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Title: Bell ghosts
Post by: Exmortis on 23 April 2010, 23:27:57
(Orange text signifies a passage which has yet to be modified.)
(Green text signifies a passage extracted from the researcher's journal.)


Basic Overview of the Beast

Originally believed to be flocks of unfortunate souls cursed by the cartilaginous influences which poison the provinces of North Sarvonia, a remarkable discovery by one Malcolm Valhorne revealed that these entities, later given the name 'Bell ghost', were in actuality something marginally more outlandish than any mere specter. Evidently these supposed phantasms are highly anomalous, luminescent creatures, presumably derived from a previous form of life by the ruinous powers which dominate the landscape. Faced with an absence of any substantial knowledge regarding the physical or ethereal properties of these irregular organisms Malcolm Valhorne dedicated shy of a decade of his life to the study of several deceased Bell ghost specimens which he had acquired during his excursion into the shadow coast.

The following passages are exerts from Malcolm Valhorne's research journal:

The exoteric characteristics of the specimen's axial mass, or 'body' as it were, can be described as consisting of three primary components, those being: two structurally symmetrical corpora quantifying the creature's flanks, a conglomeration of tissue separating the aforementioned masses, and an ellipsoidal concave aperture, hereafter referred to as the 'base', situated on the underside of the organism. The most remarkable lineaments of the specimen however, would be the numerous fibrous tendrils anchored in bundles to the interior of the base. Barring close inspection, these tendrils would appear to be utterly unremarkable, however when examined punctiliously one can faintly make out innumerable diminutive thorns coating the integument of the wiry appendages.

Amazingly, the flesh of the specimen acts as if living glass, it's presence obstructing the passage of neither light nor vision. Additionally, the structural integrity of the specimen's flesh also demonstrates some notable peculiarities, minor though they may be. Primarily, whatever manner of aberrant material from which the specimen is comprised would appear to give quite easily underneath the forceful application of a piercing implement, however the material demonstrates a surprisingly high level of endurance against cutting or bludgeoning, examples of which including the flesh bending and shifting strangely beneath the pressure of a knife or returning to it's original shape moments after being struck by a mallet. Additionally, the specimen's flesh evidently is not encumbered by the corporeal concept of weight, consequently allowing the creature to effortlessly elevate itself without physically exerting itself. Regrettably, the exact mechanism behind this astonishing phenomena has yet to be determined, however I speculate that it may be caused by a perennial cascade of negligible fluctuations in the universal Cár'áll.

While intact, the specimen consistently produced a faintly luminous substance, characterized by an arrestive malachite hue. When a large enough quantity of this radiant fluid is extracted from the specimen, around the area of eighty percent, the creature's ability to levitate, as well as all other signs of vivacity, cease entirely. However, on that same note, if excessive quantities of this substance are inserted back into a Bell ghost carcass the creature will correct any physical malformations before efficaciously resurrecting itself. As well as the aforementioned act of preservation, this incredible liquid also possesses startlingly potent restorative qualities; mending the specimen's diaphanous flesh at an expeditious rate.  Additionally, this effect is apparently applicable to other living beings, generally manifesting as a vastly accelerated the rate of tissue regeneration when applied directly to an open wound.

The naturalist, Malcolm Valhorne, was discovered to have died before his studies had formally concluded. The cause of death was confirmed to be gratuitous self-inflicted mutilation of the neck and head. The most recent entries in Valhorne's research journal suggest that the Bell ghost's internal fluids possessed an unanticipated secondary effect described as 'an abrupt and harrowing deterioration of my grasp upon reality...' Deeper detail regarding these symptoms can be observed in Valhorne's writings, however to summarize these accounts this deterioration was described as manifesting as a precipitous decline of lucid thought or coherent reasoning, the eventuality of impossible or irrational circumstances which did not actually occur, disembodied whispering, contending with some malevolent influence for control over his body and a thunderous and unyielding pounding between the ears. It is believed that the substance carried by the Bell ghost creatures somehow exerts a corrosive influence upon the sanity of creatures in command of a consciousness; an effect which is particularly pronounced in sentient creatures.


