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Title: Sarvonian Aohu'o
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 13 October 2008, 21:50:42
What I’d quite like to do for the Aohu’o Brownies and have been talking over with Garret is to separate the Aohu’o Brownies on Akdor from those on Sarvonia.  It seems to me that these Browies are very far removed from their cousins over the water, and, I think, shouldn’t actually know that Akdor exists….not too much of a problem due to their oral culture which could make their original homeland into a myth rather than a fact.  I think updating the Akdorian Aohu'o entry would be easier after this too, as I could make it into a widely-believed myth, only supported by other Aohu'o, and based on the Sarvonian Aohu'o's legends?  Hopefully that way I could loose as little of the original idea as possible, yet still update them.  There is also the infusion of other groups of Brownies on Sarvonia which should make them a completely different tribe, even if they are still called "Aohu'o" - wandering/nomadic. 

Anyway, here are my ideas, specifically for Garret who will hopefully be writing this in the end (have I mentioned I love you lately Garret).  Anyone else is welcome to add their thoughts too :)  It seemed logical to me to use the tribe-making structure, so I did.   Sorry Garret if you know some of the stuff already, and feel free to disagree!

- because they don’t really have a specific homeland, but are dotted around Sarvonia, they’re kind of hard to define – they’re particularly similar to the Llaoihrr and to the Field Rat Brownies.  I think culture is more important than location to the Brownies anyway, as proved by the way they group all Rat Brownies into one bundle, despite the fact that they live very far from each other and look completely different.  So…some things that could make them specifically Aohu’o -

Religion – although other Brownie groups worship spirits too, Aohu’o are the most fervent worshipers….although this could vary a little from group to group.  Could there be a particular way of worshiping which sets them apart?
Shamans – they travel around to each of the Aohu’o tribes in turn – shared oral culture? (my favourite idea)  They could be very conscious of keeping the location of the other Aohu’o groups secret.
Very good hunters (already specified)
Mischievous and cheeky (already specified)

And some things I’d like to avoid, so as to distance them from Llaoihrr and Field Rat Brownies:

Mounts – they do apparently ride animals like rabbits and small mammals…but I would like to make this a less central part, or maybe like the Dragonriders have only a select group riding.  Just to make the gap between them and the Llaoihrr wider.
Reactions to outsiders – they can be cautious of outsiders and avoid them, but unlike the Rat Brownies they should not look down on them or attack them without reason.

- also “Aohu’o” means not all the Sarvonian Brownies may have come from Akdorian stock – there could be groups who have incorporated Brownies from other tribes, or even who have taken in Field Rat Brownies (they look like “true” Brownies) and are more of a mish-mash.  Or any others who have simply taken on the Aohu’o way of life? 

(only need the most important/obvious defining feature here, the rest could go in People)

Like the Llaoihrr, but more dependent on camouflage so more brownbarks and greenbarks – each group should be the colour of the foliage near it.

        Coat of Arms
A picture of the thing which defines their tribe?  Dragonriders could have a dragon for example.

 Scattered all over Sarvonia, wherever they find the resources to hold on – preference for woodlands and places with underbrush to hide in.  Some still not found?  Often nomadic.  Azzy was thinking of putting some up in the North as well, somewhere more temperate as it would be hard for them to survive several months of snow….unless they burrowed and lived underground for that time….oooo…interesting thought….

Expand on the stuff said in the overview and maybe compare some of the groups with each other?….we need more groups ;)  I’ll write a list of ideas underneath this lot.

Built out of whatever is easiest in the area – give examples?  Some groups only build homes to last the season too, which should be mentioned.

Furs and skins?  I don’t think they’d bother to weave or anything complicated, although there could be an exception.

Whatever they can hunt! Small rodents, lizards, bugs and grubs….give examples of specific tribes’ eating habits too?

Generally wooden, bone, or made from parts of an animal.   Or animals they ride like the Dragonriders.  Most tribes have no metal at all.


Do we want to split chores between men and women?  Brownies usually don’t, but their could be certain rules for these ones – only one sex allowed to do specific religious jobs, or only one allowed to hunt specific creatures.  I’d rather have both sexes hunting though, because that’s what they’re famous for after all.

Tribal – one leader/group of leaders per group.  Slight variations fine, but it should have a primitive feel.

Very Little!  They might trade items through/to passing Shaman, and there is the beginning of contact with the Vale, who are eager to trade, but hunter-gatherers don’t have a huge amount of valuable goods. 

       Natural Resources
Erm, depends where they live!  But generally they use any animal bits, plants and wood in the area, so might be worth mentioning that.  I can’t see them cooking up complicated poisons like the Llaoihrr though, they’re more likely to simply rub their weapons onto something that’s already poisonous, or boil down the plant to increase the potency.  I see them mostly hunting smaller animals and having a horribly-deadly accuracy with their weapons, so they don’t need poison most of the time? If you can hit a rat in the eye you’re going to seriously wound it without poison!

