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Title: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 07.06.09
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 16 January 2008, 18:47:07
Works In Progress

~ Rryrr ~ another plant for the Darkling Caves ~ offsite
~ Brownie Religions ~ Llaoihrr and Darkling ~ offsite
~ Llaoihrr names (with Azhira) - onsite (,12520.msg148847/topicseen.html#new) but also on hold until we've done more work with Browniin
~ Competition (,13114.0.html) Entry ~ surprise (of course)
~Savage Mushroom ~ onsite (,13340.msg164281.html#msg164281)
~ Life Magic System ~ offsite

Uploaded, or marked for Uploading

~ Artificial Brownie Wings (
~ The Pfool (
~ Ahrhillicia Tree (
~ Brownie Beads Industry (
~ Llaoihrr Mounts and Riding Techniques (
~ Update for Brownie Ethnic Groupings (
~ Update for the Rat Brownie Entry (
~ Ll'eh Spiritfriend (
~ Baked Brownie Disease/Sunblood (
~ Council Tree (MasterWork) (
~ Arrowhead Goose (
~ Roori (
~ Marcogg Terrier (
~ Darkling Brownies (

What I'm planning to do next...

~ More flora/fauna for the Darkling Caves
~ Develop the Dark Woods area of the Brownie Vale
~ Develop the other groups of Llaoihrr - possibly doing a rewrite of the tribe entry with a little overview for each, at least to start with.

Ultimate aims

~Reworking and updating the existing Brownie entries which could do with it
~Linking the various Brownie tribes into Santharia by describing trade routes, agriculture, carpentry, a (possibly illegal) pet trade, myths & stories, battles/political disputes, people entries...
~ Making the Vale into a more interesting and magical place!

Bits and bobs I would like to see an entry for, written either by me or someone else who fancies it

~ Drou Birchbark (from "Artificial Brownie Wings") - the record holder for the longest flight
~ the Avennorian inventor Fjorek Rigvinn (from "Artificial Brownie Wings") who tried to adapt the wings for human use with disasterous concequences.
~ the Llaohirr inventor and historian RrLLee'ou Greenbark (from "Artificial Brownie Wings") who managed to bring the wings back into fashion with a new, more modern design.
~ the some-time poet and traveller Tee'n Brownbark (from "Artificial Brownie Wings") who wrote poems in both Tharian and Browniin.
~ Llaoihirr rat-powered gadget which smoothes and sands beads called "iheh aiehaheh" or "The Wood Soothing Device"
~ A paint made from crushed black beetles.  Used to paint beads in the Llaoihrr Vale, and gives a wonderful shimmering finish.

Notes about Brownie Biology

Key - Integrated, Definitely Going to Integrate, Thinking About.

~ sunlight affects them differently
~ blood the colour of their skin
~ their skin looses far less heat than a human's does because it has a layer underneath which stops it from escaping.
~ Troll says 'Brown brownies taste like Brown stuff, but Green brownies dont'
~ Greenbarks can eat leaves for medicine, but it won't work for Brownbarks
~ Healing with life magic works better if you're the same colour as your patient.
~ Brownie ladies don't have a monthly cycle, but a yearly one and are most fertile (and most attractive to Brownie gentlemen) in spring.

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 14.05.08
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 14 May 2008, 23:07:16
Just a collection of links and interesting details for my own use...please ignore.

Valley of the Brownies - old (,7715.msg83594.html#msg83594)

Book of Aheh (

Some random Aohu’o history - old (,5670.msg62336.html#msg62336)

Brownie Owl, Never Finished (,10100.msg113257.html#msg113257)

Possible Aeolian Poison (,9764.msg109443.html#msg109443)

O.o (,9341.msg104462.html#msg104462)

Brownie Magic Discussion (,10533.0.html)

More Brownie Magic Discussion (,10850.0.html)

Original Life Magic Thread & Discussion (,10290.0.html)

Interesting Comments but Probably Out of Date (,10378.msg116463.html#msg116463)

Same again (,10246.msg115293.html#msg115293)

“The xyz-manifestation of Xeua is the form/kind the lifemagic of the brownies use. (The lifemagic of the brownies uses the Xeua which is inherent as an essential part in all living beings, it is called...)”  Blargh…might not be relevant, but nice to know the original idea