When undamaged the structural architecture of a Bell ghost's body is perfectly centrosymmetric, that being that it has a symmetrical arrangement of radiating components surrounding it's central-most point, otherwise referred to as the Core. Essentially, the Core is the name given to a disc of flesh occupying the interstice formed by the surrounding tissue, subsequently producing an acmatic caruncle running the span of the creature's body. Several nailbreaths below the center-most point of this disc, where the breadth of the disc would commence it's natural recession, the width of the disc expands dramatically, eventually forming an ellipsoidal concave aperture comprising the entirety of the creature's underside. As an aside, one should note that the structural configuration of the core is superficially similar to that of a bell, thus the name 'Bell' ghost.

In addition to the Core, the physiology of a Bell ghost also includes two structurally and anatomically symmetrical scalene ellipsoids circumscribing the creature's central mass of flesh.

... (Complete paragraph) ...

The third and final component of the anatomy of the Bell ghosts is the Base. The Base is a distinct elliptical concave aperture dominating much of the underside of the creature and would appear to house the creature's feeding mechanism as well as a significant percentage of it's internal systems.

... (Complete paragraph) ...

Whatever material these creatures are composed of would seem to be diaphanous in nature, a trait which would render the creature almost entirely undetectable if not for the lambent viridian radiance emitted from the gelatinous sludge coursing through the numerous cavities and chambers which comprise the creature's innards. Textually, the flesh of a Bell ghost is startlingly smooth, lithe and mildly quaggy to the touch, yet whatever manner of material constitutes this creature's flesh exhibits an uncharacteristically significant resistance against both lacerating and fustigating forces. Perhaps one of the most astonishing physical properties of the Bell ghost is the almost ethereal weightlessness of it's flesh. A property which imbues the organism's flesh with the ability to effortlessly dance upon the back of even the slightest draft, a power which persists even after the 'death' of the actual creature.

... (Compose paragraph regarding the physical characteristics of the luminous sludge: #audible humming, #warm temperature, #consistency) ...


[A Bell Ghost can be broken into two main sections: The body and the tentacles. We have already examined the body, so let us move on to the tentacles. The tentacles of the bell ghost measure a 6 or 7 grains in diameter and 15 peds in lengths. These tentacles are actually connected to the Phantom’s breathe sac of the Bell Ghost, which is located on the underside of the bell ghost. The tentacles are covered with cavities which are fringed by hollow thorns. When a living organism brushes past a tentacle the thorns stick into the creatures flesh. As the creature pulls away the thorns tear out a piece of flesh, as the organic material slides down into the cavity it presses a pressure pad at the base of the cavity, this causes the thorn to snap shut sealing the cavity and creating an opening to the central tube. The central tube sucks the material up to the phantom’s breathe sac.]
Special Abilities

The Bell Ghosts of Osthemangar are marvelously unusual derivatives of ordinary life, having command over fantastical abilities which elsewise would only exist in the dreams of mortals.


[The Bell Ghosts are extraordinary creatures. They have two outstanding abilities, the ability to float upon the air and the ability to recover non-fatal wounds within minutes.]


While Bell ghost populations generally situate themselves within the boundaries of the Mists of Osthemangar, they do not seem to be actually bound to the Mists. Small to moderate concentrations of Bell ghost have frequently been spotted in the skies over the northern regions of the Caaehl mountains, as well as down the entire span of the Shadow coast.










The naturalist Malcolm Valhorne, is responsible for the compilation of the majority of information regarding the Bell ghost. ...

His unusually thorough methods and fixation with the strikingly pronounced magical mutations eventuating in creatures occupying Osthemangar and it's neighboring provinces earned Malcolm Valhorne the ridicule of his colleagues. ...

Malcolm Valhorne died before he could formally complete his analysis of the Bell ghost. ...

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Azhira Styralias on 24 April 2010, 02:43:17
Remember, you need a reliable researcher in order to get good details of this creature! The Mists is not a place to easily do research, you know. If you wish, I favor this creature elsewhere in Caaehl'heroth. Perhaps the Caaehl Mountain caverns or the Yllon woods near the shoreline. I need creatures all over my region, not just the Mists, so if you are open to suggestions of places, I can help.

