dialect of Tharian, and this is what I have so far, which is not much.  Perhaps with your help, I could create a more detailed nomenclature.

Remusian Nomenclature

Art         Arah
Arrow         Arrock
Autumn      Ahtu
Blood         Bluhd
Boot         Beyout
Cave         Kayni
Claw         Grau
Dagger         Dragguer
Daughter       Duorochtyer
Doctor         Duotyer
Esteem         E’shov
Falcon         Fahlkoyn
Fever         Haifyrth
Fire         Fyrthara
Fish         Phyllu
Flake         Fisah
God         Kor’och or Rethyum (if talking gods of the Ice Tribes) or Ubzher (if talking the gods of other societies)
Golden         Gorrin
Griffon         Griffyn
Guard         Garron
Hand         Hanno
He         Agisth
Head          Hai
Horn         Honogh
Honour      Honeyr
House         Kivhar
Ice         Icsain
Lance         Launce
Moon         Myu
Mount         Mologh
Mountain      Mologheyr
New         Nacu
Orc         Orgth
Peace         Peyce
Rebirth/Reborn   Kor’och
Ride         Resyllun
Self         Mov
Shield         Shialt
Silver         Silfayr
Snow         Shanno
Sun         Shyu
Sword         Suahrd
Temple      Tambohl
Water         Whanno
Warrior      Whyshnir
Who         Mon
Wind         Zekarsis
Wison       Wissone
With         Eff
Word         Wochen


Fey- used as “of” in naming things, where the noun is found before the adjective descriptor.  As in Lance of Alleda becoming Alleda-fey-Launce.  It is a more traditional way of writing.
Eck- a non specific conjoiner, put in to bring about the noun to the beginning as in Golden Shield becoming Shialt-eck-Gorrin
Ohm- a possessive conjoiner used when the noun is at the end, used when fey is not needed Shendekkar-ohm-Arrock, Shendekkar’s Arrow.  In the above example, Alleda-fey-Launce might have been written, Alleda-ohm-Launce, Alleda’s Launce.   It is a more modern way of writing, compared to fey.
Orsah- Is usually used to denote a title, as in Orsah-Dragguer, meaning The Dagger, an officer rank in the Army.


He who rides the Mount of Kor’och, rides with god himself!
Agisth mon resyllun Kor’och fey Mologh, resyllun eff Kor’och agisthmov!

0   Afra
1   Ert
2   Zund
3   Alesh
4   Nech
5   Wea
6   Nect
7   Phob
8   Asend
9   Peiero
10   Aster
11   Bren
12   Het
13   Rea
14   Chel
15   Parg

The Remusian’s have a 15 numeral based system, with a zero number as well.  The first set of numbers, correctly would be afra-ert, afra-zund, etc, but most people simply go by the suffix, ert, zund, alesh, etc.  The numeral following afra-parg would then be ert-ert, ert-zund, etc, up to parg-parg.  The next numeral would then be ert-afra-afra, ert-afra-ert, etc.  At higher numbers, this does get cumbersome, though the Remusians seldom have need for higher range numbers.

Title: Re: Remusian Nomenclature
Post by: Drasil Razorfang on 23 December 2007, 08:23:11
I believe that this goes in the Languages forum as it seems to be the basics of the language.  Nomenclature refers to typical schemes for deriving names, not speaking the language.

Title: Re: Remusian Nomenclature
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 23 December 2007, 16:16:33
Ah yes, Grun has also posted the Serphelorian nomenclature stuff here in the Races/Tribes Forum, so now the Remusian one was also posted here. Should ideally be in the Languages Forum, yes, so I'm gonna move both threads now there.

On the topic itself: Don't have the exact origins of the Remusians in my head now, but considering that the Tharian tribes somehow have the same roots as the Remusians the idea sounds great to just modify the Tharian terms to somethings more ancient, which is not exactly Old English :) - Still wonder how "Wind" is related to "Zekarsis"... :lol:

So if we go that way that means that we wouldn't work with typical syllables to construct Remusian names, but rather translated words and get combinations out of that, Red Indian style (Lonely Wolf, Sitting Bull etc.) To make that work you would need some rough rules on how words transformed, e.g. wto deduce from the changes you made in your word list rules that stuff like "ount" changes ideally to "ologh" and such. Simply to keep things from being just random. The Language Generator could then be fed with whole words instead of just Syllables, I could fix e.g. the -eck- as second "syllable" when generating and derive various combinations.

To make things perfect SNG would need a new feature however, which I already planned, which is: To add the translation of syllables (or words) in the maintenance and display it as well. Maybe I can get to that alread during the Christmas holidays

Also: Remusian nomenclature works with a first and second name obviously, and you haven't mentioned how the first one is constructed. That should be clarified as well.