        Holidays, Festivals and Observances
These could be common to all the groups, and a defining feature of Aohu’oness?  There could be some specific to certain tribes too of course.  There is some interesting stuff in the Shaman entry, we could incorporate some of that and add some religious stuff to emphasise their strong beliefs.  Oh!  We could give them something like April Fools day, because they’re supposed to be stereotypically more mischievous than other Brownies – this could have started that idea!  I’ve been wondering for ages how to show that side of them.  It could be practiced slightly differently in each group, but with the same general idea of a day of silliness (I'm thinking you might be able to come up with some better ideas than me :P)

Gah.  Try as I might I can't find any record of them actually travelling over from Akdor, unless you count the Hawkfeather band who became the Milken.  Some of these could have separated off into the wild, or we could just make it lovely and vague and they weren't the only band to come over, they were just the only recorded by the humans?  I'd like to take the culture of Akdor over, at least bits, so we'd need more than a handful.  There was a big fire in Akdor which caused a load of them to flee - could have fled the entire continent I suppose.  Oh!  Another thought - these brownies can use boats (or rather have done in their past), they could be the only ones to not be afraid of water?  Or at least the ones who still live by water could be, not necessarily ones living in the middle of the forest like the Dragonriders.


Tribe Ideas ~

Dragonriders in Goltherlon Forest
XXXX somewhere north but still warm - Kanapan peninsula is what I think Azzy said...must ask...
One tribe on a lake somewhere - water Aohu’o?  All Bluebarks?  Or on a little corner of the Ancythrian Sea?
One adapted to live in Thaelon?  Brownies lived there before, but didn't like the atmosphere *shrug*  These could be naturally-depressed Brownies?  or really really cheerful ones to counteract it :P.
One in corner of Sharadon (away from the elves!)  They have silk worms there - these ones could use it?  Lots of birds and insects too, yum yum.
It would be cool to have some in the Shivering Wood too, but not sure if that's possible... (Dru and Judy wrote the main plant entry, could ask them)

I reckon we should mention maybe four or five....there may be others but they're not known of officially yet (or the Brownies know of them, but the groups don't want to be written about).  What do you think?

Title: Re: Sarvonian Auhu'o
Post by: Garret Arroway on 13 October 2008, 22:29:59
General location idea for the Roan Forest ( for when I ever get around to writing it. Reference for Rookie.

Title: Re: Sarvonian Aohu'o
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 14 October 2008, 03:37:43
Yeah, the name on the site "Akdorian Brownies" is a bit misleading, because only the majority of them I guess live in Akdor, the rest could perhaps best be described as the "unsteady" or "wandering" Brownies. Which lies also in the name "Aohu’o" as I see. So we might perhaps give them a slightly different name to signify that they are the Akdorian or the Sarvonian kind. Like putting a Brownie-typical special thing in the name, e.g. a "here" (Sarvonia) or "over there" (Akdor) or elsewhere (Nybelmar) suffix to "Aohu’o". Something like Aohu'o-ei, Aohu'o-oi and Aohu'o-rroi etc. Sorry I'm not capable of Browniin, just wanted to show the direction this could go. :)

Title: Re: Sarvonian Aohu'o
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 14 October 2008, 03:53:11
Hey, I didn't think of that - I like the suffix idea, it's neat and small so that "Aohu'o" still stays important - that's their culture after all, they don't thinkof themselves as separate.  I'll have a look at the dictionary - I'd maybe like to have some sort of "original" or "true" or "homeland" connotation for the Akdorians.

Title: Re: Sarvonian Aohu'o
Post by: Garret Arroway on 02 December 2008, 10:13:01
Oh, and various clan ideas so far. Let me know if there are issues with territory / ideas. And no, I haven't had too much soda. Playful, mischevious browies = playful, mischevious, funny ideas.

     - The Sweet-wood Clan (Goltherlon Forest - Dragonriders)
     - The Twin World Clan (Shivering Woods & Roan Forest - One silent and jumpy & other overly loud … Ride sabertooth fox-like creatures)
     - The Waterwell Clan (Ephrin's Lake - Live on / near the water and in small eroded mini-caves and tunnels throughout the waterfall.)
     - The Splintered Clan (Thaelon Forest - Half naturally-depressed & half overly cheerful … best of both worlds … yay for clan wars!!!)
     - The Light-trapper Clan (Sharadon Forest … Small eastern section on the sea - Catch Dalór and the younger form, Glowworms, in silk nets for light & possibly some sort of superstition)
     - The Mountain-mover Clan (Vindel Mountains or Stone Fields of Peat - Dwarf brownies!!! Wear mounds of furs that make them look like walkin' fluff balls.)
- Or -
     - The Northwarden Clan (Forests of Cahm - Forest Guardians or some such ... Instead of the Mountain-mover Clan)

Title: Re: Sarvonian Aohu'o
Post by: Mannix on 02 December 2008, 11:24:21
A message from Garret (and make sure you check out the above post):

Alright, started thinkin' about this and had an idea, though I wanted to make sure it worked or if it would off-set the uniform layout too much to be possible.

