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Title: Master Plan: The Santharian Province of Vardınn
Post by: Rayne (Alır) on 09 November 2011, 11:49:47
Master Plan Goal Definitions

  • Place and Geography (#post_Places)
  • Resources and Essentials (#post_Resources) - what we have
  • Resources and Essentials (#post_Resources2) - what we need
  • Politics (#post_Politics)
  • People and Tribes (#post_People)
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Vardınn is one of Santharia’s oldest and most respected provinces. Although its borders have shifted in the storm of Santharian history, it is today one of the largest provinces in the kingdom. At roughly 66 furlays from east to west and 48 furlays from north to south, Vardınn is rivaled in size only by the province of Sanguia. Vardınn stretches from the Dark Sea to the west to the Cylian River and the Ancytharian Sea in the east, where it presses the borders of its neighbouring Enthronia. Its northern border, shared with the province of Nymeran, encloses Bolder Forest, Thaelon Forest, and Ephirn’s Lake. Its southern border, shared with Xaramon, runs just south of the Aerelian Lakes and High Fores.

Vardınn as it is known today first began to form under the reign of Thar the Great, from 482 b.S. to 459 b.S. . Thar helped to unify the rival Erpheronian and Centoraurian Kingdoms, and in their union emerged the kingdom of Tharania (official the United Crowns of Erpheronia and Centorauria). As the two cultures began to merge, Vardınn slowly emerged as somewhat unified governing body within the kingdom, such that by the outbreak of SW III, the term Vardınn was well in use to describe the province of Tharania that spanned from the Dark Sea coast in the west to just beyond the Twinnean Peaks in the east, and from Boldar in the north to the Aerelian Lakes in the south.

Vardınn’s capital, Voldar, remains a large and very influential city. For many years, it served as the capital of the Erpheronian empire, and when Tharania was established, it became the capital of the newly-formed kingdom. It stayed the capital even of the emerging Santharian Kingdom until, in order to persuade the Eyelian tribe to join the Santharian Kingdom, Santhros agreed to move the capital into Eyelian territory to the south. However, many still consider Voldar to be the heart of Santharian culture and history.

Title: Re: Master Plan: The Santharian Province of Vardınn
Post by: Rayne (Alır) on 09 November 2011, 11:53:41



    • Lies just North of the Ancytharian Sea and includes the island of Alvang as well as Goltherlon Forest, Heckra, the Twinnean Peaks, and Ephirn's Lake.
    • Rich in minerals (
    • Historical battles over the area between Erpheronians and Caltharians.
    • Is bordered on the east by the Enthronian Duchy of Thantocha.

    • Contains the islands of Churican, Vaelthorn Isle (Isle of Witchking's Cliff), and two other islands that lie just off the cost of Vaelthorn Isle (Caero Isle and Maedagoros Isle)
    • Economy built primarily of fishing and herding. The latter takes place primarily on the larger islands.
    • Relatively separate and loosely governed duchy, remaining more or less on the periphery of trade, both inside the duchy and out of it.
    • Erpheronian-dominated population, with some Helcrani influence

    • Contains the islands of Efirhal and Esperoth, just off the coast though connected to it through bridges
    • Economy built primarily through trade, with the port city of Milkengrad being the center of activity.
    • Helcrani and Erpheronian populations

    • Contains the Heath of Jernais as well as Cemphiria and the land around it; marks the land ceded to the Centaurorians.
    • Economy based primarily around husbandry and some agriculture, with a little weaving/dying (influence from the minor Caltharian population); heath of Jernais filled with natural marshlands and rocky terrains that offer some variety in resources.
    • Primarily Caltharian and Centaurorian population

    • Contains the Aurora Fields and part of the Aerelian Lakes
    • Economy built primarily on horse-breeding and agriculture; the plains provide good farmland and room for animal husbandry.
    • Centaurorian-dominated population

    • Includes the area in and around Vontron, the capital of the province, as well as the isle that houses Westron (Wytessa Isle), and the Peninsula of Paragonj.
    • The duchy the seats the highest rank of governance, Thane, in the provincial capital on Voldar.
    • Vibrant trade and an exporter of lumber as well as other goods
    • Population is primarily Erpheronian, though the capital houses a multitude of different tribes and even races, most notably hobbits.

