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Title: Ahoy!
Post by: Kalo Vlahoi on 10 September 2008, 11:24:30
For almost two years I've sulked around this site, reading whenever I had time to, and only now do I have the opportunity to actually get involved with this masterpiece.
     I'm Kalo Vlahoi, and would like to help develop anything having to do with either maritime cultures, ships/boats or fish. I've lived along one coastline or another for fourteen years of my life and was brought up learning about both the technology, contemporary and ancient that allow us to sail. Suffice to say, I'm fairly confident I can contribute accurate information to some projects...

Title: Re: Ahoy!
Post by: Bard Judith on 10 September 2008, 11:54:33
Greetings and well-come, Kalo!  What tribe are you from, with a name like that?  :)

A coastal specialist is one thing we haven't had around here for a while.   Sounds like you have the know-how to add some real 'salt' to submissions - so if you have the creativity to come up with some unique yet integrated Santharian concepts, and also have the grit to persevere through critique and suggestions, rewrites and polishing.... you're the sailor for us!

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?  Male, female?  General area of the world (apart from coastal? :P ) What's your attraction to this fantasy masterpiece?  Hey, two years  - you must have found something to keep your interest!   We have young and old members from literally around the world, working on just about any aspect of life and culture under Injera's rays, so don't be surprised if a bunch of our experts and place specialists come charging in here after me and try to attract you to THEIR particular coastlines.

I can see it now:  'Come to beautiful sunny-beached Nybelmar!'  "Don't listen to him, over here - the wild fjords of the amazing North are beckoning!'   'Oi!  Kalo!  Grab that rope's end, mate!  That's right, now just walk up the gangplank...and...hah, shanghaied!'        I'm warning you....  :D

Title: Re: Ahoy!
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 10 September 2008, 20:53:02
Did somebody say "Nybelmar"?

Actually, Azhira and I have called a truce, so i'm not going to try and seduce Kalo to come to Nybelmar. Honestly!
But i am going to present him with the traditional snack ( and drinks. ( Oh, and maybe i should introduce myself? As you might've noticed, I am Miraran Tehuriden, but that has eroded to 'Mira' pretty fast. I work together with the Masterbard in the Herbarium section, and dabble around in the Bestiary section as well. I primarilly work on the exotic continent of Nybelmar, so if you have any interrest in working there, or questions regarding the area, feel free to give me a call!

And as for territories, well, a sailor cannot help but wander as far and wide as he is able, right? There are the (admittedly awe-inspiring) frigid fjords of the North, where Azhira will be glad to have some help, there are some back-to-basic coasts in South Sarvonia, where you can fit in many, many familiar-looking entries, and of course the exotic and (semi)tropical seas and coasts of Nybelmar, where i myself would be most pleased to see you drop in every now and then. :)

(See? No bias!)

Title: Re: Ahoy!
Post by: Azhira Styralias on 10 September 2008, 21:02:13
Indeed! I would heartily recommend pretty much anywhere around Sarvonia or Nybelmar as coastal development would be ideal! Both areas could use considerable progress in that regard.

I am one of the Northern Sarvonian developers and while not all of the North is frigid and cold, we have our fair share of icy, snowy environments. The Kanapan lands are largely undeveloped (and not icy) so you could have your pick of many interesting areas. Of course, the same could be said of Nybelmar!  :thumbup:

So welcome to the Dream.  :D

Title: Re: Ahoy!
Post by: Bard Judith on 10 September 2008, 22:35:17
Little plug for my own area - central Santharia and the Kingdom provinces - we badly need someone who knows about salt flats to tell us where our seasoning is coming from!     And the big estuary on the west, or the bay of Har'lev''thro'watsizthingcalled-hem and all those nasty rocks....   Goodness, tons of places!

Title: Re: Ahoy!
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 11 September 2008, 01:14:22
Hey Kalo, and welcome to Santharia!

I myself have no coastlines - Brownies are not really that keen on water, and I tend to stick to developing stuff for that race.  Still, have some delicious snacks and maybe try some of that Auhu'o Sweet Mead over there - it's delicious.

Title: Re: Ahoy!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 11 September 2008, 02:03:24
Hello and welcome, Kalo! :wave:

Good to see that you've finally made ti to the Dev side of things, so I hope you find a nice spot to share your maritime expertise with us... There are tribes e.g. in Sarvonia where fish'n chips... er... fish'n ships represent the focus, like the Avennorians, or the Sanhorrhim if you want it more the elven way. These kinds of "water elves" have been little explored as of yet for example, so there's always room to develop something in this respect :) - Just to give you a few pointers if you're looking on what you could do. ;)

Title: Re: Ahoy!
Post by: Tharoc Wargrider on 11 September 2008, 02:45:01
Greetings, Kalo, and welcome!

I'm Tharoc (as if you hadn't noticed), and I tend to hang around in the north with Azhira and Alysse, or in the greenhouses with Mira and the Masterbard.
Plants and Orcen culture is my thing, but I'm recently dipping a toe into Pyrates, creepy-crawllies, inept Dwarven inventors and a particularly bawdy Bard.

We should get together over a tankard of foaming ale (Bittersweet juice for me, I don't drink), and discuss the scurvy deeds of the Sarvonian Pyrates.

Title: Re: Ahoy!
Post by: Val OŽNeil on 11 September 2008, 04:04:17
Hello Kalo and welcome to the Developer's side of Santharia. ^_^

I'm Val. I... uh.. I make butterflies.  *Fusses with her leafy hair a bit.*  That's all for now.  *Coughs up a butterfly.*  ack.. erk.. uh... um... Excuse me.  *Flees to the greenhouses with newly coughed up butterfly in tow.*

Title: Re: Ahoy!
Post by: Tharoc Wargrider on 11 September 2008, 04:34:05
Now there's a novelty. Regurgitational reproduction!

Title: Re: Ahoy!
Post by: Decipher Ziron on 11 September 2008, 04:39:45
Hey Kalo!

I'm Decipher (though most abbreviate to Deci) and my main areas of interest would tend to be the continent of Nybelmar where I develop a whole manner of things as well as the Bestiary where I'm the moderator. Apparently you would seem to have an interest in the coasts eh? If you were that way inclined you might like to come to Nybelmar and work on the Zhunites or Anpagans- two coastal/seafaring cultures on the west of the continent that are a bit more exotic than what you find on mainland Sarvonia. Or if you had a few ideas for ocean-dwelling beasts I'd be happy to help you through them in the Bestiary.

Whatever you want to pursue though, welcome to the Dream!


Title: Re: Ahoy!
Post by: Nsikigan HoŽTonanese Yourth on 11 September 2008, 06:05:15
Nsiki, here, representing the Eyelians- the native americans of central Sanguia.
I may enlist your services once I get to the Eyelians arrival on Sarvonia...
But if you ever need any help, just ask!

Title: Re: Ahoy!
Post by: Kalo Vlahoi on 12 September 2008, 09:07:56
Thank you for the warm welcome and all the suggestions on where to start - I'll look around and see what would be the simplest entry to test the water with.

As for info about me... I've lived in three ports, Laurium, Heraklion, or Iraklion depending on who you ask and Antirrio. I've basically jumped across the Aegean and the southern part of the Balkan peninsula.
     Then I had a little stint in Florida and finally wound up in, of all places, North Dakota - thousands of kilometers away from any real source of water... Great Lakes aren't bad though.

I'm going to go look around and see what I should start with.