I was settin' up the layout for this entry on a microsoft word page (cause I'm a format freak) and as I was goin' through the sections I was thinkin' about what would basicly go into each of these sections. However, as right now there are six listed possible locations for various bands of these brownies, ever answer for the section was ... "Usually 'bla bla bla', though this changes for the different clans." "Mostly they are 'bla bla bla', but their the land that seperates these clans has caused differences on this for each of the groups." and so on. While the basic aspects of the people would remain, each clan within the tribe would have their own take on it.

Because of this, I was wonderin' if I could set up the this entry like the entries for various races, writing about the Appearance / Mode of Livin' / Family, Society, & Culture / Diet / Beliefs / Tribes, or writing it like the Kuglimz entry, General / Location / Origin / Life-style & Culture / History, which has the set up I'm thinkin' about (describing the different clans). Anyways, thats my idea for the time as things like diet, resources, etc. would be specific to area.

Title: Re: Sarvonian Aohu'o
Post by: Bard Judith on 02 December 2008, 11:46:04
Total brain bubble here, feel free to disregard...

Could one of these new clans be  Pinkhue Brownies?  Not a baby pink or a pale pink, but a bright flamboyant azalea sort of shade?   Because they live in/around/under bushes that flower in those hues, that's why!

 I love the idea of at least one brownie clan that look like flowers rather than sticks or leaves.  (I mean, if you can have bluebarks in bright azure, why not pinks and corals?)   

Title: Re: Sarvonian Aohu'o
Post by: Garret Arroway on 02 December 2008, 11:55:54
*Grumbles a bit* Always gotta be flowers ... It always comes back to flowers ... *grumbles a bit more and remembers why she loves the fall when the flowers are dyin and the leaves are all changin color and the flowers are dyin (for the most part)*

As you can probably tell I'm not a big flower person, though I do like the idea. However, we gots to wait for the attention of one of them 'stick and leaf colored brownies' as I'm not sure if thats possible with the current brownie color scheme. :grin:

*Notes that the magical Redbarks are closest to pink* Though I'm completely against a band of magical flower growin pink brownies. Don't need anymore flowers.

*Grumbles a bit more about flowers and intense dislike of pink*

Title: Re: Sarvonian Aohu'o
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 02 December 2008, 19:21:32
I only skimmed over these proposals, so I might have missed something... the idea which jumped into my brain was:  if they are the "wandering" brownies, why could they not have developed a kind of altering their skin colour to the needed colour or pattern. Not quickly as in cameleons, but more slowly, after a couple of weeks they have a new colour and pattern of the skin, fitting to their environment. Or am I totally wrong with what their behaviour/living mode concerns? Even Judy's pink brownies might find their place then... *shudders at the thought of a bright coloured brownie* Maybe they have to eat some of the foliage...

Title: Re: Sarvonian Aohu'o
Post by: Garret Arroway on 02 December 2008, 23:35:12
And thats what I forgot, the wanderin' ones.

For the most part, most of the clans mentioned above have a bit of a nomadic aspect, but then there are those that have given that up and settled as best they could, due to deminished numbers for a time, gettin' lost, and other such things which caused them to seek a some sort of safety in a certain living place they could protect and just didn't when the next generation was born that was all they knew. Just dependin' on the developed life-style and such. For the most part, those listed are mostly settled some moving around throughout their territory rather than stayin' in one spot.

I also planned on mentioning wanderin'  groups and writing a brief overview or brief entry on that clan as a wanderin' Llaoihrr or Milken (if they wander *shrugs, still gettin' through as much of the brownie stuff as possible before actually writing this*) and provided a bit of insite into the wandering band, though not all would be mentioned. *The clan livin' on the lake might be somewhat nomadic if I can get away with givin' them houseboats  :rolleyes:*

As for the color thing. I still await the dimutive and crunchy one as I get lost when it comes to that, which means lots more readin' over it for me before this begins.

Title: Re: Sarvonian Aohu'o
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 03 December 2008, 19:47:28
Haha.  Can you pm me if I'm slow to get to this thread Garret?  It's just I'm not around all the time at the moment, and I wouldn't want to miss anything :). 

I like the idea of the chameleon-like changing of skin, although perhaps the Shamans know a way to consciously help them to do this rather than it just happening?  That way they could change to match whichever colour they chose from their environment i.e.  chose to be the colour of the flowers instead of the leaves.  Would some special secret ritual/potion/spell/combination-of-all-three be enough of an explanation for it?  If the Shamans (or is it Shamen?) jealously guard this secret then it could be kept among the Auhu'o only and explain why the other tribes can't do it.