Vale Brownies and Elves? - old (,5620.msg61777.html#msg61777)

Moongrass – Llaoihrr Poison? (,12085.msg143342.html#msg143342)

Some other Vale inhabitants (,11125.msg130018.html#msg130018)

More Vale Inhabitants (,11117.0.html)

Headache Tablets with Dosages for Brownies! (,5722.msg62655.html#msg62655)

More Brownie edibles (,5839.msg63788.html#msg63788)

And again (,5829.msg63725.html#msg63725)

Note: Brownies don’t use onions (Weeproot) “ Brownies are limited to the usage of the chives and the mildest scallions, as the larger globe Weeproot’s scent has been known to render them almost insensible with streaming eyes, seared nasal passages, and difficulty breathing for weeks.”  I really must incorporate this somewhere….

“The Brownies are always written with a capital "B" here in Santharia, due to an emancipation decree by a Milkengradian Anactar, in order to counter the discrimination of the Milken Brownies”

“Mice are used as cattle for Brownies in the vale...........”

Where the Santharian Auhu’o Tribes should be! :P (,7710.msg83546.html#msg83546)

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 05.06.08
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 11 June 2008, 22:02:19
Random Brownie Mentions....feel free to ignore.

(from Instruments Overview)
A traditional and fun Brownie instrument that could be played for hours on end without boredom. The Rain Shaman is constructed from thick eur'oak branches which are hollowed out in such a way as to leave a spiral "path" or shelf curling down the interior wall. They are then filled with about a tot of granite chips or seashore gravel and sealed at both ends. If turned upside down, the granite chips are sent sailing down the spiral shelf creating a pattering sound reminiscent of rain that is more musically useful than most might imagine.

(Blue Drake entry)
One Brownie alchemist has made a claim that the drake can heat or cool the oil as it pleases and he bases this claim on experiments done with some of the oil: when the oil is warm, it is a liquid and very light weight, and when it is cool, it is very thick and heavy. Most alchemists however, are inclined to distrust this far-fetched notion.

Adventurous Brownies have been known to be eaten by these drakes, as apparently they don’t consider a Brownie very threatening…

The horn of the drake can be used as a blowing horn by smaller folk such as human children, hobbits or Brownies (a little large for them admittedly, but still possible). It makes a high, piercing note when properly hollowed out and blown, which is by no means unpleasant to hear.

One noted entry on researchers is the Brownie who made the claim about Blue Drake oil; his name is Redleaf, and he has been quite adamant about his idea that the drake can heat and cool the oil in its body at will, but no one is taking him seriously.

(Cheeses Overview)
Laoai OieiuhLL (Field Mouse Cheese - lit. "Tail-friend Food-Sludge")
Despite its unpromising name, the few brave humans - mostly Compendium researchers, we are proud to say - who have tasted this tiny Brownie-made cheese say it is quite palatable, with a pleasingly fatty texture and a slightly sweet, rather than savory, flavour. Brownies tell us that they frequently add finely-mashed (by their standards) berries, ground grass seeds, herbal extracts, and even bits of smoked meat to make a sturdy and nutritious substance that can serve as a complete travel food. Unfortunately our researchers were unable to obtain enough cheese to test this claim on humans - nor do we believe it would be worth hand-milking the many thousands of field mice required to produce it!

(Swords Overview)
The Brownie Sword
While smaller than even the tiniest knife, the Brownie swords are still put into the categories. The Brownies possess nearly all of the same categories of swords as the larger versions, but just in smaller sizes.

The Memnoor Brownies also have a sword made of glass called simply the Glass Sword. These swords, while ineffective in Caelereth itself, have proven very combat worthy in the Void, better than most iron and steel weapons there.

(Spiders Overview)
Spiders have, in many human and Brownie cultures and religions, been a symbol of fear and nightmarish hauntings. Their almost alien appearance makes them seem strange and frightening to many, despite the fact that most Spiders are completely harmless.

(Nymersys Plague Pillar)
Brownie Etchings added
230 b.S. The first time it is noticed that the translation of the text into Browniin is etched into the face. The small size, low height and crude skill of the writing prove that it was indeed a Brownie who wrote it, but who it was is impossible to tell.

