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Title: Filling in a blank in the Erpheronian Timeline (1050-955 b.S.)
Post by: Trelstahl on 15 January 2008, 11:50:04
Hi everyone,

As I start to get back into things, and particularly working away at the Erpheronian timeline, I remembered there was a brief period where I hadn't finished work on a couple of monarchs - between Caeth "the Child King" and Thaelrin "the Relentless".  Well, here's that blank filled in.  Once we've got this inserted in the timeline, I'll get working at the end of the timeline (from 800 b.S. to as close as Thar's reign as I dare go).



To 980 b.S. Queen Caralla “the Farseeing”, Prince Consort Erthis
(Sons: Thaelmar, Calmar, Kormar)

Caralla (1050 b.S. – 980 b.S.) ascends to the throne in 1035 b.S..  As a princess, Caralla finds it difficult to watch her father waste away.  She is often the only person to spend time with Caeth, as her mother, Wanýa, often seeks the company of other men because of the king’s preoccupation with magic.  Caralla, like her father, loves to read and though she has no skill with magic, she patronises the building of a new library in Voldar in 1028 b.S.  Arguably, her greatest contribution came in 1000 b.S. when Carralla assigns a row of lands to Lords in the far north to form the Northern Marks.  With this gift of land, each Lord is responsible for the construction of a castle or fortress, as well as at least one outpost capable of garrisoning 50 men.  This forms a protective border against the orcish tribes that had been plaguing the northern lands to this point, particularly the Duchy of Narvoss and the city of Ishmarin.  The Northern Marks are rumoured to have been founded as a means to monitor the elves of Calmarios, whose strength had been rising during this period of time.  Thevelin, which is later named Nyermersys, becomes one of these fortresses, and oversees of the two bridges of the Teiphra, as well as the fertile plains to the north. This effectively seals off the northern entrance of the fertile and resource-rich Vale of Kalir, a plain sheltered by mountain ranges and the Ishmarin Lake.  Caralla passes away in 980 b.S. and leaves the throne to her eldest, her son, Thaelmar.

1033 b.S.
to 955 b.S. King Thaelmar “the Explorer King”, Queen Cathya
(Sons: Caeth II  and Thaelrin)

Thaelmar (1033 b.S. – 955 b.S.) is the eldest son of Queen Caralla and her Prince Consort, Erthis.  He ascends to the throne in 980 b.S., but his reign is cut short in 955 b.S. when he is killed in a rock slide north of Astran, while visiting with surveyors excavating a new mine in the Tandala Highlands.  Thaelmar and his Queen, Cathya have two sons: Caeth II and Thaerin.  Their eldest son dies of fever before his fourth birthday, and there is much speculation amongst the members of the court that though they attempt to have more children, Cathya is no longer able to conceive.  Despite his short reign, Thaelmar brings much stability to northern Erpheronia by establishing the Eastern Marks around Astran, in addition to the road network that now runs between Voldar and Nyermersys and between Nyermersys and Astran, a line known as the "Iron Wall".  It is notable that the castle keep built at Astran, which was destroyed, is the site where the "Guardian" is later built in the first century b.S.  Thaelmar offers financial incentives to merchants, traders and craftsmen willing to move to Thevelin and Astran.  Thevelin and Astran become heavily fortified towns where merchants and craftsmen feel enough security and financial opportunities are available to entice them to take up residence due to lost cost to live in the north.  With the influx of money into the area, a number of the southern landholders begin to purchase land in the north, so even the areas around Thevelin and Astran become settled.  Farms and mines are built.  With the increased security along the Teiphra, Thevelin starts transport goods (mainly grain from the Vale of Kalir and iron from the nearby hills) down the river to the sea. The northern regions become the corn chambers (and its armouries) for the Erpheronian kingdom, exporting mainly raw materials and foodstuffs to Voldar and the southern Erpheronian towns.  Due to the strong military presence in the north, the northern regions also become favoured training grounds for new recruits.  Thaelmar is reputed to have been well loved by the wealthy, for his reforms to the country’s infrastructure benefit those with enough resources to make use of them.  However, the challenges of the Erpheronian peasantry are made worse by his ignorance of the circumstances facing them during his reign.  After Thaelmar’s death in 955 b.S., his only remaining son, Thaelrin, takes the Erpheronian throne.

Title: Re: Filling in a blank in the Erpheronian Timeline (1050-955 b.S.)
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 16 January 2008, 06:00:29
That's great, Trel! Two more pieces towards Erpheronian royal line perfection! Wooo-hooo! :D

- I see you've done your research on the site and integrated all that we know so far about the Northern Marks and made the north especially important for these new added kings/queens - very nicely done! Maybe you could put in the construction of the "Guardian" tower of Astran in here (see picture in the Erpheronian tribe entry). This would fit very well in here methinks!

- "Nyermersis" is actually called "Nyermersys".

- Looking at our Erpheronian line we have so far, it is remarkable that we have a bunch of women here who manage the affairs. As Erpheronian women aren't that well known for being the fiercest fighters - which is something the Erpheronians in general are famous for - maybe it could be a sort of tradition that these queens are strong rulers, but to strengthen their respect are married to strong fighters. This is already the case with Katya, who took Lysander, who was Captain of the Guards, and could be something other Queens also did in a similar way.

- But aside from these small suggestions, these entries are definitely ready for being put up!  :thumbup:

Title: Re: Filling in a blank in the Erpheronian Timeline (1050-955 b.S.)
Post by: Trelstahl on 16 January 2008, 08:47:15
Thanks for the comments Art!

I will make the changes you've suggested, though there is one little "hitch" with the Guardian - the tower at Astran.  According to the entry, it was built during the first century a.S.  I could mention that the original tower that was built here was later destroyed and the Guardian erected in its place.


Title: Re: Filling in a blank in the Erpheronian Timeline (1050-955 b.S.)
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 18 January 2008, 05:29:51
Well, I've put that into the description just to have a use to get that picture up, you know... But yeah, that idea of it being first destroyed and then re-build in a much more gigantic size would fit very well to the Erpheronian spirit. It tells everyone: You cannot destroy us, we're going a step further and implicitly it means: We need to live up to our hubris...  :evil:

Title: Re: Filling in a blank in the Erpheronian Timeline (1050-955 b.S.)
Post by: Trelstahl on 19 January 2008, 13:09:08

I noticed Thaelmar's birthdate in the heading was 1000 b.S. - it should be 1033 b.S.  I've highlighted the change in red.  Also changed his epithet, from Thaelmar "the Young" to Thaelmar "the Explorer King".


Title: Re: Filling in a blank in the Erpheronian Timeline (1050-955 b.S.)
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 26 January 2008, 17:28:35
Okeydokey - all prepared, Trel :)