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Title: New to Nybelmar?
Post by: Decipher Ziron on 14 July 2008, 08:02:33
Since (an ever so slight inkling of) interest has been shown in this obscure continent, me and Miraran thought it right to produce a little thread for all who may wish to work on this exotic place. Read on and be enlightened


IMPORTANT NOTE: During current climes Eastern Nybelmar is somewhat inactive, and as such newcomers are directed to the western half (the divide being probably around the Venlaken Enclave area).

The following regions are at the moment all accessable to new developers.

Title: Re: New to Nybelmar?
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 21 July 2008, 06:42:01

    The Plains of Zhun

    • Background/Sypnosis:
    The Plains of Zhun are a geographically very varied landscape home to the ever hospitable Zhunite men. Though predominately made up of plains (as the name would suggest), a desert here, a mountainous region here- nothing should be considered a physical impossibility here.

    Politically, Zhun is dominated by the Citystates of Hostar, Kimbar, Cusca and Marmarra (Decipher's personal favourite). Marmarra is currently in the works and though the others have snippets of reference skulking about, there isnt much to hand in terms of physical entries.

    • Try your hand at this:

    Here are a few small entries that may interest someone with a Zhunite affiliation:

    The Paddy Fields of Arroza- (Place)

    The landscape here is noted for its gargantual beauty- man-made with the use of nothing but megor rice-working tools. Something like THIS ( inspired me BTW.
    This here area is the main Rice producer of Zhun and such is well known for its variety of Rice-based dishes and other wholesome inventions. The area is also famed for the production of Zhunite Rice Wine (Sake-esque for the alcoholic experts). As common recipe dictates the inclusion of Zhun Geranium Flowers, a few greenhouses can also be spotted cultivating these for the expensive beverage.

    • Want to know more? Ask: Decipher (;u=306), Coren (;u=35) (sadly, Coren is often not able to respond quickly.)

    The Drifting Woods. (Sar'estvokar)  

    • Background/Synopsis;
    The Drifting Woods of northwestern Nybelmar are a humid, tropical jungle filled with bizarre and outlandish plants and beasts. As the name implies, it consists of a thick forest, floating on a layer of intertwined roots and debris. the vulcanically active seabed underneath then provides it with the heat that drives the unusually warm climate of the deep forest. Home to both the reclusive and fanatically religious Ter'ei'Vikh humans, as the sto´c and unfriendly Deep Merfolk, this area is Miraran's personal favourite.

    • Try your hand at this;
    For this region, Miraran's personal to-do list has been made open to newcomers. Go here (http://) and have a look.

    • Want to know more? Ask; Miraran (;u=284)

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