(Weeproot and her sisters)
The Chives
Brownies enjoy small stands of chives planted at the edge of their crops to provide shade and repel insects, and the puffy purple flowers the size of a Brownie's head are an additional decorative bonus. Chive flowers are often soaked in oil or vinegar to flavour the liquids for later use in subtle cuisine.

Human peasants of the Rimmerins Ring say that Chives are the spirits of a vanished “Purplebark Brownie” tribe. - Oh, and surely everyone knows that the scent of Weeproots will keep dragons away... don't they?

(The Lampstalk)
Brownies have their own version of this plant, except quite a bit smaller, that they grow in their vales.

Brownies, shortly after the stalk was created, took it and shrunk it down in size for use in their vales. Both have spread, and the smaller kind decorate many human vases as well as the Brownie homes.

(Vegetables Overview)
Importance. A crisp orange underground vegetable.
Summary. Carroots are also known as Orange-Root, "Togrisek" to the dwarves and "EioieeRrohboo" to the Brownies. This crisp, juicy root is a bright sunset colour, and can be eaten directly from the ground or cut and boiled.

Importance. A neutral-tasting, doughy pulp.
Summary. Also called "Green-Leaf". Lance-like dark green vegetable, highly flavourful and nutritious. Ubiquitous Brownie food-plant, boiled or eaten in salads much like spinach.

(Fungi Overview)
Importance. Delicious cooking mushroom.
Summary. Also called Gebl's Nose or Oheh-Gebl: An elongated edible mushroom with a bright pink cap and fleshy stem. Flavourful, long growth period, usually found in spored rings about three peds wide in the late spring. This chewy, delicious fungus goes by a number of names, most of them unprintable; we have given the politest nomenclature here. It is said to be named after one Gebl, a Brownie of extreme endowment and assiduous in his pursuit of life’s pleasures. Eating was apparently his second favorite activity, indoors or out. The mushroom has no other uses beyond its culinary application.

(Medicinal Herbs Overview)
Importance. Anaesthetic carnivorous plant.
Summary. A fascinating plant which has a euphemistic name and a number of uses, some more commonly known than others. Shaped like a hollow cup, in a pale greenish yellow colour, the Herb’oThreshold is actually carnivorous; small insects, ants, and flies which are attracted to the moist interior become trapped inside by the paralysing mists arising from the plant’s flesh.

Some enterprising race (probably the Brownies) discovered that these mists act as an anesthetic on minor wounds, numbing the surrounding area and relieving the pain for a short time.

Importance. Potent medicinal herb.
Summary. Pale fern-green leaves, about a hand’s length, borne upon a single slim stalk. Flowers hang down in drooping curves of lavender pendants.

Not a woman’s name, but a rare and lovely medicinal herb. The famous Brownie healing draught depends for most of its potency upon this plant. Leaves are bruised lightly and left to soak in an alcoholic fermentation for over a year

Importance. Three-lobed leaves, medicinal.
Summary. Shade-loving, tri-furcated leaves, tiny bell-shaped white flowers. Shallow root system. Another medicinal herb known to elves and brownies. All parts of the plant are beneficial, although the clover-shaped leaves are strongest.

The Brownies
The Brownie version of Trance is a highly addictive drug that usually kills the user within the first five years. This is the only mixture that can be used by other races as an "effective'"drug

(101 Things to do with Fungi)
4. Brownies soak Koeken in a herbal mixture and bake it like bread. They refuse to tell humans what is in the mixture – probably just as well, because the result is delicious, and the amount of Koeken it would take to satisfy a human family’s appetite would feed an entire brownie clan.

And of course you also find various half-orcs here, often employed as workers on the docks loading cargo and sailing on trading ships, and even small Brownie communities live here and there among the big people, entertaining the latter at special shows.

(The Silvermarshes)
Where the Galum (or Helmond Creek as the hobbits name it) intersects the escarpment, the beautiful Trucklebright Falls sparkle like an elven veil. As the waterway also serves as a trade route between the shire and the humanfolk of Acht and Holm, there must needs be some way to traverse this obstacle. A combination of Brownie engineering, gnomish ingenuity, human persistence, and hobbit optimism produced such a way: the great Falls-Lift elevator.

This marvelous mechanism is counterweighted in such a way that even fully-loaded small boats can be taken up and down in the special 'boat cradle'. Generally, however, the 'passenger carriage' or the 'cargo crate' are used to convey people or goods either way past the falls; the huge hook is swung in over the dock, clipped onto the appropriate carrier, and then the ped-high gears rumble ponderously into motion.

