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Title: Useful Links to Everwhere
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 30 April 2010, 04:33:13

    • Links for Languages - Name Generators, How to address....

    • Links for Worldbuilders in General

    • Links for painters, digital artists and similar (Tutorials)

    • Links for Information about the Middleages (Citymaps!)

    • List of other Worlds (   We are not alone!
    • The Ultimate Link to Links (   Look for yourself
    • Horses, their gaits and distance covered (

    Please post any interesting link here (,14361.msg181018.html#msg181018), I will integrate them in the approbiate place. [/list]

    Title: Links for Language Lovers
    Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 30 April 2010, 04:42:16

    Chris Pound's Language Machines (
    If you're looking for some fantasy names to use for your people, beasts, plants - here's your site. The scripts on this site generate random names, vocabularies, kung-fu moves, creatures, spells, and so on. Most people use them in role-playing games. Some people use them in designing their own SF/Fantasy languages.

    Fantasy Name Generator by Samuel Stoddard (
    One of the perks of creating fantasy stories -- whether by writing a story or game or by role-playing -- is you get to make up the names. Some people relish the task while others are frustrated by it. Some like it but can't seem to create names that are diverse enough. Fantasy Name Generator is a tool that can help you. It can generate an endless number of random names (of people, places, or anything) that would be suitable for use in a fantasy setting. It can generate names on its own, or you can tell it what kind of name you're looking for. Feel free to use this tool and any name that comes out of it (assuming it doesn't accidentally generate a legally protected trademark or something).

    In addition, this tool can be fairly amusing to use even if you don't have any name creating to do. Once in a while, the names it can generate are downright comical.

    Thou, Thee, and Archaic Gammar (
    If you want to write in archaic English, you'd better check out this site in order to do it correctly!

    Etymology Dictionary (
    This is a map of the wheel-ruts of modern English. Etymologies are not definitions; they're explanations of what our words meant and how they sounded 600 or 2,000 years ago.

    How to address... (
    No idea how to address the Santhran, the Methr, or any high ranked person? Well, here you find how it is handled on earth and this way we might find something for our chiefs in the making.

    Title: Worldbuilder's Help
    Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 30 April 2010, 04:43:04

    Blue Planet Biomes (
    On this site you will discover facts about our planet, its complex patterns of biomes, plants, and animals, and how climates ultimately determine the biomes of our Earth.

    This site was created to teach students the power of the Internet as a tool for both communication and learning, and how to use this tool while at the same time express their scientific/environmental knowledge in a fun way. Students have individually researched different attributes of major climate regions (biomes). Topics covered include the various animals and plants of these regions, the climates, and other specific biome characteristics.

    And indeed what you find on this site will help you get a good feeling of what plants and animals live where and why, a fabulous source of information also for fantasy world developers.

    World Builders Links (
    This is a links portal to various world-building information, with a few personal projects of my own listed at the bottom..

    Weather Models (link from Alt?)

    Title: Painter's Atelier
    Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 30 April 2010, 04:45:35

    Some instructions everybody who wants to draw good and anatomically correct persons needs and should use to practise!


    I'll download/upload them later so that we can have an easy access to them anytime.

    ---> Bridgman

    Software, Low Price:

    An overview can be found in this ( wikipedia article

     GIMP  (  (Seeker)

    Platform: GIMP is written and developed under X11 on UNIX platforms. But basically the same code also runs on MS Windows and Mac OS X.

    GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed program for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.
    It has many capabilities. It can be used as a simple paint program, an expert quality photo retouching program, an online batch processing system, a mass production image renderer, an image format converter, etc.
    GIMP is expandable and extensible. It is designed to be augmented with plug-ins and extensions to do just about anything. The advanced scripting interface allows everything from the simplest task to the most complex image manipulation procedures to be easily scripted.

    Photoline32 (  (Talia)

    Platform: Windows, Mac OSX, Price 59, update per year 29 but not every year needed.
    The trial version can be used for 30 days for free without heavy limitations.

    Similar to Photoshop, direct contact to the main developer possible!

    Artrage  ( (Faugar)

    Platform: Windows, Mac OSX, iPad ; Price: 20/40/80 Dollar

    ArtRage is a stylish, intuitive painting and drawing package that makes it easy to produce natural looking artwork on your computer. Its wide range of artistic tools lets you get right down to the creative process without forcing you to learn complex or technical controls.

    ArtRage 2 has a set of familiar painting and drawing tools like oil paints and pencils, and features like tracing images that make it easy for anyone to get in to painting. Its ideal for kids, teaching art, and artists who want to dabble with painting.
    ArtRage Studio has a large set of natural painting tools such as oil paints and watercolors, along with utilities to make painting easier like layers, and tracing images. Its ideal for anyone who wants to paint or draw on their computer, regardless of skill level.
    ArtRage Studio Pro contains all the tools of ArtRage Studio, including oils, watercolors, and inking pens. This version is ideal for artists who need to edit their work in more depth, supporting Photoshop compatible filters, real world color blending, post-spray editable stickers, and more.

    Artweaver Plus (  

    Platform: Windows; Price 29.-

    Artweaver allows you to paint creatively with the help of a huge range of painting tools. You can create sketches from photos or just experiment with colors.
    For professional users, Artweaver offers layers, group layers and support for the PSD file format. It is also possible to load and run Photoshop compatible filters (only Artweaver Plus).

    Photoscape (

    Platform: Windows; Free

    Pixelmator (

    Platform: Mac OSX ; Try for 30 days, Buy for 30

    Other Helpful Tools:

     COLOURlovers  (

    COLOURlovers is a creative community where people from around the world create
    and share colors, palettes and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful
    articles... All in the spirit of love.

     GoogleSketchUp  ( (Judy)

    3D modeling for everyone, as a base for your pictures

     Terragen  ( (Talia)

    Platform: Windows, Mac OSX, Free
    Visualisation of landscapes and natural environments

     Blender  (

    Platform: Windows, Mac OSX, Free

    Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.

     DAZ  (

    Platform: Windows, Mac OSX, Starterkid free, then 40 and up

    3D Creation


    Worth1000/Cappricio (  

    Aurory/deviantart (

    Aurory/Deviantart (

    What else you might need





    Title: Middleages Information
    Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 30 April 2010, 05:53:56

    Medieval Sourcebook (

    Fief (

    Fief is a sourcebook that examines the Middle Ages from the viewpoint of the ordinary farmer, priest, and landholder the inhabitants of a feudal manor. It's both a friendly primer on the basics of medieval life, and a treasury of hard-to-find details for the student, Game Master or re-creationist, including: ...

    Medieval Demographics Made Easy (

    Population Density: How Many In That Kingdom?
    Town and City Population: How Many In Those Walls?
    Population Spread

    Historical City Maps (

    A collection of historical city maps, mostly from Europe, some of which go as far back as the late 15th century.  Might be useful as reference material, or maybe even inspire something.   :)

    I particularly like the ones from the Civitates orbis terrarum (  Not only are they quite pretty, they're also mostly from the late 16th century, which I think more or less falls within the time period we're aiming for with Santharia.  I should point out though, that a number of those cities appear to have converted their fortifications to the star fort ( style, which were designed to defend against gunpowder weapons and thus probably won't develop in Santharia.
     <quote Mina>

    Arts and Remedies (

    All who want to create a remedy OR a witch spell, look here!
    Pow-Wows by John Gearge Hoffman
    Part of the site Internet Sacred Texts (