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Title: Cloud_Shrine
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 29 January 2011, 20:48:56
As I didn't want to clutter Shayan's thread even more, I started this new one.

You can find the first attempt here (,14789.0.html)

(Actually I wanted to separate the other thread, but found only the merge-function -- ??)

I tried to work after Faugar's advice, but at some point I gave up again. It is better now though, I believe!

The cloud will not appear in this form in the finished picture though, maybe we can use it elsewhere in the game?

Title: Re: Cloud_Shrine
Post by: Faugar on 29 January 2011, 21:28:56
yes, definitely better! Adding variation of density to the clouds also adds realism. I would suggest reversing the gradient in the sky - it's usually brighter/lighter in the lower parts, close to the horizon, and gradually darkens as you go upwards.
Also, maybe consider experimenting with shadows - these monumental clounds might cast shadows on the trees in the distance. This would connect the background and the sky elements together, as well as add 3d depth to the scene.

Title: Re: Cloud_Shrine
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 30 January 2011, 01:38:18
Thanks for looking, Faugar! :)
I reversed the sky! Liked those different colours, but you are right of course!

Initially I tried to lay an extra grey-white gradient layer over the initially blue which would have had the effect, that the sky is dark at the top of the bottom and brighter near the horizon, but I could see the structure clearly, I might mention this in the PL forum when I have the time. I liked that light blue edge, because this part has a bit of that transparent quality which is so hard to obtain.

I'll give the shadow a try - I often forget about shadows..the left cloud might shed a shadow on the right cloud also.