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Title: Memories From the Moors
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 13 April 2016, 02:44:07
Now, for a change, some horrible poetry. Wait... no, let's rather call it horror poetry. Uhm... Didn't come across any better either, I assume. Let's go for: a piece of horror, the lyrical way.

Memories From the Moors
Link: Read it in the Santharian Library (
Size: 6 pages

Introduction: Memories are the past’s tapestries, right? But are they always what they seem? Can you be sure what they really mean? They might be enlightening or deceiving, yet in both ways thoughts and feelings are revealing: what one was, what one is, even what one is gonna be. So follow our tale then about the winding paths of memories. It leads into the moors for you to see – but beware: horror here is told through poetry.

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