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Title: Revelations and Salutations
Post by: Dra Vespier on 02 August 2010, 04:12:54
Here I am before you all to say my hello and to reveal myself. I am, as much as anyone can really say they are, a Philosopher by heart and a writer by skill. I spend 10 percent of my time in the real world and 90 percent in my own fantasy. I'm hoping to share some of those fantasies here and help create a far better world.

Title: Re: Revelations and Salutations
Post by: Drasil Razorfang on 02 August 2010, 06:44:57
Well then let me be the first to welcome you!

Do you have any particular interests or areas of development you were thinking of working in?  If so, let us know so we can point you in the right direction and give you some advice.

Title: Re: Revelations and Salutations
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 03 August 2010, 02:13:07
Yup, hello and welcome from here as well! :wave:

We surely can use some creative minds, all we basically require is to stick around (some newbies have the tendency to evaporate in thin air, maybe it's the hot summer?), follow the rules we've set olut and to focus on the projects you decide to begin. And be in general a nice person. If you meet these requirements then welcome to the/your Dream, Dra! Hope you find an interesting topic to pursue!  :cool:

Title: Re: Revelations and Salutations
Post by: Seeker on 04 August 2010, 04:47:46
Welcome Dra

We are always looking for people to help us make a far better world here.  Let me introduce myself, my neame is Seeker.  I fancy myself a fire mage but for the compendium my contribution is in pictures.  In addition I moderate the miscellaneous forum along with Valan.

I am curious, what are your interests?  Do you have any ideas of what you want to work on?  Do you need any suggestions?

Usually we like to see newbies work on a couple of straightforward entries at first to get inot the groove.  For example, plants, beasts, weapons etc.