    • Includes the land stretching from Thyslan and Crow Hills to the island right off the coast (Naefera Isle)
    • Population is primarily Centaurorian, though economy is based less around horse-breeding and more around animal husbandry in general

    Eastern Mountains
    • Includes the High Fores and part of the Aerelian Lakes
    • Rich in metals/stones including copper, gold, silver, granite, and marble
    • Helcrani and Centaurorian population

    Bolder Stycal
    • Lies just south of the Warnaka Mountains, just north of the city of Voldar.
    • Home to the Aellenrhim elves
    • Contains a mix of terrains--naturally has the trees and wild vegetation of the forest, but also the mountainous terrains that extend from the ranges northward.
    • Rich in natural resources, including animals, plants, and minerals (Granite, Ithildin/Moonsilver(?)).

    Thaelon Stycal
    • Tremendously large area expanding from the bar to Ephirn's Lake
    • Supposedly the home of light elves; forests watched over by the Aellenrhim
    • Noted for strange occurrences and overflowing with myths and stories
    • Natural resources, including a number of Silkel trees, most of which are protected through arrangements with the elves.

    Under Construction

    Physical Features
    • Heath of Jernaís
    • Twinnean Peak
    • Héckra
    • Crow Hills
    • Witchking’s Cliff
    • Peninsula of Paragonj (Island of Paragonj)
    • Vandrina River
    • High Fores
    • Efirhal (Island that houses Milkengrad)
    • Midlanir (Island between Efirhal and Accam/Island of Paragonj)
    • Esperoth (Island to the southwest of Efirhal)
    • Aerelian Lakes ( [Completed]
    • Ancytharian Sea ( [Completed]
    • Aurora Plains ( [Completed]
    • Bolder Forest ( [Completed]
    • Churican ( [Completed]
    • Goltherlon Forest ( [Completed]
    • Thaelon Forest ( [Completed]

    Major/Important Cities
    • Westhorn
    • Accam
    • Thyslan
    • Salsair
    • Cemphiria
    • Alvang ( [Completed]
    • Jernais ( [Completed]
    • Milkengrad ( [Completed]
    • Voldar ( [Need Revision]

    Title: Re: Master Plan: The Santharian Province of Vardınn
    Post by: Rayne (Alır) on 09 November 2011, 11:56:13


    Looking to do an entry in the province of Vardınn? Here are some basic beasts and plants that may be able to aid you. Please make sure you read up on them before including them in your entry in order to ensure they’re a good fit!

    Beasts (#post_Beasts)
    • Animals, Domestic (#post_Domestic)
    • Animals, Flying (#post_Flying)
    • Animals, Smaller (#post_Smaller)
    • Animals, Wild (#post_Wild)
    • Apparitions (#post_Apparitions)
    • Dragons (#post_Dragons)
    • Magical Beasts (#post_Magicalbeasts)
    • Monster, Flying (#post_Flyingmonsters)
    • Monsters, Land (#post_Landmonsters)
    • Monsters, Water (#post_Watermonsters)
    • Mythical Beasts (#post_Mythical)
    • Sentient Beasts (#post_Sentient)
    • Water Creatures (#post_Water)
    Plants (#post_Plants)
    • Bushes (#post_Bushes)
    • Edible Plants (#post_Edible)
    • Flowers (#post_Flowers)
    • Grasses (#post_Grasses)
    • Magical Plants (#post_Magicalplants)
    • Medicinal Plants (#post_Medicinal)
    • Moss and Fungi (#post_Moss)
    • Trees (#post_Trees)
    • Vines and Creepers (#post_Vines)
    • Water Plants (#post_Waterplants)
    • Weeds (#post_Weeds)
    • Misc/Other (#post_Misc)


    Animals, Domestic
    • Cattle: Baneg Cow (, Rimmilch Cow
    • Cat: Barn Cat (, Brendolian Cat (
    • Dog: Cattrel Dog (, Hob-Hound Dog (, Kodael Dog (, Rimrunner Dog (, Rusthound Dog (
      Voldon Dog (
    • Horse: Centoaurian Horse (, Carriage Horse (, Rusik Horse (, Sarvonian Draught Pony (, Southern Draught Horse (
    • Sheep & Goats: Domestic Goat (, Sawis Sheep (
    • Others: Domestic Pig (

