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Title: Hello All!
Post by: Snatchron on 06 February 2010, 11:15:38
Hello, I am called Snatchron. I am interested in creating stuff in every category. I would like to have a Mentor, and create a mutual relationship. I have many creative ideas, but I don't know where to begin. I love the Lord of the Rings, and want to continue on Mr. Tolkien's vein.


Title: Re: Hello All!
Post by: The Silent Watcher on 06 February 2010, 22:01:22
Hail, Snatchron, and welcome indeed to our Dream.

You certainly seem like a very enthusiastic scholar and I, for one, look forward to hearing of your plans.
We don't have a mentor scheme, as such, in Santharia. Everyone here is happy to help you devise, create, refine and present your creations. Each Forum has it's dedicated Moderators who will guide you through the process, but every Santharian citizen is welcome to comment on anyone else's posts, even Newbies such as your good self. Just be polite!

If you find an area you are particularly keen on, find the person/s who specialize in it and ask questions. Plenty of questions!

My advice? Research, research, research!

Have you read the 'Help! I'm a Newbie' thread? (Top right of this very screen)

When you feel ready, pleae post your ideas in the 'Development Ideas and suggestion' Forum and someone (probably several someone's) will drop by and give their advice.

So, again, Snatchron (which will, no doubt, become either Snatch or Ron very quickly!) Welcome, and above all, enjoy!

*Clomps away to prepare for the night's festivities*

Title: Re: Hello All!
Post by: Seeker on 07 February 2010, 08:28:25
Welcome Snatchron

My name is Seeker.  *Seeker pulls his hood over his head, partly hiding his tattoed face*  So you are looking for a mentor?  Perhaps you like to dabble in dark magics or enjoy exploring dark place?   :evil:

A bit of advice, be careful who you speak with in Santharia, not everyon is who they appear to be.  *Seeker eyes the Silent Watcher suspiciously.*
I shall take my own advice and first ask you.... what is a Snatchron?  Are you human, dwarf, elf?  Perhaps you do not want to reveal that yet, but at least tell me this, are you an Orc?  I do not work kindly with Orcs.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in weapons we have a number of weapons that need entries See here (,14038.0.html).  They are good simple entries to begin with.  If you are interested just let me know which one you would like to work on.  Don't feel obligated.

Welcome again, we look forward to seeing more of you.   :D

Title: Re: Hello All!
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 08 February 2010, 23:03:00
We realy should remove the references to the old Mentor system sometime..

Anyway, welcome, welcome! Have a drink, and something to eat, perhaps? There's cha'ah, and kao'kao cookies somewhere, and i'm fairly sure a barrel of Khomilch juice came in just the other morning, if you'd like something more exotic still.
I'm Miraran, Tehuriden and Keeper of the Greenhouses, so if you're interested in herb-lore or perhaps the exotic continent of Nybelmar, feel free to drop by, i'll gladly show you my private collection of exotic specimen. Maybe around dinnertime? (And don't believe those nasty, nasty rumours they'll try to tell you about me. None of it can be proven, i never leave evidence did it!)

Title: Re: Hello All!
Post by: Alysse the Likely on 09 February 2010, 01:21:18
Welcome, Snatchron!

If you do decide to take the greenhouse tour,  I recommend carrying LARGE quantities of weed-killer.  Full plate cast iron armour wouldn't come amiss either.  Just as a precautionary measure, you understand.

Have some Kaokao chip cookies before you go,, you really don't want those, um, "honey" slyygs.  They're for the orcs among us.  *tries, unsuccessfully as usual, for an innocent smile*


Title: Re: Hello All!
Post by: Kelderth on 10 February 2010, 10:04:46
I agree with Alysse carry a few barrels of weed-killer with you...Bones with the flesh torn off of them are easy to hide...