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Title: Well I warned you I would be back :evil:
Post by: Rocelin Ellis on 14 March 2011, 10:21:08
I have been reading the entry on the   Kaaer’dár’shín ( Beliefs “To'ava'yarna.”  ( religion_kaaerdarshin.htm) Rather fascinating read actually though I have run into something that this simple minded mortal has had trouble understanding.

1.   Ok, I found these two parts that seem to contradict each other.  The fist states that each Kaarer is born with one of these natural spirites, (ie. Tree (or beast) Earth, Water, Light and Dark).     
The Kaaer believe that each member of the tribe is born with the essence of one of these natural aspects. Through meditation, prayer, songs, the use of totems and successful hunts, every Kaaer's natural spiritual essence grows in power and eventually they obtain the gift to perform divine magic by bringing forth their spirits' power.

However this second quote seems to indicate that they have one of each to form his or her “Yarna” or soul.
Each yarna is identified as an essence of one of the primal spirits. Each spirit of nature represents specific gifts, or areas of power. As children, each Kaaer develops their own walk in life with interests and talents of their own. The Kaaer do not believe that this process is accidental or random; rather they believe that a particular To’ava leads them along their path in life. For example, a sympathetic young girl with a gift for comforting and aiding wounded is believed to be strong with the To’ava Benapryl, or the representation of Water (healing). A boy may be particularly talented with building and crafts and thus is strong with the To’ava Gynturg, or the representation of Earth (craftsman). The following representations are described below:

Than when describing the “Yarna”, third quote, it seems again to be a single spirit rather than a combination.
•  The Primal Self ("Yarna")
The Kaaer believes that each member born of the tribe (regardless of clan) inherits an essence derived from each of the To’ava primal spirits. These spirits (some would say souls) together are called a “Yarna”.

Which is it or am I just reading this incorrectly?

2.   These “To’vatars” or Amulets… are they worn, carried or otherwise owned by all or most of the Kaaer?


Title: Re: Well I warned you I would be back :evil:
Post by: Deklitch Hardin on 14 March 2011, 17:48:50
Azhira/Malexia is the expert on all things Kaaer’dár’shín, so I think she'd be the best one to answer your questions on them, Rocelin.

I'll bellring her for you so that she knows there's a question needing her attention :D

Title: Re: Well I warned you I would be back :evil:
Post by: Azhira Styralias on 14 March 2011, 22:02:22
Hi Rocelin! Thanks for reading my entry, I am glad you like it.

The Kaaer beliefs are rather complex, and largely depend on point of view. Originally, my intention was that each Kaaer is born with ONE aspect of the To'ava and they were destined to carry that essence their entire lives. However, it was pointed out that such a degree would limit each Kaaer and that this predestination would take away a certain kind of "freedom" that they should have.

So I changed it to say that each Kaaer is born with all of the To'ava essences and that one certain element is the one that primarily drives their talents and abilities. One element would be their "main" gift while the others were secondary. So if a girl was gifted in hunting, she would be said to have the Durgho To'ava. If a boy was talented at soothing and healing, he would be said to have the Water To'ava.

But what if a Kaaer was multi-talented? Well, the culture would then direct them to really choose. Warriors are warriors and shamuts are shamuts. You couldn't be a shamut/healer/warrior at once.

The lack of consistency you are reading is probably because I failed to make the entry consistent during the editing phase. I am glad you pointed this out and I will change it for a future update.

Title: Re: Well I warned you I would be back :evil:
Post by: Rocelin Ellis on 14 March 2011, 22:47:11
Thanks Azhira!

Wow that was fast! :grin:

It does seem reasonable to have all of the aspects of the To'ava present in each individual and that they could choose "there way" so to speak.

I could not help but see the correlation to more native cultures that exist in the real world.  This really adds much to the world.

I would also like to commend you for creating a race that is actually a mixture of Orc and other races.  Typically, when there is an interbreeding with a race that is in as much disfavor as Orcs tend to be the merely become outsiders and outcasts from the both societies.  With this tribe thy have managed to form their own culture and ways that gives them a since of identity and belonging.

So thanks again for responding so quickly to my questions.

Title: Re: Well I warned you I would be back :evil:
Post by: Azhira Styralias on 14 March 2011, 22:58:44
Thanks! In case you haven't seen it, I am in the finishing stages of a tribe revision (more like addition) and will be finished for the next update. It adds a clan system to the tribe as well as numerous small additions and corrections.

Kaaer Update Thread (,13821.0.html)

I took inspiration from a few Native American cultures when developing the Kaaer. The Sioux, Apache and some African tribal cultures served as inspiration. If you read my Lost Ones entry, it tells of some of the origins of the Kaaer culture too. In particular, the elven druid aspect in the Themed'lon from which the Grey Keepers are an off-shoot of. The Mist Hunters are a more "savage orcen" aspect and finally with the Stoneblessed clan given the "human" side.

Each clan practices their own variety of To'ava magic and beliefs. The Mist Hunters, for example, are more or less also an orcen clan as much as they are Kaaer. They give Durgho much reverence in the hunt and live near Osthemangar (one could say the Osthemangar clan are another distinct sub-clan of the Hunters...but that's for another day!)

Title: Re: Well I warned you I would be back :evil:
Post by: Rocelin Ellis on 15 March 2011, 00:09:33
sounds great... runs off to read said post.

I could see the influence from these real cultures and the blending of them worked well.  At some point I will probably create a CD based on them.

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