    Animals, Flying
    Aelirel Bird (, Bat (Flittermouse) (, Caladrius (,  Corbie (, Cuuloo (, Dove (, Dragonfly Lizard (, Eagles (, Garthook (, Sarvonian Gull (, Illoryn Water Bird (, Kingell (, Mirjah Ground Bird (, Scoffle (, Taenish (, Wood Owl (, Wynd Racer (

    Animals, Smaller
    • Arachnids: Cave Spider (, Drape-Silk Spider (, Dreamlouse (
    • Insects: Blackbeetle (, Ceruwing (, Ddiflas Butterfly (, Death Dance Butterly ( Feylien Fly (, Fly (, Flitter-Twitch Butterfly (, Groshmite (, Lin’mar’joh (, Malise (, Myrmex (, Orm (, Quilly’Efer (, Red Diamond Butterfly (, Shenora Spider (, Silverwood Bug (, Skeetoh (, Spiders (, Styruine Round Worm (, Whistling Beetles (, Wopse Fly (
    • Rodents: City Rat (, Field Mouse (, Flunki (, Fuzzle (, Kuatu (, Lin’aoel (, Mice (, Minch (, Rat (, Riccio (, Surica (, Tarep Rabbit (, Vilerat ([/url)
    • Snakes/Worms: Cheerk (, Etherus Worm (, Grass Snake (, Mudworm (

    Animals, Wild
    • Canines: Shir (, Rast Warg (, Wolf (, Horned Wolf (, Mithral Wolf (
    • Cats: Elfcat (, Herin (
    • Deer: Elk (, Elver Elk (, Stilted Elk (, Prieta (, Snowy Deer (, Starback Deer (, Steppe Deer (, White Deer (, Santhalian White Hart (
    • Goats & Sheep: Capricus (
    • Lizards: Lizard (, Dragonfly Lizard (, Drell (, Kaimun (, Rubit (
    • Martens/Weasels: Ferret (, Stone Ferret (, Rolling Hedgehog (, Throwing Hedgehog (, Mimsy (
    • Pigs/Boars: Wild Pig (
    • Others: Bogsnapper (

    Hiveling (, Wailwoman (, Watchers (, Wisp (

    • Great Drakes: Butterfly Dragon (, Fire Dragons ( once lived in Heckra, Gold Dragon (, Horned Dragon ( Sea Dragon (
    • Wyrms/Serpents: Ancytharian Bladeserpent (
    • Dracoid Beasts: Skyter (, Winterdrake (

    Magical Beasts
    Imp (

    Monsters, Flying
    Groshmite (

    Monsters, Land
    Giant Rat (, Bloodworm ( once in Heckra, Swamp Stalker (,

    Monsters, Water
    Ancytharian Bladeserpent (, Kaimun (

    Mythical Beasts
    Gryphon (, Hiveling (, Unicorn (

    Sentient Beasts
    Hiveling (

    Water Creatures
    • Amphibians: Gnarco Toad (, Green Frog (, Hollup Frog (, Kaimun (, Kyck-kyck Frog (
    • Fish: Ancytharian Shark (, Caeh-Fish (, Dominoore Fish (, Jun’era Fish (, Khendochar Flying Fish (, Kukarg Salmon (, Lysh Pike (, Mithanjor (, Common Mithralfish (, Pinnip Seal (, Ancythrian Spinneedler (, Sunset Fish (, Yellowtail Fish (
    • Mammals: Pinnip Seal (
    • Molluscs & Others: Flyer Crab (, Gnacker Mollusk (, Nackle (, Oyster (, Parasitic Limpet (


    Candlebush (, Doch Not (, Goldenbell Bush (, Hearth Bush (, In’ila (, Mutliweed (, Nightshade Bush (, Redberry Bush (, Rosemint (

