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Title: Takashi!
Post by: Takashi Logan on 04 June 2006, 13:22:00
Takashi walks into the small, once locked room that served as a semi permanent office of sorts for the writting of entries for the Compendium. The office is by no means as he left it. The window is open, and has allowed both the wind, and a rather miffed looking corbie into the room, both of which are now up amongst the rafters. Takashi stoops down to pick up the myriad of papers that have been blown about by the wind, and shoos the corbie out.

This is going to take a while to clean up.

Do you need to contact Takashi? Look no further. Place a self adressed scroll in one of the cubyholes, and I'll read it when I can.

Title: Re: Takashi!
Post by: Drasil Razorfang on 04 June 2006, 13:31:00
Drasil runs into Takashi's room apologizing ferociously.

Drasil Razorfang CD

Title: Re: Takashi!
Post by: Takashi on 04 June 2006, 14:23:00
OUT I SAY!!! No apologies are required Young Master Drasil, just refrain from doing it ever again! And leave me to my work!

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