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Valan Nonesuch on 24 April 2010, 02:54:47
*looks around frantically for his arm cannon and ice missiles*
Might want a dev icon on this.

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Exmortis on 24 April 2010, 13:43:31
Just a second, Azhira. Lets get all the information out of my head before we decide on anything. There are some good reasons why I chose the Osthemangar as this creatures domain.

Just be patient while I finish up here.

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Azhira Styralias on 24 April 2010, 23:13:58

Yeah. Ok. Osthemangar is all yours, Exmortis!


Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Exmortis on 24 April 2010, 23:38:53
Sorry if I sound a bit stern in my recent posts. I usually don't lose my cool so easily.  :pissedoff:

My train of thought has being uncharacteristically erratic. :crazy: If you look closely, you will notice that the flow in my entry here is rather intermittent. Its probably writer block or something.

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Bard Judith on 25 April 2010, 01:07:06
Exmortis, my lad, you need to get some 'atmosphere' into your head before you get your 'information' out.   This is not written in any sort of style that would befit a medieval researcher, and the language is modern and technical to the highest degree.  In fact, you had not even bothered to change 'meters' to 'peds' the last time I looked at this.

Let me see:   'veins', 'digestive chamber', 'respires', 'respiratory system', 'sac', 'spherical', 'organism', 'fluorescent', 'regeneration', 'nutrient', 'body mass', 'hemispheres', 'sensory pads' (??!?) and, Ava have mercy, 'asexual fission'?

Any one of these might slide past (and probably has in other entries, so please don't bother to attempt to defend this submission on those grounds!) but en masse produce an overwhelming effect of futuristic space creatures as observed by a rocket pilot from the pages of a 1940's Amazing Science magazine.  Not a bad thing, on the whole, simply completely inappropriate for any area of Caelereth, let alone the Mists of fantasy and fear as Azhira has concepted them.

Please, put down the DC graphic novel and pick up some Umberto Eco or Sir John Mandeville to get the right feel for creating bestiary entries in this universe.   All that creativity is simply going to waste at the moment in anachronistic back-pedalling!


Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Exmortis on 25 April 2010, 10:50:57
Yeah, suppose your right.
I will substitute all modern terms in my entry with something a little more appropriate for Caelereth.

PS. I don't read graphic novels... I read Stephen King.

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Exmortis on 25 April 2010, 12:54:45
Okay Bard, that should be everything. I kept a couple words, like spherical, because even though it is a modern word I don't think it's practical form was absent in medieval times. It is simply a highly descriptive word that is more convenient then saying " such and such is perfectly round in shape. " I don't care enough about it to try my luck in an argument with you or one of the others.

Anyway, things like 'veins', 'digestive chamber', 'respires', 'respiratory system', 'sac','fluorescent', 'regeneration', 'nutrient', 'body mass', 'hemispheres', 'sensory pads' and 'asexual reproduction' have been removed.
Seeing as this your area of expertise I will allow you to determine what is modern and what isn't, but I hope that this is at least a bit better.

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Athviaro Shyu-eck-Silfayr on 25 April 2010, 15:48:37
Should the organism sustain a wound that it cannot regenerate the Bell Ghost will split the two along the middle of its body. This will divide the damage of the wound between them and will double the probability of the creature’s survival.

Surely it would split so that one side was wounded and the other not? because here both sides could conceivably die, as they would be 1/2 the size with 1/2 the wound, and so no more likely to survive, but if one side were unwounded it would survive, no question.

Looks like another great organism,


Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Exmortis on 25 April 2010, 16:39:20
Thanks, and your right if the injured Bell Ghost didn't have the capability to recover it's wounds when it was whole then nothing will change if it divides itself, as it will halve its reserves of Phantom's breathe. A logical fallacy on my part.

I will fix it soon.

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 25 April 2010, 17:33:51
Exmortis, you have removed all the questionable words, but I don't think you got what Judy wanted to say: Your entry still reads modern, there is no flare of medieval thinking or feeling, its too much intestine here and other stuff which only makes the beast less mysterious there. I don't think, that the people who looked at it, encountered it, did have the opportunity to look this close. I mean, we can't have an excellent researchers who are devoted to a single beast everywhere. Some information has to come from the normal people also.