    Edible Plants
    • Cultivated Plants: Mithral Tomato (, Nightgrape Fungus (, Oya Peas (, Sweet Bean Plant (
      Fruits & Berries: Faberige (, Hearth Bush (, Loriv (, Lyth’bel (, Meldarapple Tree (, Mutliweed (, Redberry Bush (, Vinterberry (
    • Grains & Grasses: Alth’ho Grass (, Bredden Grain (, Shade Grass (, Wean Grass (
    • Spices & Flavorings: Basiloc (, Cinnabark Pine (, Foridus (, Pfepper Grass (, Rosemint Bush (
    • Tubers: Tuberfruit (, Tuberroots (
    • Vegetables:  Ae’lons Vegetable (, Carroot (, Kail (, Onions (, Oya Peas (, Peasecods (, Pompion (, Sweet Bean Plant (
    • Miscellaneous: Bandit’s Leaf (, Doch Not (, Icemilk Weed (

    Alinfa Lily (, Allia (, Azure Flower (, Cerubell (, Dalferia (, Dreamer’s Breath (, Erissa’s Tears (, Evening Princess (, Hanging Horn (, Injera’yrana (, Kell Herb (, Jeshanna Lily (, Lotann Flower (, Lorahough (, Lovewort flower (, Nehtor’s Tears (, Queprur’s Blight (, Rose (, Sunflower (, Sunsmile (, Tareptail Weed (

    Alth’ho Grass (, Moongrass (, Pfepper Grass (, Red Grain (, Shade Grass (, Wean Grass (

    Magical Plants
    Wizardleaf (, Zifel (Wizardweed) (

    Medicinal Herbs
    • Healing Herbs: Dreamer’s Breath (, Jeshanna Lily (, Mallowdrop Plant (, Miyuestiac Bush (, Nightshade (, Trinity Herb (, Yahrle (

    Moss and Fungi
    • Moss: Blackmoss (, Rockmoss (, Sou’cauld Moss (, Tol Kurr (
    • Fungi: Frent Mushroom (, Koeken Fungus (, Never-sit-still Mushroom (, Nightgrape Fungus (, Squilla Fungus (, Sulcho Mushroom (, Truphull Fungus (

    • Deciduous: Ashwude Tree (, Baych Tree (, Black Birch Tree (, Yellow Birch Tree (, Bittersweet Tree (, Eur’Oak Tree (, Fragrans Tree (, Mahood Euwen (, Maple Tree (, Meldarapple Tree (, Merloea Tree (, Oak (, Silkel Tree (, Urban Tree (, Willow Tree (
    • Evergreen: Ahrhillicia Pine (, Artapherana (, Arvins Cedar (, Cinnabark Pine (, Coastal Redwood (, Peace Pine (

    Vines & Creepers
    False Heart (, Nightshimmer Vine (, Wine Vine (

    Water Plants
    Alinfa Lily (, Aomar Alga (, Lemertia (, Lifereed (, Pondpad (, Yealm Reed (, Waterleaf (, Waterstar (

    Bandit’s Leaf (, Hemetia (, Mutliweed (, Ptoria Weed (, Skyweed (, Teraptail Weed (, Yrom Shrub (

    Lampstalk (

    Title: Re: Master Plan: The Santharian Province of Vardınn
    Post by: Rayne (Alır) on 09 November 2011, 12:03:39

    While minerals in Caelereth are more or less set in stone (har har), we could use some more plants and animals! I’ve provided a list of creatures we need, should anyone desire to perhaps take on a creature, plant, or perhaps a food chain.


    Bugs and Spiders
    • Pill bug: little wingless bugs that can roll up into a ball for protection.
    • Centipedes: Things with multiple legs. Feel free to use your imagination to spice them up.
    • Spiders: Both poisonous and not poisonous to create beautiful webs in our plains and forests!
    • Grasshopper and cicadas: they hop, they fly, they sing—Vardınn would love to have some of these talented creature.
    • Moths and Butterflies: Small creatures that live off the nectar provided by the flowers that grow in the area.
    • Water Bugs: Little insects that live in the water or that, in their larval stage, live in the water.

    • Finches: Small birds that eat insects like Malise, Myrmex, spiders, and flies
    • Falcons and hawks: Predatory birds that eat small snakes, fish, and rodents
    • Sea-birds: We have gulls, but some other shore-birds might be nice!

    Reptiles and Amphibians
    • Turtles and Tortoises: Reptiles that may hang out around the lakes and rivers, eating small fish and insects that live there.
    • Snakes: some common snakes, poisonous and nonpoisonous, would be wonderful for our grasslands.
    • Newts and salamanders: Slimy creatures that like moist conditions.
    • Frog and toads: We have some, but I would love a few more to join our croaking choirs!