Gnomes have easily taken up residence here, and if one looks hard enough, a Brownie can be spotted as well here and ther - usually hitching rides with shipments or making ends meet with stolen goods.

(Metals and Minerals of Calerath)
A beautiful yet hardy metal with the soft glow of gold but the resistance of good steel. Fairly rare, used mostly for expensive blades or very high-quality chainmail. King Thar is said to have commissioned a cloth-of-aurium tunic for his queen (possibly the first recorded kevlar-vest in Santharian history!) which required the combined skills of the Boltgrumm Dwarves and their associate Brownie clan to produce. Found in similar situations as gold, mostly in quartz deposits, and easily confused with ‘pyrite’, or ‘fool’s gold’.

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 05.06.08
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 12 June 2008, 00:04:13
Hi Rookie,

just skimed over your to-do list and thought I give you an interesting link for your human artificial wings constructor.

Gustav Whitehead (Weißkopf) (

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 05.06.08
Post by: Bard Judith on 12 June 2008, 00:11:56
And you MUST look up Gebl himself.  Oh dear.  Is he even on the site yet?  (blushes and trots off in haste to check...)

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 05.06.08
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 12 June 2008, 00:40:48
Woo, I should do this more often

Thanks Talia, I'll have a read of him :).

And Judy...I have a vague recollection of you saying something about wanting to write an entry for the Council Tree lift?  However, I can't actually find it now...did I dream that up?  If not, are you still interested?  There is no rush at all, I'm not going to go into huge detail on the lifts in the Council Tree entry, just say where they are placed and how they are powered (possibly by waterwheel?  Or rats?).

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 05.06.08
Post by: Tharoc Wargrider on 12 June 2008, 01:39:50
Nothing like keeping yourself busy, eh Rookie?

Just a quick question regarding the Bittersweet. I'm thinking of making the seeds into some kind of spice (when grated), would these be of any use to the Brownies as a trade item, considering your thoughts on the trading post from a couple of weeks back?

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 05.06.08
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 12 June 2008, 02:09:48
Yeah, it seems every entry I make spawns at least two more  :buck:

Well, isn't it going to be a tree associated with Garret's Dragonrider-Auhu'o rather than the Llaoihrr?  I'm not sure how much trading the Dragonriders do, you'd have to ask Garret that one.  However, spices are indeed excellent for Brownie-trading, as they are so light and are usually traded in small quantities.  If the Dragonriders and Llaoihrr have some trading links, that would be something the Llaoihrr would definatly want.

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Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 06 July 2008, 21:00:29
More Lists to aid Brownie Development - What grows in the Vale

Inedible Surrounding Woodland

- Shade Grass
- Allia
- Azure Plant - Wound cleansing wash and insecticide
- Jeshanna Lily - helps burns and rashes
- Tareptail Weed - diuretic and lowers fever
- Zifel Plant - drug used by Xeua mages in Ximax
- Sikel Tree (few in number) - medicinal purposes
- Willow Tree - painkillers
- The Waterstar - various medical uses
- Rockmoss (in the deeper, denser areas of the forests)
- Glowcap Mushrooms
- Ashwude Tree - good solid timber
- Birch Tree - good firewood
- Urban Tree
- Adlemir Tree?? - beautiful black wood
- Krakenweed - Poison (although underwater....can they harvest it?)
- Pondpad - in slow-moving probably far from the Council Tree - paralysing poison
- Ptoria Weed - thorny weed
- Lampstalk - a flower which glows in the autumn
- Pendrowe Plant people (rumour)

Farmed Plants? 
- Brisulivan – perfumes, antidote to allia berry
- Deadly Nightshade – medicines and poisons
- Common Basiloc - settles upset stomachs
- Foridus - sap can be used for flavourings
- Khmeen plant - medicines, food stuff, spice.
- Chives - flavouring (see Weeproot entry)

