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Title: The Icelands WIP (for now mostly for Altario)
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 14 January 2013, 18:25:34
I wanted to do this entry for a long time now to pin down the weather conditions and give some basic info about unwritten tribes (Himiko, Antislar). Will be a slow process, but with Altarios help it will be finished this year hopefully. It is meant as short entry! ;)

The Icelands


„A fiery wind chases sharp icy crystals over low snow laden hills and forces them in a wild dance of death. They hit like a thousand tiny needles, freeze to your face when you try to get a bit of air. You are blind in a white darkness. The cold intrudes your chest and belly, you no longer feel your limbs, you are pleading to your god, that he may be gently with your soul and then - it suddenly stops. The storm ceases, the clouds give way to a few rays of the Injérà. And you need to close your eyes before the bright splendor which unfolds before your view. The world around you glitters and glimmers, the light of the sun  refracts in a myriad of snowflakes, pristine blankets of white velvet adorned with diamonds stretch around you. You may live. Welcome to the Icelands, the lands of the eternal snow.“
XX of YY

This so wonderful, but deadly lands are found in the far north of Caelereth, in the northeast of the Sarvonian Continent. The main characteristics is the everlasting snow, which covers the ground all year round. Only few places of wonder, oasis of warmth are excluded. The main areas are the Islands of Iol, the Icelands Coast and the Himiko Islands. Despite the inhospitality of the land it is inhabited: Humans like the Icecoast Tribes, the Remusian especially and their old foe, the Antislar. But there are also the ice elves of Iol, stranger races like ice giants and much more which eludes the southern researcher.


Three major landmasses define the Icelands, the peninsula of Iol in the West, the Icelands Coast, a series of islands huddled together to the Southeast of Iol and the Himiko Archipelago, a group of mainly three islands in the Eastern Sea. Though barely connected, the similar weather conditions tie them together, as the history of their people. Each of the three areas is very peculiar in its own way, but all have in common the strange combination of fire and ice.

The Himiko Archipelago

The biggest island with its smaller off shore islets is the heart of the archipelago. Though the more northern located is inhabited also, the center of culture lies in the valleys and the Himiko Mountains. The third and smallest island is a refuge for flora and fauna, visited only by hunting expeditions in the summer time. The archipelago has the highest elevation of the Icelands, only followed by the Gathorn Mountains, the chain connecting the Icelands Coast with Iol.  The islands look quite isolated and separated. However, as the sea itself is no hindrance for their inhabitants and the water is frozen more than half a year anyway, the fast boat-sledges the Himiko use let the distances, a rough 300 strals between the northern and southern island shrink to a voyage of a few days.  As the rest of the Icelands, the islands of the archipelago are covered with snow the whole year round with a few exceptions, but there are many warm or even hot places also - in the caves of YYY

The Islands Coast

The flattest of the three areas - apart from the very southern located Gathorn mountains,  is a conglomeration of islands, their  ground probably not more than 20 to 50 (??) strals above sea level. But as these islands are partly  covered by a very thick layer of snow and ice, the farther you go to the north the more, and because it varies with the seasons, the actual height is difficult to measure. While the Sarmanians can cross their ,canals‘ still in most places,  the one which defines the border between the Tarkyns and Eanians already looks during the summer more like a narrow valley, with ice and snow piling up up to 5 strals the more you go inland. If one should manage to get further, by boat probably, one will find the walls of ice rising up to xx strals until there seems to be no access anymore. There, at the very northern tip, the up to now unknown strangest ice tribe lives, the Vertans. Be welcome to read about them in the compendium entry of Lord Altario... Of Urimpaar. In winter it looks different though. What looks like a narrow valley or gorge out of ice in summer gets narrower, especially at the top,  the longer the winter lasts until the valley may well be closed with snow arcs and -bridges, build by a permanently blowing wind, a snow carrying blizzard. These bridges are, once formed, are very stable and last until the spring, allowing people and animals, the wisons as the thunderfoot, to venture from island to island.  
--> Hruckchuck Grass ????? needs addition? - grows on the ice, in the snow, shortly under the surface?.

As on the Himiko Islands, fire battles the ice and though you won‘t find here lava pools (there have been some??no?) like on Iol, hot springs dot the landscape and create curious places - ice oases : special plants thriving on the bottom of a ice pit (chute, funnel???), steam rising over the frozen landscape.

[color= #87CEFA]
The Peninsula of Iol [/color]

The biggest of the three place, stretching over 3000 strals from the mantle Woods to the Contamar forest, is is the place where

In this part you describe the place itself. What's in it, who lives there, what the functions of the town, kingdom etc. are. Try at least to mention the following things:
- landscape
- general purpose
- description of houses, natural surroundings

Other items you could discuss (depends of course on what you describe):
- religions of relevance at this location
Anything can be in here if it relates to the place specifically.

