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Title: Development Schedule - Kalína!
Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on 04 December 2009, 18:55:02
Main Areas of Interest:
Anything related to, or pertaining to Dragons.

Current Works in Progress:
Draconics Overview (,14096.0.html)
The Dragon Overview (,14135.0.html)
The Legendary Dragon Overview (,14138.0.html)
The Silver Dragon (,14014.0.html)
The Bleeding Empress (,14993.msg191478/topicseen.html#new)

Future Works/Brainstorming:
Adamant Dragon
Revising many of the Dragon/Drake entries
Overview List for Dragons
Origin of Dragons
Draconic Religion
Draconic Language
Kalína Dalá'isyrás

Completed Works Awaiting Comments/Approval:
The Butterfly Dragon (,14928.msg190491/topicseen.html#new)

Uploaded Works:

The Dracoid Overview (,14140.msg177089.html#msg177089)
The Drake Overview (,14139.0.html)
Draconic Categorisation (,14044.msg175576/topicseen.html#new)
The Nysl (,14907.msg190004.html#msg190004)
The Butterfly Dragon (,14928.0.html)

Title: Re: Development Schedule - Kalína!
Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on 14 January 2010, 16:08:46
The Legendary Dragons
It is written in ancient passages and spoken of in legends, that there are Dragons of unimaginable power and knowledge, believed to have moulded and shaped the culture of their kin. Their deeds of good or evil are renowned throughout the races, yet the truth of their existence has been lost to the passing of time. Almost every mention of them portrays magic, wisdom, knowledge, and superiority over their kind, though this may not necessarily be true for all.

  • Abyssal Dragon - Needs an entry
  • Adamant Dragon - Needs an entry
  • Astral Dragon - Needs an entry
  • Drakona ( - Possible update needed?
  • Dawn Dragon
  • Emerald Sea Dragon - Needs an entry?
  • Lindorm (
  • Platinum Dragon - Needs an entry
  • Resonance Dragon ( - Needs a spellcheck and minor touch-ups at the most
  • Shapechanger Dragon ( - Needs an update
  • Shipwrecker Wrym
  • Spirit Dragon ( - Needs an update
  • Sunset Dragon ( - Needs some touchups

The Great Dragons
Dragons are magnificent and enigmatic creatures of ancient power and profound wisdom, deemed by many to belong to the most noble race in Caelereth. Their complex language and magical ascendancy baffles many who attempt to study them, as they have spent centuries building and perfecting their methodologies. They are respected by their lesser kin and all other races for their knowledge and abilities, having commanded armies of Drakes and other lesser races in past battles. The unity amongst the creatures is nearly unbreakable, despite the individual differences between many of them.

  • Black Dragon - Needs an entry
  • Blue Drake ( - Needs an update
  • Copper Dragon - Needs an entry
  • Earth Drake ( - Needs an update
  • Fire Drake ( and Fire Dragon ( - Should be combined into one entry and updated
  • Green Dragon - Needs an entry
  • Gold Drake ( - Needs an update
  • Ice Dragon ( - Needs rewritten, but I would like to transfer the concept to a different dragon
  • Ivorine Drake ( - Needs to be separated into two entries. One Snow and the other Ivorine
  • Light Dragon - Needs an entry
  • Purple Dragon - Needs an entry
  • Red Dragon - Needs an entry
  • Sea Dragon ( - Needs an update
  • Silver Dragon - Needs an entry
  • Red Drake ( - Needs an update. Split the Red from the Black, and a separate entry for Black
  • Shadow Drake ( - Needs an update
  • Water Dragon - Needs an entry
  • Wind Dragon - Needs an entry

The Lesser Drakes
Unlike their ancient cousins, Drakes are much more of a commonality in Santharia and are considered to be beasts in the Draconic family. They come in three varieties: Wyverns, Wyrms, or Drakes. Each retain some physical aspects their larger and more powerful counterparts, but they lack the speech, power, and literacy which give the Dragons ultimate superiority. The kinship they feel with the Dragons, is reflected in the willingness to do their bidding, rarely acting in defiance against their wishes.

  • Ancythrian Bladeserpent ( - Needs a spellcheck and minor touch-ups at the most
  • Cloud Drake - Needs an entry.
  • Demon Drake ( - Needs an update
  • Desert Drake ( - Needs an update
  • Doom Drake - (Altario)
  • Feathered Wyvern ( - Needs an update. Change name from Wyvern to Drake.
  • Frost Dragon ( - Needs an update
  • Gale Drake ( - Needs an update
  • Horned Dragon ( and Horned Drake ( - Should be combined into one entry and updated
  • Hydragon Worm ( - Needs an update
  • Lightning Drake (,13948.0.html) - WIP (Rayne)
  • The Norrak - Needs an entry (Talia)

The Nether Drakes
  • Dravilonia (
  • Netherwyrm ( - Needs an update (Azhira?).

The Dracoids
Dracoids are creatures which have drake-like qualities, but do not have any true Draconic blood flowing in their veins. Despite this, many races still attribute them as being descendants of the greater beasts. There are many different varieties scattered throughout the world. People find them intriguing and often attempt to domesticate them in hopes of owning, what many seem to believe, a direct yet small cousin of the Dragons.

  • Drakelet (,13933.0.html) - (Rayne)
  • Eingana Whelp ( - Needs a spellcheck and minor touch-ups at the most
  • Falserock Lizard ( - Needs a spellcheck and minor touch-ups at the most
  • Skyter (
  • Vól'aél ( - Needs a spellcheck and minor touch-ups at the most
  • Winterdrake (

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