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Title: Ready and Willing
Post by: Surian on 27 August 2003, 16:30:00
I have lived in the desert most of my life, so this seems as good a place as any to start, besides Coren made it sound so enticing how could I not :b

I don't know if you want me to start on a plant or animal or what.  But I do know that I will have a lot of reading ahead of me to get an understanding of what is here already.

Title: Re: Ready and Willing
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 27 August 2003, 19:58:00
Plants and animals are a great place to start. Try developing a kind of dog or maybe a sort of cow or horse. My advice is to look through some of the tribes of Aeruillin and think what kind of plants and beasts might be useful to them as well as being something that could grpw in the area.

Maybe a kind of plant that helps to rettain moisture in the desert lands, and thus can help people who wander through the desert get water and nutrients? Maybe a kind of cow who can stand the heat? Horses have been rather popular when it comes to referencing and mentioning, but we actually don't have too many breeds! Be creative!

Good luck. ^_~

Title: Re: Ready and Willing
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 28 August 2003, 01:58:00
hmm... i think there was this one plant (rice i believe) our beloved Bard requested. Maybe talk to her?

Also we only have 3 tribes present in Aeruillin... I'm working on a city next to the only lake on the western side of the continent so, probably we'll have another one 'coming soon'. Yet as i said, it is Anea, Amuwen and Artemis who is really in charge, so before begining a HUGE project (like another religion) pls put a notice here and someone will probably see it - other than me that is... (i'm nearly always here)

I'm sooooo glad that you've decided to help us out here. Sorry for the short welcome, i have to get out of the house in..... hmm, 5 minutes AGO?... so I'll probably drop you an im when i come back tomorrow morning.


PS: Surian, could you (when you've decided) put a notice on what you're working on? Horses? Maybe some slim white horses that are shorter than Sarvonian ones, but much more resistant to heat and dehydration, but very hard to train?

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Title: Re: Ready and Willing
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 28 August 2003, 16:26:00
Erm... I already wrote a rice entry.

Title: Re: Ready and Willing
Post by: Coren FrozenZephyr on 29 August 2003, 02:03:00
*starts acting like a mad chicken*

See, I've told Arti that the to-do list was needed. I'm sorry Rayne, pls talk to Aran before he ends up doing the same... Art told him that he could work on that plant...

Seeing ppl do loads of stuff and then having to throw them away drives me nuts! I just pray that the entry can stay Rayne, I'm sure you've spent hours creating a masterpiece.

From now on ppl, please even if you're interested in something, post on the to-do list

Title: Re: Ready and Willing
Post by: Arancaytar Ilyaran on 29 August 2003, 11:33:00
Is that still the rice entry you're talking about? I never had any intentions of doing one, and I also don't think Arti ever gave an okay for doing so. Or do you mean the 'lemon' (or Citrus/Citron etc) entry? Because I haven't started on that one yet, but I wanted to fairly soon. Is it taken? Tell me please before I start unnecessary work...

By the way, I had a nice other idea for a name there; lym'mon, or lymmon. The idea would be that the Aeruillians name it citrus or a variation thereof in their language, the Santharians name it lymmon after Styrash lym'mon. What that means? Nothing yet, fortunately, so it'd be time to coin some words... If this is an acceptable idea of course.

Arancaytar Ilyaran

"When you start quoting yourself, it's a sure sign of senility" Arancaytar Ilyaran

Title: Re: Ready and Willing
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 August 2003, 10:45:00
No problem with the Citrus plant, Aran, already told you so, also renaming it is fine as well with me. So did Rayne BTW, as her rice entry is already up since last millenium... ;)  

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Title: Re: Ready and Willing
Post by: Amuwen on 29 August 2003, 19:03:00
No, as I recall there was a rice plant that we do need made. Looking through my notes... Polent- a rice suited to the harsh desert climates. See Nys and Hjoria entries for further details.

It was a plant that we decided wasn't really rice, because of its ability to survive on very little water, but still retains the other qualities of rice. We had the idea that it could survive mostly on minerals. If you would like to work on this plant feel free to incorporate your own ideas into it. What we had was just sort-of an outline or guide to go off of.