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Title: Development Schedule - Azhira
Post by: Azhira Styralias on 06 March 2008, 00:30:34
Santharia Team Page (

Primary Duties:

Northern Sarvonian Continent Moderator (,26.0.html)
Cosmology/Myths/Religions Board Moderator (,21.0.html)
Co-Overseer of Rat Brownie Development (,59.0.html)

Main Areas of Interest:

The peninsula of Caael'heroth (,3710.msg43760.html#msg43760)
The Kaaer'dar'shin half-orcs (
Clerical Magic and Divine nature magic for Northern tribes
Rat Brownie Development

Current Works in Progress:

The Mist Hunters (,13946.0.html)
Temuuj Tartaan, Kaaer'dár'shín war chief and revolutionary (,12616.0.html)
Mask of the Tree Cousin (,13877.0.html)

Future Works/Brainstorming:

Cartashian Woods
Icelands of Aeh'Os'th'er'oc
Deep Winds Portal of Osthemangar
Update Northern Area Maps

Cosmology/Clerical (Working with Talia)

The Clerics of Jeyriall (,12913.0.html) - On Hold
Defining the roles and abilities of the Avarian priests
Defining clerical magic
General cosmo board housekeeping and commenting

Completed Works Awaiting Comments/Approval:


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