Otherwise, I can imagine a redbark being a very pale shade of red, which would be kind of coral-like, but bright pink seems.....unnatural.  Of course they could always make some sort of dye and paint themselves that colour to blend in with the foliage!

The original history of how each of the tribes found their little niche can be found here (  It is very old, but it's still a good basic overview of what can be a confusing history.  And it's easy to overlook.  Good to have an idea of how their ancestors lived I think *shrug*.  There is still no real idea of how they came over from Akdor...but maybe most of them are Llaoihrr/Birni descendants who have simply taken up the Akdorian traditions?

If you're looking for a travelling Brownie researcher try Gratcha Swarth - she researched the Rat Brownies, but could easily have found stuff about Auhu'o too on the way as she wandered around asking people if they'd seen wild groups of Brownies.

From the Rat Brownie Entry:
The most noted researcher of these creatures is the Milken Brownie Gratcha Swath, whose writings are far the most complete of any about Rat Brownies. Her first passion was for language and the history of language, particularly that of her own race, but this quickly led to investigating the best living record of these languages, the Rat Brownies. Her fascination with them grew from there, and quickly became the main focus of her research. She was the Brownie who finally provided conclusive evidence that the Rat Brownies had not lost capacity for sentient thought, although this had been suspect by some less reliable sources for some time. But then who believes a farmer who swears there are miniature men waging war on his grain store, or the every-day rat-trapper who tells of the weird little clothed beings he discovers now and again? When Gratcha began her research, she actually found a considerable wealth of people ready to give her the information she was looking for. Tales and descriptions were easily forthcoming, although they naturally had to be sifted for accuracy.

For a period of about ten years the tiny Milken took to travelling around Mid-Sarvonia speaking to whoever she could find. This possibly earns her the title of most-well-travelled Brownie in the whole of Caelereth, and she is probably one of the only to have ever owned a full-size Centoraurian mare. Gratcha had to hire someone to control the beast, but she also had a special saddle commissioned which stretched backwards onto the horse's rump. Here was a small covered space where the Brownie could sit and finish recording her findings on the move. Thus almost none of her writings were written in the same place, which goes some way to explaining their disorder. You can still distinguish the villages and parts of the towns she visited by their unusually friendly approach to Brownies and the unfortunate yet unwavering belief that our race drink only warm goats-milk. This seems to have been Gratcha’s favourite beverage, although for the record it is not a common preference among other Brownies.

Gratcha’s sources were many and varied, but her friendly and businesslike demeanour did lead her to speak with two notable names: Yeun the Ereshian, a Ximaxian Scholar and Leifloff Sjungnarr from Marcogg. The first of these had only come across the Rat Brownies in passing, and not in his own city either. He often travelled with a pack of intelligent Ximax rats and spoke of a time when he had been in Voldar, visiting family, and a night when the pets had drawn attention from a very strange group. His account, recorded in note form in Gratcha’s hand, probably helped her discover something about the way the Faded Brownies navigated. Leifloff Sjungnarr on the other hand, had actually written something himself about a troop of Field Rat Brownies he had spotted actually hunting butterflies. Of course the avid butterfly-lover made sure they didn’t bother the insects again, giving himself a chance of a better look at them too.

She has no entry herself yet, so feel free to adapt her to your uses.  I see her as a little pompous although friendly and very rich.

There is already a Llaoihrr supersition about the Dalor beetles (from Llaoihrr Mount and Riding Techniques), although this doesn't mean the Auhu'o should have the same one.  It's up to you.

With such an everyday, essentially practical device, the lack of mysticism surrounding the harnesses can be no surprise. However, one common superstition tells the Brownies to be careful with storing any items of value for that short period in late spring/early summer when the dalór beetles are mating. Nothing of importance should be hung from the branches during this time, as it is said that the beetle’s green flashes can distract the object’s “spirit” or essence and lure it away. An object without its spirit will be very unlucky; prone to snapping or slipping, and so most Brownies avoid cleaning their harnesses (and therefore having to hang it out to dry) during this time. This goes for other pursuits too – anything which would require leaving an object outside overnight can wait until the beetles mating season is over.

Only other thing is that normally Brownies hate water even more than Tolkein's hobbits (although I'm not sure if Santharian ones are similar).  So, there needs to be a good reason why they would live on the water rather than on the land nearby.  It's not impossible, just unnatural.

Title: Re: Sarvonian Aohu'o
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 26 January 2009, 05:55:02
Just wanted to update this with a map of the place we'd like to put the Sarvonian Aohu'o tribes.  If anyone has any concerns, please speak up!

The Thaelon is a red mist because we're not sure where exactly would be best yet.

Oh, and we'd also like one in the Vindel Mountains?