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Title: Crazy Woman Pass
Post by: Grunok the Exile on 02 January 2013, 17:16:41
Hey kids,

It's been a while!  Artimidor found my Deviant Art site, and asked if he could use on Santharia a pic which I have displayed there - it's of Crazy Woman Pass.  Lucky he asked, because I'd hate for that one to have gone up.  I've done a lot more work on it, off and on, in the years since I posted it there, and I still can't get it quite right.  It's been something of a bugbear of mine.   Happily it's looking much better than the one I have up on DA, at least.  So here, for your comments, critique, and general kicking-Grun-up-the-ass, is what I have so far.  Any hints and ideas would be most welcome, though I can't promise to be super-fast with my replies.  Hugs to all who have missed me  :)  :heart:

Title: Re: Crazy Woman Pass
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 02 January 2013, 17:34:49
Yaaay.... That crazy woman is back again and finally worked on the Pass! :grin: Part of your New Years resolutions, eh?

Anyway, hello again, Grun! Looks like you uploaded a real monster-size of an image as when I enlarged it all I could see were some brush strokes... ;) After downloading and resizing the whole thing turned into an actual picture, though... :D

As far as comments go: It doesn't look too bad right now already, especially in the upper half. The lower half on the other hand could use some more grass textures as the brush strokes are clearly visible. That's no problem at the upper part and at parts where the terrain is more uneven, but in the bottom left it still gives the impression that a paint bucket was handled inappropriately - know what I mean? Other than that I would basically recommend to add some kind of gravel, dirt or small stones along the path. And maybe disperse some gravel, dirt etc. here and there to add a bit further realism to the landscape.

But I'm very happy already that you managed to rescue the picture from oblivion from a probably undead hard-drive and brought it back to the light of day! Aura +1, Grun!  :cool:

Title: Re: Crazy Woman Pass
Post by: Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang on 02 January 2013, 20:51:23
I agree with Arti's comments, but would like to add that it looks to me as though someone was very lucky to pick that particular morning for a walk along Crazy Woman Pass. That is one beautiful sky, Grunok!