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Title: Tha'eli's Development List
Post by: Tha'eli on 25 June 2008, 21:22:46
Right - if I'm not supposed to have one, please delete it, but I thought I might as well compile all my projects into one page so I can see what I have to do, instead of having to find the thread every time I log on! :3

Vai I Quem [I see you] (,12656.msg151630.html) <-- waiting for final decision
Revision of Puliquay (plant) (,12665.msg151802.html) <-- postponed
Ashan's Wart ('thickseed') (,12664.msg151801.html) <-- open for comments
Eyelian Jewelry (,12661.msg151731.html) <-- open for comments
Sev'Tin, Long-armed Monkey <-- not started yet
Kim'Tin, Swimming Monkey <-- not started yet

Sev'tins are much like gibbons. treetop dwellers that do not survive when forced to live on the ground (not that there is much ground to survive on in sar'estvokar). Their diet can be a bit varied, but should be composed mainly of fruits. They are hunted mostly by predators like the Challachoy (a dangerously big mustelid that roams the trees), and are inedible to men.
Kiem'tins are larger, and have relatively strong arms. they dwell on the marchland that goes for solid ground in the region. I suppose these are more carnivorous, eatich bugs and fish and the like. They can dive quite well and long, and i always imagined them to have a dark fur, possibly matted with algae for camouflage.

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