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Title: Essllee Squisher and the Rampaging Vines - WIP
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on 15 August 2014, 20:24:53
Essllee Squisher and the Rampaging Vines
A Cautionary Tale for Young Brownies

This tale is told to every Brownie youngster born or trained at the Council Tree to remind them of the importance of working together.  The phrase “a right Essllee” is often used to mean someone whose recklessness and determination to strike out alone means they get themselves into danger and need to be rescued.  This is probably the closest thing Browniin has to a “damsel in distress”.

Essllee Squisher was a young life mage who was used to being the cleverest and the best at all his studies. He was always the first in his class to master a new technique, and could always do it faster and bigger than all his classmates. He always wanted to be moving on to the next challenge and the next and the next, whilst his classmates were still struggling to master the first one and refused to work with them on joint spells and projects.

One day his teacher, a wise old professor who had been teaching for many years, called him to one side.
“Essllee”, she said, “You are a great student. You learn quickly and are as hungry for knowledge as a XXX is for XXXX. But you’ll never be a life mage unless you learn to work with others.”

Essllee’s normally pale rose skin flushed to scarlet in a mix of embarrassment and anger. “I am stronger and faster than any of the other students.” He stated proudly. “I don’t need them, they only slow me down!”

“No one life mage can succeed alone. It takes hundreds working together to keep the Council Tree alive, and even changing one tree requires a group of three of four. You know this, you have seen how we work. If I do not see conclusive proof that you can work with your classmates before the leaves fall, then I will not allow you process with them in the spring.” Her bright green eyes bore into him, suddenly harsh and firm.

If Essllee was angry before, now he was almost bursting with indignation and range. Unable to concoct a suitable argument through his anger, was only able to mutter viciously to himself as she showed him the door: “I’ll show her. I’ll show her. I can do the work of FIVE mages myself!”

He grabbed his school things and stormed out of the classroom, heading for his favourite thinking spot – the top of the Diamond Falls. Throwing his things onto the ground he slumped onto a convenient rock and began to throw stones down into the falls, seeing how far he could get them before they fell into the torrent. The fire of his rage slowly abated, turning into a dull huff of determination. What could he do that would show her? That would show them all?

He picked up his potted XXX Vine, something that every life magic student uses when first learning their art. It was a strange, warped thing, twisted by the many test spells that had been wreaked upon it.  Yes, that was it!  That would show them!
He began pouring lifeforce into the specimen, urging it to grow as big and tall as it could.  He would show them that he could channel just as much power as FIVE mages put together! The tree nearby withered and leaves began to drop as he stole it's lifeforce and pushed it into the potted Vine, concentrating harder and harder and harder and harder.  He screwed up his eyes and clenched his fists, looking very much like he had a bad case of XXXX.  The vine grew and grew, faster and faster, it's limbs flailing in the wind like a giant sea monster.  Suddenly, with a crack like a whip, Essllee was thrown to the ground.  He looked up, clutching at the welt on his face, and saw a large vine tendril curling back toward the plant.  He scuttled back on his bottom, away from the circling vines.  The plant looked...well, menacing was the best word.  Did it know it had hit him?  With another large crack, the pot restraining the plant burst and long roots uncurled beneath it.  It lurched towards Essllee, and suddenly fear overtook him and he turned to flee, only to be greeted by the steep sides of Diamond Falls.

Excellent!  It would never be able to follow him down here, thought Essllee.  Quick as he could, he began to scramble down the rocks by the side of the torrent.  They were slippery, but tiny hands only require small cracks and Brownies learn to climb at a young age, so it took him no more than a few minutes to scramble down to a convenient ledge.  

Title: Re: Essllee Squisher and the Rampaging Vines - WIP
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 17 August 2014, 15:29:11
Great to see this one underway, Rookie! :thumbup: It's about time to get some Brownie stuff up again! :D

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