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Title: Development Schedule - Athviaro
Post by: Athviaro Shyu-eck-Silfayr on 24 September 2010, 22:30:21
I need one of these...I don't want to lose entries, so here goes.

In Progress

Kalta'hnk (,14595.msg185131.html#msg185131)

Cosmology, Myth and Religion
The Creation of the Kalta'hnk and the Kura'thun (,14771.msg187904/topicseen.html#new) Aborted due to fundamental issues.

Races, Tribes and Clans
My ramblings on anything to do with the Glandorians (,14812)

The Glandorian Men - Masterwork Proposal (,15026.0.html)

Warped Mind (witch spell) (,15194.0.html)

Gnomish Circler Device (,15234.0.html)

On Site

Cosmology, Myth and Religion
Grothar (Temple Design) ( Design)
(Development Topic) (,14294.msg179689.html#msg179689)

The Founding of Ciosa (
(Development Topic) (,14613.msg185451.html#msg185451)

The Ciosan Cult (
(Development Topic) (,14935.0.html)

"Poems to Ithsje" (
(Development Topic) (,15009.0.html)

Ulfet Glandor'en (
(Development Topic) (,15142.0.html)

The Tethinrhim Shortsword, aka Linén'scál (
(Development Topic) (,14444.msg182670.html#msg182670)

The Hrkje Whip (
(Development Topic) (,14369.msg181259.html#msg181259)

Odes to the Team
Three Poems For Deklitch (
(Development Topic) (,14892.0.html)

Rekj Snivild (
(Development Topic) (,14420.msg182184.html#msg182184)

Troi Ciosa (
(Development Topic) (,14839.msg188941/topicseen.html#new)

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