    Rodents and Fuzzy Creatures
    • Rabbits: Animals that hop around. We need some for our forests and plains!
    • Chipmunk and marmot: Small, scurrying creatures to inhabit our forests and plains.
    • Moles and groundhogs: Under-ground, digging rodents to cause terror to the local farmers.
    • Weasel: Long and slender creatures with short legs that slink about prairies and plains, similar to the mimsey.
    • Racoon: Bandits in furry forms.
    • Otters and Beavers: As well as any cute, water-friendly creature you can think of!

    Fish and Crabs
    • Trout: Fish for our rivers and such that eat small insects in the water as well as other fish.
    • Minnows: Silvery little fish perhaps similar to the Mithralfish.
    • Shiners: Silver fish, very minnow-like with big eyes.
    • Flounder and sea-fish: Fish to populate the western coastline.
    • Crabs: Small crabs, large crabs—salt and fresh water—for our lakes, rivers, and shore!


    • Flowering plants: Flowers for sunlight and flowers for shade—enough flowers to throw a great flower parade!
    • Vines and creepers: We need some for our forests, to clime and drape gently from our trees, and those for our plains, to creep quietly across the ground.
    • Fruits and Vegetables: I would love some more squash-like plants, as well as pears, plums, etc.
    • Water plants: Algae and other water plants that grows in or near rivers and lakes.
    • Grasses: Perhaps some more varieties of grasses in the spirit of alth’ho and wean grass?
    • Grains: For the baking of bread and the brewing of beer and ale!
    • Mushroom: We need many more!—for woods, for lakes, for teas and cakes! For slime and stink, for waste and rot, we need some ‘shrooms, and need a lot!

    Title: Re: Master Plan: The Santharian Province of Vardınn
    Post by: Rayne (Alır) on 09 November 2011, 12:04:43

    In terms of political structure, Vardınn is a very traditional province. It is ruled by a Thane, which is a hereditary position and has been occupied by the same ruling family for the last 200 years. Vardınn is split up into eight duchies (Gannilos, Thysland, Milkennon, Graeyerwınn, Aurora, Jernais, Eastern Mountains, and Ancyros) and two stycals (Bolder and Thaelon). Each of these duchies is ruled by a duke or--rarely--a duchess, save for the duchy of Graeyerwınn, which is ruled by the Thane. Rule of the duchies has been kept in the same family for no less that 100 years. Each duchy is further broken down into fiefs, ruled by a graven.

    Close relationships exist between the ruling families through all structures of government, from the Thane (who himself has a close relationship to the King through distant family ties), to the dukes and duchesses, to the gravens, and even other positions of power within the province, such as head knight and various secretarial positions, e.g. Secretory of War, Secretory of Mercantilism and Trade, Secretary of Finances, among others. Daughters or younger sons are often married off into other ruling families. Nepotism is practiced throughout all levels of government, but is conducted with shrewd concern for effective governance.

    While rule in each territory is relatively compartmentalised, Thane annually calls the dukes and/or duchesses from each duchies to the capital in Voldar to discuss various political matters. This is gathering called the Assembly of the Ruling Council. Over the course of a week--often, a very intense and contentious week--the Ruling Council discusses all relevant matters, from road to trade to foreign decisions. When the discussions end, the Ruling Council is dismissed.

    Within a week or two of the Assembly of the Ruling Council, the Thane calls the Voldarian Council. This council has existed in the province for thousands of years, though it may be noted that, for a number of years, it was thought to have disappeared entirely, [...]

    The Temple of Armeros has particular influence over the governance of the province. Cemphiria houses a grand temple, constructed during the Clerical Age, from whence the Archbishop of Armeros once commanded significant power (and still does, to some degree). The Thane is greatly influenced by this archbishop, not only because of the influence granted by his/her religious standing, but also because of the Knights of the Order of Armeros. While the provincial order is smaller than the governments', the number of worthy knights lent by the good relations with the Temple of Armeros is significant enough to encourage the Thane to make irenic gestures to the archbishop.

