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Title: Warg sizes?
Post by: Mina on 26 December 2014, 14:56:16
I was looking up the size of wargs, and realised they seem a little weird.  I've made a picture showing their lengths and heights.  All lengths include the tail (except Vackra's, which was not stated).  As you can see, they seem really short compared to their heights.  In fact, the Eanian Warg is taller than it is long, which seems very strange.  Fixing the others could be as simple as excluding the tail from the stated lengths, I think, but I'm not sure about the Eanian Warg.  

Edit: I got the Eanian Warg's length wrong.  It's 1 ped to 1 ped and 2 fores, not 1 ped and 2 palmspans.  It's still too short at its shortest length of 1 ped, but 1 ped and 2 fores (1.6 peds) is more reasonable.  

The weights also seem incorrect.  In the main warg entry, the average warg is said to weigh a pygge and a half, which is about 75kg.  The Eanian Warg is a pygge and a heb, about 55kg.  The Rast Warg is 2 pygges, about 100kg.  These all seem far too light.  

Title: Re: Warg sizes?
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 26 December 2014, 16:25:46
Looks a bit like science, eh? :lol:

Anyway, could your summarize the suggested fixes (height and weight) warg by warg now that you're at it, Mina? Then I can easily fix this.

Title: Re: Warg sizes?
Post by: Mina on 26 December 2014, 18:04:48
Average warg:
Most Wargs however are an average 1.3 peds in height and 2 peds in length not counting their bristling tail, which adds another 2 fores. The mysterious creature is said to weigh almost seven pygges.

Eanian Warg:
Unusually for wargs, there seems to be very little difference in the sizes of the sexes, with both standing at about a palmspan over a ped at the shoulder, with the larger ones reaching nearly a ped and a fore at the shoulder. The length ranges from around one ped, the limit being at around two fores in excess of this, nose to tail-tip.  Their length ranges from one ped and four palmspans to one ped and eight palmspans, excluding the tail, which is about four palmspans long.  Weight varies with the availability of prey, but seems to range from three to five pygges.

Rast Warg:
That said, the majority of these beasts stand between 1.4 peds and 1.5 peds at the shoulders. From the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail they can reach 3 peds, with 2 to 3 fores of that being the tail. That, combined with a weight of nearly ten pygges, mostly from bones and muscle, put these beasts high on the average person's "avoid list".

Length-wise, I mainly just excluded the tail from the length, although the Eanian Warg was modified a little more.  

I don't really know what to go with for weight, so I just made guesses based on what Wikipedia gaves for horses (380-550kg for light riding horses, 500-600kg for larger riding horses).  Some wargs, like the Rast Warg, are ridden, so it seems appropriate.  

Edit: Just checked the sizes of tigers for comparison.  With the changes I made, wargs are now heavier than them, but still shorter.  I don't know if that's right. 

Title: Re: Warg sizes?
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 27 December 2014, 16:13:48
As I'm no expert either, let's go with these numbers. :) I've just uploaded the updated entries (make sure to refresh the page).