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Title: Mid-Santharia kingdoms timeline in picutres
Post by: Grunok the Exile on 06 March 2009, 12:56:56
I was looking over my history of the Serphelorians trying to figure out what needs to be done there, when I realised I should probably link these maps I made to this forum.  By posting these, I hope to help other developers, as well as to fire off my imagination for a new run at Chrondra!  Perhaps this could be made a sticky, as a resource?

If you download these maps, you can flick through them and see how the area of the Serphelorian kingdom changes over time.

One map has the journey of the Sophronians, as written by Capher, ( indicated with arrows.  It also shows original split of the patriarchal Serphelorians who settle in Sophronia, and the matriarchal women who go north-east.  The bright yellow dots are towns founded by patriarchal Sophronians before the WotC; darker dots are similar, watering hole-type places found by the matriarchal nomad part of the tribe.

The other maps are coloured to indicate the extent of the 'zaek-Sophronia-jou', or Sophronian/Serphelorian lands, over the years from the time of the peace treaty with the Avennorians, in 10330 b.S., to 477 before Santhros, after the murder of Kaira the Last.  For all, purple is the settled Serphelorians; yellow is the more traditional matriarchal group which left when Talos and Eldon took over the tribe; red stripes is the Eyelians, and blue-green stripes is the Avennorians.  The small text in this post is pertinent excerpts of the history.  A caveat, though: while the Serphelorian parts are intended to be exactly representative, the Eyelian and Avennorian parts are only meant to be correct as to where, and whether, they touch the borders of the Serphlorian kingdom.  Hence making them shaded, not solidly coloured in.

1. 10330 b.S.: ( Settlement areas as at the time of the peace treaty between the Serphelorians and the Avennorians.

2. 8900 b.S.: ( New settlements after the War of the Chosen. 

3. 8060 b.S.: ( Quesvath's Map. For the occasion of her coronation the first proper map of Serpheloria is drawn up.  Quesvath’s realm stretches from Elsreth in the north to Chrondra in the south, and from the east cost to the Rimmerins Ring.

4. Circa 5000 b.S.: ( The Golden Age of Serpheloria.  This is Serpheloria as big as it gets, with a united people.

5. 1,200 b.S.: ( Town states before Migard's Folly.  A  succession of weak leaders sets in motion a slow disintegration of the Serphelorian Kingdom.  Over this time Elsreth, as well as many other towns in the northern two-thirds of the Kingdom declare themselves to be town-states, independent from the sovereign.

6. 1,100 b.S.: ( After Migard's Folly - Tibor's Serpheloria and the town-states ...a fifty-year long war between the north and the south which ends only with Migard’s death and the ascension of Migard’s much more sensible younger cousin and heir, Tibor.

7. 535 b.S.: ( Jakat Kaira the Last.  This is the map which is on the site as 'the Ancient Kingdoms of Santharia'. In this year the last Serphelorian Jakat, Kaira, accedes to the throne.  She is a strong Jakat, and very Avennorian in her techniques.  She unites the people - some say against their will! - although she is unable to reclaim Elsreth and does not dispute the Eyelians’ claim to the Rimmerins Ring.  The map of the kingdoms is drawn five years before her death by murder, as despite her sucesses she is not at all well liked.

8. 477 b.S.: ( Serpheloria Perishes.  After the murder of Kaira the succession is thrown into doubt, leading to internal wars between factions.  Eyelia, with the help of Serphelorians from Elsreth persuades the northern states to join it, as well as some other western southern pieces like Brinsley; Avennoria takes over the rulership of the south by virtue of Avennorian-sympathetic male scions.  Serpheloria survives only in a few nomadic bands now confined to a much smaller area, and Islia, Klandonia and Hog, three town states near each other.  These remnants all undertake to train every person in arms as a means to stay independent and matriarchal.  Only Hog has found a way to thrive until the current time – the other two cities are now little more than villages with memories of a grand past.

Title: Re: Mid-Santharia kingdoms timeline in picutres
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 07 March 2009, 00:47:46
Oh Grun, you are marvelous!

This should be sticky, or...  thinks hard....

I would like to propose, that you and me would make a fine team as history moderators, but you have no time in the moment, and I neither. But I would like to have some links secured somewhere as well, especially when I'm going to do some history entries for the table.

Maybe a single thread stickied would be enough as well. I give it a try.

Title: Re: Mid-Santharia kingdoms timeline in picutres
Post by: Grunok the Exile on 07 March 2009, 13:29:26
That is very kind of you, Talia, but I am doing such a poor job of places moderation at the moment, I think it would be most unwise!  As you have noted, I am always pretty busy.  I am pleased you think these will be useful though  :)