    Title: Re: Master Plan: The Santharian Province of Vardınn
    Post by: Rayne (Alır) on 09 November 2011, 12:05:52


    • Elves (#post_Elves)
    • Gnomes (#post_Gnomes)
    • Humans (#post_Humans)


    Astyrhim Light Elves ( (myth/legend)

    Aellenrhim Elves (
    • Clothing (
      This not only needs an entry, but may require a revision in the entry itself.
    • Diet (
      May require tweaks in the entry, but a lot of good material to work with.
    • Occupations (
      Needs to be expanded.
    • Government (
      Needs to be expanded.
    • Production/Trade (
      Could really use a whole entry! Between honey, candles, cloth, etc. there is a lot to be added and edited.
    • Holiday/Festivals/Observances (
      Would like to see more in the tribe entry, but may not require a separate entry to explain.
    • Tribal Language
    • Nomenclature

    Goltherrhim Elves ( (extinct)


    Golgnomes (
    • Clothing (
      A good beginning in the entry; could be expanded into a separate entry.
    • Diet (
      Entry provides a good beginning, but there is a great opportunity to marry gnomish diet with gnomish ingenuity to create a diet entry that explains the various scientific processes and instruments developed to cook/prepare food.
    • Occupations (
      May or may not require a separate entry.
    • Government (
      Room to expand into an entry, if desired.
    • Production/Trade (
      More details might be added to the entry; I'm not sure if there would be need for a separate entry on this, though.
    • Holiday/Festivals/Observances (
    • Tribal Language
      TBD; a lot of this may depend on developments in the Gnomish language. (I envision a psuedo-iconic written system that might facilitate alterations in pronunciations of the associated phonology)
    • Nomenclature


    Caltharian Men (
    • Clothing (
    • Diet (
    • Occupations (
    • Government (
    • Production/Trade (
    • Holiday/Festivals/Observances (
    • Tribal Language
    • Nomenclature

    Centoraurian Men (
    • Clothing (
    • Diet (
    • Occupations (
    • Government (
    • Production/Trade (
    • Holiday/Festivals/Observances (
    • Tribal Language
    • Nomenclature

    Erpheronian Men (
    • Clothing (
    • Diet (
    • Occupations (
    • Government (
    • Production/Trade (
    • Holiday/Festivals/Observances (
    • Tribal Language (
    • Nomenclature (

    Helcrani Men (
    • Clothing (
    • Diet (
    • Occupations (
    • Government (
    • Production/Trade (
    • Holiday/Festivals/Observances (
    • Tribal Language
    • Nomenclature


    Title: Re: Master Plan: The Santharian Province of Vardınn
    Post by: Rayne (Alır) on 09 November 2011, 12:08:27


    Attached is the History of and in the province of Vardınn from the earliest known records to the date of 180 a.S.

    Title: Re: Master Plan: The Santharian Province of Vardınn
    Post by: Rayne (Alır) on 09 November 2011, 12:17:42


    The ruling governance in Voldar once enjoyed a close relationship with the Aellenrhim, the elves of Bolder Forest just to the north. Trade, diplomatic relations, and even festivals like the Day of Avis (Day of Arrival) marked the warm relationship between Voldar and the elves.

    However, relations have since tailed off. Today, elves are a rare sight in the province, the Aellenrhim mostly keeping to themselves in the forest of Boldar. A great many suspicions and legends have come to be associated with these northern neighbors, and communications are rare.

    Humans living in Vardynn have benefited from good relations with the Thrumgolz dwarves since at least the first Sarvonian War, specifically with the Helcrani who reside in the towns and villages in the Higher Fores. Today, the Thrumgolz will trade with Erpheronians and Helcrani alike, but are more trusting of the Helcrani, the only humans these dwarves will invite to their underground caverns.

    While the humans of Vardynn enjoy trade relations with the gnomes of Goltherlon, that is the extent of the relationship. The Golgnomes remain a rather cloistered tribe, happily remaining in their forest without the distraction of foreign or diplomatic affairs.

    This does not mean that the government of Voldar has always been content with the state of relations. During tumultuous periods in Voldar’s history, particularly during the time of the Erpheronian Kingdom, the rulers were solicitous of many Golgnomish secrets, including the plans for explosives and other militarily-beneficial inventions. The Golgnomes staunch refusal at times soured relations between the two tribes, though at present the two enjoy positive, if not somewhat distant, relations.

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