[color= ]
Location [/color]

Purpose of this section is to describe the exact location of the place, including kingdom and continent, with adjacent places like towns and forests and possibly kingdom borders or tribes or special landscape objects. Included could be a map cut from the main map showing the place and it's surrounding area, but this is Artimidor's work.

[color= ]
People [/color]

What kind of people/tribes inhabit the region? And approximately how many? In which part of the region do they settle and why?

[color= ]
Coat of Arms (optional) [/color]

If the place is a city or tower or a place similar to that, you should as well describe a coat of arms for it. The symbols and drawings on it should somehow describe the place or its attitude. If the description is done well, one of our artists may draw it for real to accompany your entry in the Compendium. So make sure that this description is as detailed as possible.

[color= ]
Climate (optional) [/color]

It's always good to know how the weather conditions are in the region you describe (you don't have to describe the climate for buildings of course *hehe*): When does it rain in this region? And how often? Is there snow in winter? Is it stormy all day long? Are there good conditions for crops to grow? And so on. You get the idea, right?

[color= ]

Mythology (optional) [/color]

Often places have legends telling how the place was created or founded. To be original is sometimes difficult here, but a legend of a city can range from a city built on the fundaments of an ancient wizard's tower, the battle that was won at that spot, two heroes who met there etc.

[color= ]
Flora (optional) [/color]

Plants, herbs, trees - put in details here! Not always required to add, e.g. if you're working on a town or village. But always good to have, though.

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Fauna (optional) [/color]

Animals, beasts, monsters - put in details here! Same here as at Flora. Not necessary, but nice to have.

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Resources (optional) [/color]

Describe natural resources and geological conditions here: Can there be found minerals in this region? Or do the inhabitants depend on fish they catch? etc.

[color= ]
Myth/Lore (optional) [/color]

If you can think of a story or two about this place/region you describe or about sayings, proverbs associated with it, here you go!

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History (optional) [/color]

From the day the place was created to the day it was destroyed or to the present, a general outline of all events happening in between should be given here. It's recommended to make some sort of table for the History and you should follow this scheme:

Date (e.g. 10.000 b.S.), Caption (e.g. Battle at XYZ), Description (What exactly happened in this battle)

Title: Re: The Icelands WIP (mostly for Altario)
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 14 January 2013, 18:32:56
Hello Altario, Lord of the North!

I'm innocent, I didn't want to write the Icelands coast like this, but suddenly I was carried away..

What do you think, could we develop such an iceshelf which gets increasingly higher? There will be problems with existing entries (the thunderfoot swimming through canals or the like, the grass has to grow through the ice or find nourishment in the ice somehow..) , but with some fantasy and new inventions, we might overcome every obstacle.

I need a lot of info about the Iol peninsula also (how many lavapools and where, how big?) , but will write those questions down later.

Title: Re: The Icelands WIP (for now mostly for Altario)
Post by: Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang on 15 January 2013, 07:32:15
I'm innocent....
Altario, I hope you haven't even for a minute considered believing that seasoned Southerner. She's just trying to make you work.

Title: Re: The Icelands WIP (for now mostly for Altario)
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 16 January 2013, 05:51:23
bah...  Mr Anfang. You already looked into a WIP for northerners, maybe I use one of these forbidden spells which put an enemy in an iceblock and you are only set free, when you have given us a northern submission.... ah sorry, those iceblocks are for the death... how could I mingle that up....   :shocked:

Title: Re: The Icelands WIP (for now mostly for Altario)
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on 16 January 2013, 10:24:27
Yippeeeeee :D

Oh, Talia, this looks exciting.  Maybe helping you with this will unlock all my creativity that languishes behind a very thick writer's block. :)

An aura for starting it.

Title: Re: The Icelands WIP (for now mostly for Altario)
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 16 January 2013, 16:56:46

Some history first though!

Title: Re: The Icelands WIP (for now mostly for Altario)
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on 20 January 2013, 00:17:21
History?  That's like being forced to eat your broccoli before you can have dessert.  (admittedly, I love broccoli)

Title: Re: The Icelands WIP (for now mostly for Altario)
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 20 January 2013, 01:31:47
No, no, Altario, that's the place where I can be  evil  :evil:

Title: Re: The Icelands WIP (for now mostly for Altario)
Post by: Grunok the Exile on 20 January 2013, 11:01:05
Exciting to see this in development!  Will be nice to have something concrete about your Himiko, too!

Title: Re: The Icelands WIP (for now mostly for Altario)
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 20 January 2013, 17:33:34
Yeah, well, they are developing at least in my head, as I try to write a story   :rolleyes:
(family is in storywriting/painting fever, especially my youngest daughter)