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Title: Smith
Post by: Smith in Exile on 15 April 2006, 07:48:00
for bell-ringing

(I should find that e-mail thingie, now where is it... ah, ok)

Title: Re: Smith
Post by: Drasil Razorfang on 06 June 2006, 18:38:00
*Gasp* Your first bell-ring!  This is suprising!

Well anyways, I was wondering if you would make the journey back to Modha;'s CD to provide reasoning as to what in your opinion does not fit.  I have read through the entry and IMHO, the information corresponds to the article.  I do not wish to change the tribe, as you suggested because even though it would solve your problem, it would force me to re-write the majority of the CD.  Would you mind providing specific examples so they can be tweaked?  Thank You in advance


Drasil Razorfang CD

Title: Re: Smith
Post by: Eléyr Fásamár on 19 June 2008, 11:37:22
~jingles the dusty bell~

Hey, Smith! I've been working on the Murmillion Cults, as you said, and now that I'm finished I'd appreciate it if you'd check to make sure I got all the Murmillion info right. (There was a lot of it! ;)) Thanks in advance.

Here's a link ~ Cult of Fire (,12543.msg149365.html#msg149365)

Title: Re: Smith
Post by: Eléyr Fásamár on 03 July 2008, 10:33:36
Hello again, Smith! For some reason I think I might be ringing your bell a lot... :)

Anyways, just to add to the above bellring.

I have some 'notes' on the Murmillions started, for my reference when writing entries, etc. So if you could check over those in general so far, that would be great. *Here* (,12387.0.html)

Thank you!

Title: Re: Smith
Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on 17 November 2009, 01:50:18
Smith! pleasepleasePLEASE tell me you have a copy of the layered file of Koldar's Nybelmar map? Pretty please? With glitter?

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