Not all the entries we have are good in this respect, but we try to make it work. Your submission is on the far side what is not like it should be.

Your overview is much too long, shorten it to a third at least what you have now.

If I had the time, I would try to rewrite a part of your idea, to show what I mean, for the beast itself looks cool to me. But I have not. I will look for an exemplary entry though, what medieval flare concerns, hopefully I'll find it today!

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Athviaro Shyu-eck-Silfayr on 25 April 2010, 20:35:42
OK, other than that nothing leaps out, except tigers and banana-bears from the pink-'n'-purple bushes, and the polka-dotted rushes, with yooo-  Oh, sorry.

Athviaro the Pink Elephant

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Exmortis on 25 April 2010, 21:20:48
I see, your saying the data I have collected is too detailed. I guess that is true, it would be highly difficult to obtain a specimen as Bell Ghosts exist in such a dangerous location. Although to be fair, these creatures are transparent, so it would be easy to identify their basic anatomy. Even a common adventurer who managed to come across a dead Bell Ghost could do this. It would have to be dead, as these creatures usually move in groups called forests ( 50+ members ), as a ploy to protect themselves from predators. All those thorny tentacles would be very painful to move through.

Do what you wish with the context of this entry, and once I have finished with the entry itself.

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 26 April 2010, 02:19:45

I don't want to do anything wiht your text, I want you to think more like an average person from the middle ages, not a scjentifically trained guy from today.

Should injury befall a Bell Ghost, the creature can administer the rejuvenating liquid throughout its body via a network of internal passages.

Your way of describing it is too modern

"nutrient sack" - stomach?


Go and read some stuff from Mr Fang! :)

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Exmortis on 02 May 2010, 14:34:37
- Context: The part of a text or statement that surrounds a particular word or passage and determines its meaning.

"Hm... Never mind."

- Okay, dumb it down, got it.

- Who is Mr Fang?

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Jonael Tomeskrift on 22 May 2010, 01:50:12
Like a whisp, the Bell Ghost floats upon the foreboding mists of Osthemangar. Like an unfinished fabric half woven, the bell ghost glides about, a bundle of thousands of <translucent> threads. Like tentacles they hang suspended from the body that resembles a jellyfish, caressing the solid corrupted land over which it slithers. Behold though for if these gentle seeming crystalline tendrils entwine themselves around flesh, the vile and <netherworldly> nature of the bell ghost reveals itself. Bystanders will be helpless to watch as the hollow beast sucks its prey’s insides through its thorn-ridden tentacles up to the bell of the creature. Until research by <___> identified the bell ghost characteristic ‘phantom breathe’ glow, many a foolish traveller attempting to transverse Osthemangar has been ravaged by these silent beasts of the Netherworld.


Heya Exmortis, here’s a sample Overview I put together from the start of your entry. I hope that the style and thorough cutting out of detail for the overview may help you in further ‘santha-sizing’ this entry. Hope it’s of some help.

* <__> these are words that might still be too modern or that I just wasn’t sure about myself
** This extract was done purely stylistically, so please dun take me up on facts or traits that I may have conveyed wrongly, haha.

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Exmortis on 23 May 2010, 17:07:33
Yeah that is essentially what occurs, upon contact with flesh the thorns snap shut, tearing out pieces of flesh which is then sucked up the tendril to the body.

Okay, I see how I can shape this text.

Thanks Jonael, your template here, may, in fact prove invaluable to the completion of this entry.

By the way, I am editing some of my many entries in word processor of late and it may take further time to complete.
So relax guys, I haven't abandoned the boards and left my mountains of work in your hands.

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Jonael Tomeskrift on 23 May 2010, 17:38:16
Glad to hear it Exmortis,

Keep at it ^^

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Exmortis on 09 December 2012, 21:48:46

Title: Re: Bell ghosts.
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 10 December 2012, 04:09:27
Welcome back again, Exmortis! :grin:

I see you've made some progress here - but there are still a couple of sections missing... How about filling those as well?

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