Title: Re: Remusian Nomenclature
Post by: Irid alMenie on 23 December 2007, 21:14:43

Sorry, I just had to post here. I don't know how Altario wants the first names to be formed, but some of the names (which belong to the last names that he has given already): Altario (ahem :P), Graviaro, Jorgan, Araman, Allemeddo... That's all I can remember right now. Here (,4925.0.html) you can find some of these names. Not all of them are Remusian, but most are ;)

Title: Re: Remusian Nomenclature
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on 01 February 2009, 03:50:13
Getting back to this.  I have learned a valuable lesson, though.  Do not just plunk in 400+ syllables into the SNG, as you create, then after hope to C&P those syllables onto a word document.  Uh uh.  Nope.  Had to go through the list one line at a time and write down all the syllables, and sort them into their categories.  This list is for First Names only.  Ugh... I can't Format this pretty. :(

Beginning Syllables


Ab   ba   con   dah   edd
Abu   be      dar   edmu
Alla   Brem      dega   ego
Alt   Bro      den   egro
Alv   Bu      dezo   emret
Ank   Bwoar      dir   evohl
Aom   By         

Faz   Glar   hed   Ilm   jah
Fer   Gra   hob   Ith   jeng
Fet      hor   Ix   jong
Fil      hur      jor
For            jud
Fur            juh

Kev      mfer   nat   ob
Kress      mikl   ni   odo
Kurl      mvesh   nil   off
         No   ogi
         Nus   oh

Pel   qay   ra   sag   tim
Pery   qi   re   se   tray
   Qohr   rel   seth   tril
      Ri   shaw
      Ro   si
      Ru   so

Uel   va   wa   xan   ya   za
Ul   vayl   war   xas   ye   zak
Umo   ve   we   xen   yin
Ung   vi   wi   xor   yo
Uth   vir   wo   xu   yul
Uwe   vo   wu
   Vu   wy


Ael   besh   cuya   dia   egness
Aelo   bih   cylla   dohl   enna
Aenna   biz      dsan   ethe
Afre   blia      duy   eva
Ag   bo      dya   
Ajni   Buy      

Fey   gahn   helm    Icha   jihn
Foan   gayl   hkis    Ifeyn    jloi
Gea    Hun    Imma   jwain
   Gen   hwae   Irah
   Guin      Ityra

      Ma   nel   ocha
      Mav      omma
      May      otya

Pahn   qoy   rash   seh   teh
Pid      riz   sian   tia
Pix      riztal   siva   tjana
      Ruhna   slia   toa
         Suhn   tri
         Suli   tuhna
         Surya   tulpe

Ulli   vuh   way   xush   yhasu   zoa
Uly      when      yia   zoy
Uqua            yola

Ending Syllables


Abahr   bix   cear   darl   ell
Agol   blo   cist   dij   enj
Al   brohl   clog   din   eras
Allon      cuhr   dle   eyu
Am         do   
Ario         dreth
Astas         dxe

Fell   gab   hze   ish
Few   gan      ithuhl

Kahr   lan   man   nech   of
Kher   ld   meddo   nik   olg
Khon      mon   nix   olm

Peg   qor   rask   set   ther
Pev      rohn   sh   tor

Uch   vahn   wurg      yar   zhur
Uk   vedd         yster   zig
Um   vegg            zir
Uw   ven            
Ux   viaro


Achi   bah   ca   dea    eni
Ada   bij   cia   dpa   eppa
Ae   Bun         era
Ah            eri
Amy            erin
Andra            ess
Ari            eze

Fay   giah   hanni   ibe   jux
Fde   goa   hoyl    ien
Fia   gs   hyal    Ihye
Flo   gwe      iln

Khari   la   mea   na   oa
Koy   lay   moay   nay   oen
Kya      mura   nu   osha
      Musha   ny   

Pa   qayn   rii   sa
Pu   qea   roa
Puah   qoa   ryn

Uca   via   wea      yanna   zia
Ugi   voa   wia      yi   ziy
Uma   vola         yohna   zoi
Umi   vy         yu   zula

Title: Re: Remusian Nomenclature
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 22 February 2009, 17:15:11
Posting all those syllables wasn't really necessary, Alt... For one, sending me the database would have sufficed. Also, generating names can be exported easily with the export button (if you have the most recent version of the program). And if you had Microsoft Access you also could have copied syllables much faster...

Title: Re: Remusian Nomenclature
Post by: Ganinon on 22 February 2009, 17:49:30
Some of the shapes the sets make... :lol: under the Category of Female the last 3 sets resembles a person to me...

Title: Re: Remusian Nomenclature
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on 02 February 2010, 15:51:57
I am very very unhappy with the direction I was going with this.  To be honest, there was no direction.  It was just me making up words for Tharian words.  I want to scrap this entirely and restart from scratch.  Perhaps scratch is not the right word.  Thanks to Talia's Astropic post the other day, I discovered a language called Ro.  I was intrigued by it and want to go in that direction in creating an ancient language for the Remusians, based on this language.  Now, the problem is, I cannot say for certain that the words I have already created and used in entries before will stay the same.  Will this cause too much of a problem?  It might mean me editing some entries, but in truth, I think I was the only one on this side of the site who used it.  The RP side might have a few CDs that are affected, but that concerns no one over here.

Let me know if it is safe to proceed. :)

Title: Re: Remusian Nomenclature
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 02 February 2010, 17:47:59
Oh Alt, you are so brave - I have some ideas for a Shendar language layout (it is heavily based in Tharian anyway), but I have no idea how to complete it.

Can't answer you question here though. How many entries would be affected?

Title: Re: Remusian Nomenclature
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on 02 February 2010, 23:31:17
No more than a handle of entries, Talia.  Some words in the Remusian Men, maybe the Snowflake (which we should have entered by its Tharian name anyway, correct?  After the glossary discussion?), maybe a couple more.  I'll adjust the Snow Falcon before it ever gets approved.

There is a very thin line between bravery and stupidity.  I believe I cross it back and forth on a regular basis. :buck:

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