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Title: Sophronian Syndicate Analysis, Wandering Years
Post by: Ingosien on 14 January 2008, 03:05:48
Figured that this entry should prove useful, expanding on the Army of the Sophronian Women, during the Wandering Years.

Each woman wore leather hip high boots. Hidden inside each boot was a needle sharp throwing knife they called the "Twins". They also wore a short middle thigh leather skirt with breeches underneath. Hidden on the inner thighs were another pair of knives which were called "Chastities". The women also wore elbow length leather gloves that also held another pair of knives they called "Mauraders". Finally often a bow, quiver of arrows and a short sword slung over their backs can be found at Sophronian women.

"Twin" throwing knives Description: Otherwise known as the 'Fatal Duo', the blades of the throwing knives are needle sharp...tapering to a dart-like point. The material used to create it is Orcrystal, enabling the weaponsmith to give the throwing knives a sleek precision once thrown. Concerning the guard of the knives, it is styled to resemble a pyramid-form wrapped in Injohue-colored leather, once more attributing to the throwing accuracy. Ranged Weapon. ( (

Chastities Description: A larger version of the "Twins", the guard speficially styled to resemble a crescent moon, while the blade is made of a strong metal. ( (

Mauraders Description: Of similar form to the Chastities, given the same guard style and forging material. Serves its purpose as near-melee knives, tipped with poison. Only a mere scratch is needed from the blade to poison the victim.

Bow and Arrow Description: Known to the women as the 'Sophronian Longbow', it is curved slightly, made of Arne'pheran wood ( ( Leather is wrapped around the ends to keep the bow from bending too far. The arrows, also made from the same tree, are tipped with Orcrystal and a deadly poison, offering a great percent of accuracy.

Short Sword: Forged from a strong metal, the sword is slightly curved at the end of the silver blade, similar to the modern Arabic Saif ( ( The pommel bears a series of tribal creatures devouring one another, with the guard being shaped like a celestial figure.

Once more, if my assumptions to give my creativity for this particular topic is wrong...please correct me.

Title: Re: Sophronian Syndicate Analysis, Wandering Years
Post by: Grunok the Exile on 14 January 2008, 07:03:42
Hello Ingosien.

Thank you for introducing yourself in the Newbie forum.  However, as Art said, it is best to ask there if it would be appropriate to do a project before posting it.

Unfortunately, work on races is not suitable for newcomers to Santharia.  Before anyone starts to work on a race, the she or he must first have demonstrated their ability to integrate feedback, cross-reference with other entries, and have shown that they really have a good grasp on the world as a whole, and the area around their tribe in particular.

It is suggested that newbies start with plants or beasts, as these are the easiest entries, requiring as they do the least effort to cross-reference and research.  If you wanted to make something which people are impressed with, choose a very humble plant that is referenced in another entry (there is a list of these in the herbarium forum under "Herbarium Entry Proposals", in the post "Plant Proposals currently available") and make it fit into the world by including details on  different names it is known by in different areas, areas in which it grows, what different tribes use it for, what other plants grow near it, and/or as many other details that are particular to Santharia as possible, as well as the ordinary information required in the entry template.  Oh, and whatever you do, don't make it poisonous!  :lol:

If you are particularly interested in the Serphelorians and Sophronians, feel free to become involved in the commenting process on submissions (what entries are called before they are put up on the site) pertaining to them.  Insightful (or just nice!) comments are welcome on all submissions with the "Dev Status Two" (yellow exclamation mark) icon, and on many with the pencil icon (Dev Status One).  To comment on a submission, make sure you have read the whole thing through, then post, pointing out parts that you particularly liked, parts you think could be clarified or explained better, or saying what else you think should go there.  For example, if you were reading an entry on a ship, and you wondered what the height in peds (a measure in Santharia) was of the mast, you could ask that that information  be added.  Once you have commented on an entry, a person will post in return usually thanking you for your comments, and telling you either that your comments have been integrated and what colour you can find the changes in in the first post, or giving en explanation of why they think the changes you suggested are better not to be made.

So, to summarise:

 - Make sure you post in your welcome thread what it is you would like to work on before you post it,

 - Starting small with a beast or plant is a good idea, and you can really show your skill here with elaborating it to fit in to Santharia

 - Commenting on other people's submissions is helpful, and is a great way to learn about the world.

Please make sure you have read all the information in the "Help, I'm a Newbie" thread, as this should hopefully help you become more familiar with the way it all works here.

Looking forward to seeing your contiributions!


Title: Re: Sophronian Syndicate Analysis, Wandering Years
Post by: Ingosien on 14 January 2008, 08:08:37
Well, I try and try again...just takes time to see my mistakes.

Title: Re: Sophronian Syndicate Analysis, Wandering Years
Post by: Bard Judith on 15 January 2008, 01:09:50
Hey, it always takes time to figure out the complexities of a new universe and group of friends!  You are obviously both skilled and ready to accept assistance and critique; with a bit of dedication and persistance, that makes for an ideal candidate for Apprenticeship... :)   

Grunok has said pretty much everything in terms of what-to-do-next-advice, so I'll restrict myself to welcoming you with a hearty handshake   :thumbup: and a plate of the traditional greeting to newcomers - Dochnut and Kao-Kao Cookies!