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Title: The Duel (Short Story)
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 03 November 2015, 04:39:29
I've also written a story lately, which I already uploaded to the site. So instead of posting it here again, you can already check it out here and download it from there:

The Duel ( (9 pages)

I've added it to the "Frethoni Book of Fables", and here's the introduction:

Fable No. 845, ca. 1621 a.S. At a chance meeting the ancient rivalry between two wind magicians sparks into life. Will the challenger finally be able to defeat the master who he considers to be guided by hubris? Or will the master teach the short-tempered mageling the lesson of his lifetime? Well, man forges his own destiny, they say. - Right?

Title: Re: The Duel (Short Story)
Post by: Shabakuk Zeborius Anfang on 07 November 2015, 06:42:29
"[...] the once razor sharp wind only tugged listlessly a few times on the grey hair and robe, then gave up altogether as if ashamed that it ever existed".

Lovely, Art.

Thanks for the story,


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