Edible plants in vicinity?
-  Greenbark Moss
- Dainbel – storable berries
- Doch Nut Bush – nuts
- Goldenbell Bush – leaves for mouse fodder and seeds
- In’ilá - Berries are edible, can be made into “black honey”
- Multiweed – storeable nuts
- Redberry Bush – berries for juice and seasoning
- Sweetsip - Sweet necter, not really a food.
- Kell Herb
- Viterberry Vine
- Rosemint
- Lotann Flower (Dandylion)
- Sou'cald Moss
- Koeken Fungi - soaked in herbs and roasted - yum!
- Sulcho Mushroom
- Truphulls
- Baych Tree - hard, close-grained wood - nuts
- Bittersweet Tree - really sweet fruit
- Oak - Acorns
- Lémertía - waterplant which the Rivermaids eat
- wild caroots

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Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 06 January 2009, 00:55:47
Draft Map of the Vale and where the other Llaoihrr settlements will be...just some notes I don't want to loose.

There are seven large Brownie settlements in the Vale in total, five of which belong to the unofficial kingdom of the Council Tree (including the tree itself), and trade with the outside world through it. They receive protection from the Council Tree's army too, and many of their youngsters will go and study a craft there. These settlements are:

The Council Tree Llaoihrr (light purple) are the most famous and numerous of all the groups.  Around 250,000 of them inhabit the huge Cinnabark pine which grows in a 100 ped wide clearing at the join of the two largest rivers in the Vale.  They tend to be the most open and friendly of the Llaoihrr, as almost all trading from the Vale goes through this settlement.  They alone have the means to carry goods far and wide in a fairly short time, and they are also the base for the defensive troops which are made up of Brownies from each of the five Council-aligned groups.  This is also the centre for new technology, life magic and art, another reason up and coming Llaoihrr from other settlements sometimes decide to move there.

The Reed Llaoihrr (light green) do not actually live in the reeds, but rather further up the River of Reeds which flows down from the Rimmerins Ring and meets the Snake River.  They are a fairly small group with 15,000 Brownies

The Gate Llaoihrr (orange) are the closest group to the Gate, and populate the cliff above the path.  The site was originally the site of the Council Tree’s permanent scouting base, where Brownies would be stationed to keep an eye on the path into the Vale.  As the numbers grew, and the scouts there began to live there permanently with their families, it gained more and more independence.  It officially became its own settlement in XXXX, although it still retains very close links with the Council Tree.

Marshland Llaoihrr (yellow)

Llaoihrr of Sorceresses’ Peak (dark purple)

River Bend Llaoihrr (light blue)

The other two groups are much more secluded, and neither ask for help from the others, nor give any in return.  They are:

The Darkwood Llaoihrr (dark blue) live on the slopes of the Dark Hills, away from contact with any other tribes. Their ancestors were the Brownies who disagreed with the formation of the Council Tree on the grounds that such a large conglomeration of Brownies was against the natural order and therefore against the spirits’ wishes. They still hold the belief that drove them away – that the best way to live is to trust to what the spirits have provided.  They venerate all things natural, shunning processed leather in favour of uncut furs and using mainly naturally-found poisons.  The other Llaoihrr consider them quite wild, but there is no denying their excellent tracking and hunting skills.  There are thought to be around 20,000 in this settlement, but as they don’t count their numbers themselves or have a huge amount of contact with the others, it is hard to be sure.

The Chieftain Mountain Llaoihrr (red) live on the slopes of that mountain.  They left the Council Tree much later, only 200 years ago in 1456 a.S. and chose this part of the Vale for its relative inaccessibility to the rest.  The deep, thick woods at the base of the mountain and its steep slopes provide a crude barrier from the rest of the Llaoihrr.  The founders wanted to break off from the huge interconnected system of the Council Tree, where every Brownie is working for the group rather than for themselves.  Their settlement works on an each Brownie for themselves basis, which appeals to those of a particularly hard-working nature.  They are not cut off from the rest of the Llaoihrr and often trade with them, but they don't recognise the Council Tree as the head of their government.

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 05.01.09
Post by: Nsikigan Ho´Tonanese Yourth on 06 January 2009, 06:10:51
A note- should any of these locations (Death Bringer, Sorceresses' Peak) be included in the Rimmerins Ring place entry?

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 05.01.09
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 06 January 2009, 07:32:41
You know, I thought they were other mountains slightly so the west, but actually look at that river - they are some of the peaks.  So I took the two maps I had and did a colourful join-the-dots!

