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Title: Order of Santharia (Santhknights)
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Order of Santharia

Of the Orders of knights spread out among Santharia, the Order of Santharia is the youngest.  It is, as well, probably the least thought of.  And lastly, it may be one of the largest.  Created by (Son of Tyrant) in 1442 a.S in order to bolster his forces, he made promises of Lordships and land to those who survived the war.  After this, they became personal guards in the Capital, as well as advisors.  To this day, this is an order that is viewed as beneath the other orders because not only its beginnings, but its lower standards of those wishing to join.


Coat of Arms
Today the Coat of Arms for the Order of Santharia is a stylized version of the Santharian Coat of Arms.  Four hands are arranged in a circle, which at first glance reminds one of the official CoA, but instead of gripping the wrist of the next hand, they grip the hilt of a sword.  This has evolved from the original CoA that was five swords arranged in a circle the blade of one over the hilt of the next.

The Order of Santharia, as its name suggests, is found all over the kingdom.  It is headquartered in New-Santhala, as the Santhran is the head of the order.


Golden Spurs
These are the Knights who can trace their lineage to the original members of the Santhknights.

Silver Spurs
These are the Knights that come from important families, that have honorable lineages.

Steel Spurs
Also called the Bastard Spurs, as this is made up of lowborn warriors that have been granted access to the Order, as well as bastard sons of nobler families.

In 1442 a.S, Son of Tyrant had inherited from his father, Tyrant.  The kingdom was in the grips of a bloody civil war, one that Son of Tyrant felt he was losing.  In order to bolster is army, he created a special order of knight that was not affiliated with a god, such as the Orders of Seyella or Ameros, nor one that was aligned with one of the older tribes, such as the Order of the Wings.  He wanted men to come willingly, to fight with fervour, so he promised them lands and titles, that they would be his Golden Spurs.

Title: Re: Order of Santharia (Santhknights)
Post by: Fox on 12 April 2014, 05:20:34
I know it's not finished yet, but I figured it'd be good to offer some comments already. :)

In this mentioned civil war, what about the other orders? You write that the Order of Santharia was deliberately made to have no ties to gods or other tribes, is there any reason for this? The other orders that we have on the site already would have likely remained on the side of the Royalists as a whole (due to their oaths of fealty to the Santhran), but were there some other orders or perhaps individual leagues/chapters who broke their vows to fight on the side of the rebels? That would have been a good reason to encourage Dekron and Son to found a new order loyal solely to the crown. This could as well be an opportunity to come up with some now-extinct orders, which would have almost certainly been disbanded after the war due to fighting for the losing side (and thus having broken their oaths to the Santhran).

I'm guessing the Golden Spurs were given the lands confiscated from rebel territories in the war. Were they divided between all of the members of the Order, or given in large chunks only to a few of the most loyal? Is the land itself hereditary? Do Golden Spur lines have hereditary land tenures, or is it just a landless honorific? And is membership in the Order itself hereditary? IE, do the children of a Golden Spur (and their children and so on) automatically have membership in the Order from birth? This would contribute to making it a very large order (at least on paper).

Do Silver and Steel Spurs get anything beyond honorifics (knighthood, etc) for joining?

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 :D  Thank you for the read through, Fox.  All very good points for me to ponder and add in as I work on this.

Dekron was the Tyrant?  I thought I had read that someplace but couldn't find it later.  In the Santh Royal Line it simply said Tyrant and Son of Tyrant. :)

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Post by: Fox on 12 April 2014, 15:53:17
It's in the History section on the website (

Here's all the entries related to the war itself.

(YEARS 1.440 A.S. - 1.540 A.S.)

1.441    The Tyrant Dekron Lashes Back
War breaks loose between the Royalists and Helcrah. The Centoraurians and Helcrah revolt against the Tyrant Dekron and his Erpheronian supporters. Vardưnn is turned into a battlefield, and Nermeran is annexed by the Royalists. Cruelties against the people of Enthronia ensure that the Caltharians remain loyal to the central authority. The royalist conquer Varcopas and Strata.

Ximax declares neutrality in the progressing conflict.

1.477    War between the Royalists and Helcrah over Xaramon
As the Royalists attempt to retake Xaramon from the Centoraurians, they are met by troops from Helcrah. North Vardưnn (Nermeran) interfers on the side of the Royalists, and the Royalists prevail. After defeating Helcrah, the Royalists declare war on Ximax and sweep into the Cha'domm peninsula.

1.480     Ximax Surrenders to Royalists
Helcrah (South Vardynn) cede Naios and Caelum to the Royalists after losing the war, and the Royalists then launch an attack on Ximax. Ximax, suffering from a powerful explosion that destroys a great deal of the city, decides to surrender to the Royalist army and is annexed into the Santharian Kingdom. Grothunc's grandfather loses his Ximaxian wife, and he and his eldest son flee to Varcopas and hides in the desert.

:Edit: Actually, Dekron might be the Son. Going by Arti's thread (,10783.msg124551.html#msg124551) on the forums, the son inherited in 1441 and was the one lashing back. So that would make the Son Dekron.

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 :D  Thank you, Fox.  Auried for the help on this.  :thumbup: