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Title: Kuglimz’torik Religion
Post by: Dieren on 19 June 2011, 14:28:51

It is worshipped mainly in the hills of the Celeste Lowlands. The Gods and Goddesses are earth-based, and worshipped primarily with the use of small stone icons. The icons are carved only by the clerics of the religion, and before someone can become a cleric, they must go through a four year stone-carving apprenticeship as well as at least two years of schooling about the religion.


The region is the hills of the Celeste Lowlands. The believers primarily live at least half of a stral above sea level, where the Kuglimz’torik villagers live in a village protected by a large stone wall. They live on the top of the mountain, part of one of the kingdoms nearby but relatively separated from the rest of the villages.

Belief Outlines

The believers in the religion worship to the Gods because they believe that the Gods will protect them from the constant feuding of the villages around them.


The religion was begun by a leader of the village four hundred years ago during a time of a lot of feuding between the villages in the area because he wanted to give the villagers Gods and Goddesses to believe in. He began telling stories of dreams he had received from the Gods, saying that, if they worshipped the Gods, they would be safe.

Within a generation, people began worshipping the Gods, and they continued because the infighting began to die down. The creator was revered as a savior and a statue was erected of him in the middle of the village square. People went to him with problems, especially religious problems, and he founded the first religious school. The creator was a stone carver, which was why the icons are only made of stone.

Gods Overview

The Gods are named for a craft or element those in the Kuglimz’torik village use. The adjective before the name refers to a quality of the element the people of the Kuglimz’torik village hold dear.

Strong Stone—This God keeps the stone of the wall strong. He is the king of the Gods.

Ancient Wood—This God keeps the wood used to build the houses strong. He is the brother of Strong Stone.

Malleable Gold—This Goddess makes the gold sold by the people of the village easy to work with. She is the wife of Strong Stone.

Colored Thread—This Goddess makes the thread not tangle and the clothing beautiful. She is the wife of Ancient Wood.

Tasteful Grain—This God makes the crops plentiful and the food taste good. He is the son of Strong Stone.

Fertile Mother—This Goddess helps women have children easily and plentifully. She is the wife of Tasteful Grain.

Worshipping Practices

Initially, the Gods are worshipped using the stone icon. Each member of the family has their own personal icon of their patron God depending on their profession or lifestyle. Each family has a set of icons for every God and Goddess. Every day before dinner but after the family washes up, they pray to each of the icons. They touch the index finger of their right hand to the forehead of each icon and pray to it. There is an individual prayer for each God.

The midsummer celebration is the celebration for Fertile Mother and Tasteful Grain. Everybody dances skyclad through the fields, singing to Fertile Mother and Tasteful Grain. The fall equinox is for Colored Thread and Malleable Gold, where everybody who crafts metal or dyes or sews cloth presents their best piece of work to the clerics. The midwinter celebration is the celebration for Strong Stone and Ancient Wood. The wall and houses are reinforced and the clerics bless all of the houses as well as the wall. The spring equinox is the celebration for all of the Gods, where the stone carvers present new icons to everybody.

There are no shrines, but there is a building for the stone carving school and a building where the clerics live and pray to the Gods.

The potential clerics are chosen out of everybody who goes to the stone carving school, which is the first level of schooling required to be a cleric. The potential clerics go through two years of schooling, and any who are left become clerics.

Title: Re: Kuglimz’torik Religion
Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on 19 June 2011, 14:35:26
Forgive me, as I am slightly confused as to where this comes from. Is this something that is needed, as I though the Kuglimz already had a "Beliefs" page.

Also, for a Religion entry, it seems quite sparse and lacking in research.

Title: Re: Kuglimz’torik Religion
Post by: Dieren on 19 June 2011, 14:54:23
I didn't see a "Beliefs" page on the Kuglimz page, so if you could show it to me, that would be appreciated. If you can tell me what I should add, too, that would be great. Thanks.

Title: Re: Kuglimz’torik Religion
Post by: Deklitch Hardin on 19 June 2011, 17:27:22
There has already been some work done a while ago on the Kuglimz. Most of that work was done by Drogo, and the Member currently in charge of Kuglimz development is Alysse the Likely. If you haven't already checked with her yet, you probably should before you get too far along with your plans with the Kuglimz religion, as she might have other plans. The best way to do so is to use her bell ringing thread (found in one of the top boards of this forum) and ask her about Kuglimz development and any plans she has for it.

There isn't a Kuglimz belief page that I can see linked to the Kuglimz Tribal pages, however there are pages on the Kuglimz Gods as well as their beliefs through the Cosmology, Myths and Religions part of the Compendium. I provide the links here for you:
- The Kuglimz Beliefs ( - basically an overview of their beliefs.
- The Virtogz aka Great Ones ( - the 10 'lesser deities' of the Kuglimz.
- The All Mother ( - the supreme female deity of the Kuglimz.
- The All Father ( - the supreme male deity of the Kuglimz.

As a result, Dieren, I don't think the work you've put into this would work for the Kuglimz, however it would be a shame to let it go to waste! What I'd suggest is to wait for one of the Cosmology Mods - Takór Salenár or Azhira to have a look at this for you and maybe others as well, and if you'd be willing, what you've got here might be suitable for another tribe in Caelereth somewhere.

For the future, you might wish to make a proposal on things like this so that people can tell you ahead of time whether something fits in with what's on site already or what's planned for future development. That way you can make sure that your development will be able to fit into Caelereth.

To stop the problem happening in the future (going to the tribal page and not seeing a belief section there) it might be an idea to see if the Kuglimz belief page can also be put under the Kuglimz tribal page to make locating the information easier for others.

Of course, if Talia or Azhira come along and say something different to me, follow what they say and not me, as they are the mods of the Cosmology Forum, although I think what I've said here is correct.

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Finally, if you are interested in writing about people, we have a whole list of people that have been referenced as researchers and numerous other things who need compendium people to write about them ... go over there and take a look at them, and if any of them take your fancy, ask if its ok to do it (in case someone is secretly doing that person already and hasn't told anyone) and then get started on them.
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Kindest regards, and I hope what I have said helps,


Title: Re: Kuglimz’torik Religion
Post by: Takór Salenár on 19 June 2011, 17:41:07
Hello Dieren!

Welcome to the Dream!
It is nice to see somebody coming interested in Religion! Sit down in our cosy room we have in this section of the library, dedicated to Religion, Cosmology and Myth.

Unfortunately for you, I have to agree with Dek in nearly all points. He has provided you with the links to the existing entries.

 I can't think of a tribe right now though, which has not at least a basic outline of gods, but, if you let sit this on your comp for a while, there may be an opportunity at a later time to use it.

As Dek said, it is always good, in every area of the board, to ask, if a certain submission is needed or not.

As we can't use your ideas above right now, what for others do you have which might fit better?

Title: Re: Kuglimz’torik Religion
Post by: Deklitch Hardin on 19 June 2011, 17:45:16
Hi there ... I'm sure you'll see the link I did in the tribes and races forum, but here (,15015.msg191767.html#msg191767) is a link to it. I'll also PM/Bell Ring Alysse about it so that she is aware of it as well.

Title: Re: Kuglimz’torik Religion
Post by: Dieren on 20 June 2011, 03:24:30
Thanks for the information. Sorry about that. I couldn't find the religious links on my own, so I kind of assumed that they didn't exist. If nobody minds, I'll leave this up so if someone can find a better place for it, it can come to some use. Thanks again.

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