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Title: Wilvong Dwarves?
Post by: Amabella Catston on 02 June 2013, 00:47:02
The Wilvong Dwarf clan seemed to serve an important role in the Stormcloak history. Aside from what is written in the current Quios and Stormcloak entries, as well as a brief mention in Denilou history, is there any other information planned about them?

While the founders of Denilou (Brok and crew) are described as being originally from the Mitharim clan, the Wilvongs seem to have developed their own unique characteristics over the course of time, so I would like to propose a new entry for them. For example, I would say that by contrast this was a highly unusual dwarvish clan which exists on two continents, with the portion of the clan in Denilou more identical to their kin in Quios than their Mytheron clan neighbors. This would be the most seafaring of the dwarf clans, perhaps frequently sailing back and forth to visit their relatives.

I imagined Wilvong Dwarves to look something like Seeker's picture number #4 here. (,14324) The Viking-like hat gives something of a seafaring look. If I may do an entry on them, I would be interested in going to the resources thread and (at least tentatively) reserving the picture, unless it is already taken.


Title: Re: Wilvong Dwarves?
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 02 June 2013, 02:35:14
First time I've heard of them! You certainly do your research Amabell!

As to dwarves and the sea:

Quote from: Shabakuk
But since you're looking for ideas of where to locate a place of evil spirits according to dwarven belief ... What about the sea? Dwarves might well imagine the sea to be bottomless, an abnormality in the earth column? (Link:,14546)

Quote from: Bard Judith
Shab, I love that suggestion re the sea.  That would so effectively underline the dwarven 'dislike' (ok, fear, but one doesn't use that word around the Thergerim) of water and provide a gut-solid rationale for their beliefs.  In the same way that humans use expressions like 'dark' to suggest evil (fright, mystery, concealment, terrors, etc.) and 'light' to represent good (revelation, beauty, warmth, etc.), dwarves would have a psycho-spiritual vocabulary where 'underground' (dry, solid, rooted, safe, surrounded, warm) suggests good and 'water' (bright, fluid, fearful, pallid, unsteady, dangerous, cold) suggests evil.    I think I can work with that! (Link:,14581.0.html)

A seafaring clan of dwarves would have a story to tell for sure. One I would love to read from your pen, Amabell. :)

Title: Re: Wilvong Dwarves?
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 02 June 2013, 17:01:48
Would be great to have an entry on the Wilvong clan (I like the sound of that name BTW!), especially because they are not the typical kind of dwarves :) That makes it all very interesting - developing with the regular racial stereotypes is important to set the standards, but exceptions ike these make the world pretty diverse. So yup, I'd be happy to see these guys developed.

As for the picture: This one is actually in use in Seeker's Santhworld module "The Enemy Stirreth" (a nice little adventure up there in Northern Sarvonia) and methinks it represents the Imlith dwarf clan chief. However, the idea with the viking-like dwarves is pretty nice I'd say. So either we declare that Imllith dwarf appearance and exception or we move the pic to the Wilvong entry eventually and use another one up there, just to match what we develop. Either way its fine with me :D

Title: Re: Wilvong Dwarves?
Post by: Amabella Catston on 02 June 2013, 20:43:41
Thanks Coren and Artimidor, for your insight.  :)

The Wilvong's unusual history is definitely something I would need to explain in greater detail, and acknowledge that the beliefs of these dwarves is not normal. (BTW I like that name too)

I would think that the most simple and practical reason a dwarf would dislike the idea of entering a large body of water is because dwarves cannot swim  :P  (perhaps due to the density of their bodies, just as dense stones do not float). But I would like to think of the two island populations of dwarves as being less afraid of the water than the clans on the main continent. I would like the Wilvongs to see themselves as being symbolic of the steadfast rocky cliffs which stand defiantly against the crashing waves of the sea.

The Stormcloaks have an inland trading post on their island of Quios’kathar, so these dwarves don't need to cross the water regularly to trade. But an elite group of Wilvongs could sail to the Stormcloak capital at Killyshmagost as necessary to protect their financial interests. Maybe these Wilvongs could get special training with flotation aids (made of wood,etc). They could also boldly be unafraid to cross underground cesspools in caverns by boat. A sea-traveled Wilvong may be viewed as an example of courage and bravery!  :grin:

On the other hand, a traditional Mitharim may only become familiar with these floatation devices for safety for the Oltgyr Vradvo (Hundred Year Pilgrimage), which would typically happen only 1-3 times in a dwarf's lifetime. Thus a stark cultural difference would exist between the Mitharim and their Wilvong descendants.

As for the picture - basically I would like the Wilvongs to wear some visible symbol or suggestion of their lack of fear of the water (especially since their main trading partner is a shipping company), but not I'm committed to anything in particular at this point.

Title: Re: Wilvong Dwarves?
Post by: Seeker on 08 June 2013, 05:18:46
Amabella/ Art

How about if I draw a new dwarf picture for the Wilvongs once it is done.  That way as Amabella develops the entry she won't have to be tied to the picture, and the picture can come later.

Sound good?

Title: Re: Wilvong Dwarves?
Post by: Amabella Catston on 08 June 2013, 09:07:35
Sounds good to me...Thanks Seeker!  :thumbup: