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Title: Witchking's Cliff, Vardýnn
Post by: Seagazer on 27 November 2015, 00:18:30

As a boat approaches Saenyhal, the face of the cliff rises out of the mist to stand hundreds of times taller than any human being. The term cliff face has particular meaning for Witchking’s Cliff, because the power of the wind and water (and perhaps darker forces) have carved the cliff into a crude facsimile of a human face with a clearly discernible nose and chin.

Atop the “head” of the cliff lies a bare patch of green grass, along with a “crown” of giant stones arranged in a circle, the Demon Circle. Among those standing stones, local folklore tells of unspeakable acts of cruelty and malevolence, forever marking that circle a place of ill-will. Those stories have spread, which leads to sailors keeping a wide berth of the cliff for reasons beyond the risk of shipwreck. That fear has led many sailors wasting time who are journeying northeast to Churican or Milkengrad to head far to the south, towards Mt. Armacan.

The name of the cliff is thought to have arisen from the lore of the rituals that once took place in the Demon Circle, and particularly the witch king who led them. Local tales tell that it is that witch king’s visage which is carved into the stone of the cliff in the instant of his death.

The face of a small peninsula that juts into the Dark Sea like a god-sized dagger, Witchking’s Cliff is one of the most striking features of the island of Saenyhal in the Santharian province of Vardýnn. In fact, the island is so associated with the cliff that the island as a whole is often called the Witchking’s Isle.

No one resides on barren Witchking’s Cliff, but its few visitors are mostly the people of Saenyhal: Erpheronians

Open to the ravages of the open sea, the weather on Witchking’s Cliff is frequently brutal. The wind blows across the cliff, and a strong gust has been known to knock a poor soul off the cliff entirely.




Title: Re: Witchking's Cliff, Vardýnn
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 27 November 2015, 13:42:24
My God. I started a trend. And unleashed a virus. (

Short. It's good.

Title: Re: Witchking's Cliff, Vardýnn
Post by: Val O´Neil on 29 November 2015, 01:37:10
Really paints a picture.

Title: Re: Witchking's Cliff, Vardýnn
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 29 November 2015, 13:56:38
You can even see a face in there.

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