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Title: Valan!
Post by: Valan Nonesuch on 12 June 2010, 06:21:40
I suppose I've been putting off getting one of these...

Sitting above a dusty table is a bell, complete with cord.
You can just about make out the words "Do not pull without reason" carved crudely into the table.

A small placard on the wall next to the bell cord notes: Pulling this cord may have unintended side-effects, including but not limited to: rains of blood-sucking frogs, sudden avalanches of weaponry, sarcasm and feelings of regret or the inevitable and irreversible approach of Valan towards any entries mentioned. You have been warned.

Title: Re: Valan!
Post by: Agran Velion on 04 October 2010, 08:16:52
The human snorts, ringing the bell as hard as possible before jumping back, narrowly missing a falling spear from the rafters. He shakes his head, passing over the skeletons of unfortunate others who had fallen prey to the traps. He lays down a note and walks out.

'Dear Valan, when you return from critizings entries or burning down the local's houses to get them to fear you, would you care looking over the crossbow once more? After all, you were the one who said..and I quote

Agran, both this and the fact that you haven't finished working on that crossbow are sins. I suggest you fix one or the other as soon as possible.  :P

in the When you are Valan song. You will find the papers for the entry on my desk in the apprentice quarters under the name,14491.msg183555.html#msg183555. Remember not to look through my other objects however, I still have Tei'hai aceedic spit somewhere.

Title: Re: Valan!
Post by: Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang on 04 June 2011, 06:05:20
Valan, would you care having a look at the "Importance" section of Dula the Witch (,14919.msg190334.html#msg190334), and particularly the third paragraph thereof? Towards the end of that paragraph I mention a certain "venerable compendiumist", who for now remains anonymous. I wonder whether you would mind being him? Your name would then be referenced in full in the entry.

If the idea is not to your liking, just slap me around the ears, and I'll understand.