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Title: Development Schedule - Amabella Catston
Post by: Amabella Catston on 12 May 2013, 13:57:13
Main Areas of Interest:

Trade and Production

In particular, the following areas with Erpheronian roots:

Commerce by Land: Developing the area surrounding the Milkengrad-Carmalad trade route

Commerce by Sea: Exploring the political and financial influences surrounding the Stormcloak Guild

Current Works in Progress:

The Town of Denring
Raevalem Colony
Wilvong dwarves (,15478.0.html) (no entry yet, just entertaining possibilities)
Stormcloaks expansion project (,15466.msg197757.html#msg197757)

Completed Works:

Pheasant Grass (dev thread here (,15469.0.html), entry here (

The Heath of Jernais (dev thread here (,15483.0.html), entry here (

Future works/possibilities:

BTW: I saw at the RPG board that you're a programmer yourself and like managing resources and budgets, Amabella. In the long run I'd like to realize a bit of a resources managing kind of game with the Santhworld engine as well here in Santharia, at least a simple one for a start - that is after the Treasure Shoals and the Editor are done. A round based strategy game where the player can buy land, mills, goods etc. shouldn't be too difficult in its very basic components, and it can be constantly expanded with additional features. Unlike adventures and role playing games one can return to such a game again and again, and if we can eventually make it a multiplayer game this could be tremendous fun. But so far this is just a rough idea - we have scripts that can crunch the numbers, and everything else is game design

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