Yeah so they probably should be if you're talking about the individual mountains.  Can I have some deep, really overgrown woods around the Dark Hills and the lower slopes of Death Bringer, and also on the other side of snake river along the lower slopes of Mount Chieftain?  I have to have somewhere for the Pendrowe to be hiding you see, and that would fit with my plans *rubs hands excitedly*.  And some more open, grassy slopes on Life Mountain?  And..erm, some marshy areas around the springs?  Let me know if any of that doesn't work, I can work around it, it's just if you didn't already have anything planned then that would be cool :).

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 05.01.09
Post by: Nsikigan Ho´Tonanese Yourth on 06 January 2009, 07:37:43
That sounds good- maybe move the swamps to the south, where that little bend of the River is? Does that work out?

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 05.01.09
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 06 January 2009, 07:42:52
You mean the bed with the three little trees?  Sure, that would still work :).  I wasn't thinking too boggy/swampy though, just a patch where it's soggier than normal and there are a few pools of water in most seasons.  They need somewhere for the Feylin to live and breed (for the bladeleaf gel), and you get some cool plants which will grow in slower-moving water that would be dead useful for healing remedies.

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 05.01.09
Post by: Nsikigan Ho´Tonanese Yourth on 06 January 2009, 08:06:08
That'll work fine, though the bottomless lake may be even better for that purpose.

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 05.01.09
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 06 January 2009, 20:34:19
Well, thats right at the bottom of Diamond Falls and I think it must be so deep because of the falling water - it looks like a plunge pool for the waterfall.  I'm thinking deep, cold, clear - a perfect habitat for Watersproggs (well, the edges at least).  Not particularly swampy!  I wasn't thinking it was as big as shown on the picture either, because if it was then the falls would have to be Niagra size and snake river isn't that big.

Well, that was my logic anyway.

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 05.01.09
Post by: Nsikigan Ho´Tonanese Yourth on 07 January 2009, 06:29:09
Then that bend'll work just fine- I won't integrate it yet, but it'll get in there. I need to draw a full mastermap, so I'll etch it in at that point.

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 10.01.09
Post by: Nsikigan Ho´Tonanese Yourth on 11 January 2009, 15:52:47
I'm looking again at that little map, and I've got a problem- the scale is very very off with the rest of the Ring- if you look at the Manthrian mastermap, (, you see that each mountain on the main Santharian map corresponds to a small chain, or at least cluster of mountains- here, we have a whole Range, a quarter of the Ring, made up of five mountains. In addition, the Vale is shown to be within the Mountains, whereas in the Santh. map, its in the foothills. Any ideas how to smooth this out?

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 10.01.09
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 11 January 2009, 19:17:33
Although the words "Vale of the Brownies" are in lower hills, the Vale itself is in the mountains - where I've coloured green on the section of the map below.  It needs to be a valley which is completely impassable from any side except through the Gate.  I need life mountain (the one in red) to stay the same though, with the Diamond Falls and everything, because this is where the dwarves secret passage goes through (the secret passage cannot be mentioned in the compedium though - cos it's secret)

I just did a quick search on the main board and none of those mountain names have been integrated anywhere, they only appear in the map there, so it is still possible to change and rearrange things slightly without too much hassle - i.e. that map doesn't have to stay exactly like that.

On the other hand the other mountains on the map seem to be showing the placement of ranges rather than any specific mountains, whilst the ones around the Vale show the specific peaks.  Maybe you could say that these five mountains are the five high points, and the rest is still very high ground - the ridges between them?  These five peaks stick out even above the rest of the mountain range?

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 10.01.09
Post by: Nsikigan Ho´Tonanese Yourth on 12 January 2009, 00:10:45
Yes, that should work splendidly! Oh, and Rookie, if you have any alternative names for these mountains, perhaps ones in Browniin (did I spell that right?), feel free to tell me and I can integrate them.

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 10.01.09
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 12 January 2009, 00:59:46
I'll think of some and let you know - maybe I'll just translate the ones there....

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Rookie Brownbark - Updated 10.01.09
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 10 February 2009, 01:55:53
Ideas from  Irid-Rookie-Moot #3  (just so I don't forget them)

Things to add into the Dark Woods at some point:
- tiny monkey that steals things
- tree pollinated by monkeys (possibly with some hallucinogenic properties too, ones that make people lost)
- illusionist bug

- spitting flower