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Title: [Newbie: First Post]
Post by: Ankhi Doomhand on 28 January 2015, 13:27:32
Hello Santharia Dream Team. I've been looking for a good forum for fantasy addicts like myself for a while, and I found this place by complete accident. I dabble in game design and was looking to create a game where RPG fans could bring their fantasies to life in an interactive world. Imagine my surprise when I found out that it had already existed for years! I'm super hyped to get started with the team. I usually go by DoomDragon07 online, but will probably change that later. My general obsessions in fantasy lie in magic, particularly demons and their summoning, but I'm willing to do just about anything .
        'Til then- Doom

Title: Re: [Newbie: First Post]
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 28 January 2015, 22:59:43
Hello and welcome, DoomDragon07!

Well, things are a bit quiet at the moment around here, but nevertheless help is always welcome :) So have a look around, read a couple of stuff in your area of interest and see if you get an idea or two where you could leave your mark.

BTW: Another name would probably be best in the long run, because contributers might eventually get their own People entries as characters of the world, so it's better to use a name that fits in. You can change your Forum display name easily in the account options BTW, and you can still log in with the name you're used to.

Title: Re: [Newbie: First Post]
Post by: Ankhi Doomhand on 29 January 2015, 11:00:07
Thanks a lot! After that post, I spent near on 3 hours just immersing myself in some of the lore you guys have set up. It's really even more amazing than I first thought!  :grin: This is making out to be a fun time. As far as the name goes, I'll probably change it once I get more of a feel for this world, but thanks for the advice! Any who, I'm off to read more lore, See you soon!