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Title: Seasons Of Aeruillin...
Post by: Artemis on 10 November 2003, 07:21:00
I think I may have made a really big mistake. Mainly due to my lack of thinking, I have created four seasonal deities for the Aeruillin/Void-based Fae religion. Whilst there seems to be nothing wrong with that, I failed to think of how seasons would be in Aeruillin, and consequently, the entries are based on typical English seasons.

I actually created the entries in order to use the beautiful seasonal Fae pictures by Jeshannon. They are also based on typical seasons i.e. Snowy Winter, New-leaved Spring, Hot Summer and Dying-leaved Autumn if that makes any sense.

Yesterday, when I was finishing off one of them, the thought struck me. They're not actually going to applicable to Aeruillin - because the seasons to them will be different, right?

So, I'm in a pickle. Artimidor, if you're reading this, hopefully you'll have a better idea than me how the seasons would actually be in a hot desert country like Aeruillin. I wish I hadn't been such a dork, but there you go. Anyone else who knows how the seasons go in hot countries (I imagine there would be very little distinction between them) feel free to say.

Unless we can stretch the limits of imagination to make it a typical season place. Anyway, I'm stuck, and must get this sorted because it's going to mean an entire rewrite of one Goddess, and the complete rework, or perhaps scrapping of the four deities.

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Title: Re: Seasons Of Aeruillin...
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 11 November 2003, 15:44:00
Hmmmm... First of all, Artemis: It's good that you start on integrating Jeshannon's wonderful pictures:D  It's about time that we get these up!

But indeed, the Aeruillin part won't work due to the mentioned reasons. Aeruillin won't have any winter, and autum will look very different. Hm. Well, this can happen to anyone. But unfortunately we can't really change the fact the Aeruillin is a desert continent and will remain that way. Also up north the heat from the south is too strong to make winter possible (see Raház'Dáth description).

The most logical solution therefore for me would be:

How about putting the Gods into Sarvonia, as Gods of the hobbits for example? I don't know if this could work - would need to discuss this with Rayne, but it would seem a realistic possibility from my point of view. Rayne has described Dalireen so far, which is a child-like half-deity, but in general it is still unclear in what the hobbits believe. As Dalireen already has much of a fairy, the seasonal fairy Goddesses could fit perhaps in this respect. Especially as hobbits are reknown for being nature-loving, gardeners and the like, the seasons could play an essential role in their lives.

I don't know how much you've worked so far on the Goddesses and to what degree you've made references to other Aeruillin goddesses in your entry etc., but if things are kept pretty neutral here, then moving them up north would be the easiest option. It would also help to get the Gods system for our hobbits elaborated a bit - and why should hobbits believe in Avá and the other Gods anyway?

Well, what do you say? I'll see to point Rayne to this thread as well and see what she thinks on this subject.

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Title: Re: Seasons Of Aeruillin...
Post by: Rayne (Alýr) on 11 November 2003, 22:11:00
Erm. Based on the Dalireen entries that was done, the hobbits believe in the Aviaría, but also have a few out-shoots of that major religeon, which includes Dalireen. For a moment, though, let's assume that we can make Dalireen's entry fit with the religeon Artimis is hoping to make.

First, it should be understood that people tend to shape their gods and goddesses by the values of beauty the tribe/race has. The orcs are not going to have a diety that has the tender and delicate shape of an elf. The hobbits aren't either, Dalireen herself is only fairy-like in her personality, but she is portrayed by the hobbits as being a rather fat girl with large feet and hands. The other gods and goddesses that the hobbits believe in will probably be something of the same. You'd have to decide if that is truly what you want.

I'm trying to think of somewhere else you might put these goddesses. Maybe somewhere on Nybelmar? You'd have to talk to Koldar about that, though. I'd suggest gnomes, but right now I'm not sure if gnomes will even have a religeon, given they're so inclined to science.I don't know!

Here we add the way the entry is already written, making references to Nehtor and the other Aviaría

Title: Re: Seasons Of Aeruillin...
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 12 November 2003, 06:25:00
I don't agree with you Rayne, that people shape their deities only after themselves - it could be just the opposite, in the case of the hobbits slim, light-footed, well fairy like.
And, we don't have to follow such "general" rules which maybe apply in our world like "First, it should be understood that people tend to shape their gods and goddesses by the values of beauty the tribe/race has."

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Title: Re: Seasons Of Aeruillin...
Post by: Artemis on 12 November 2003, 13:26:00
Looking at it, I really can't see a way they could actually be integrated elsewhere actually. They would need to be rewritten if so, as they make references and are deeply tied to the Void religion, the other Gods and Godesses within it and places within the desert continent. I think the best thing to do would be scrap what I have, beacause they really can't go anywhere else.

Also, I understand Talia's point that people have different perceptions on how their Gods look, but I think it would be a bit difficult to suddenly imagine that people dreamt up the Fae "shape", anywhere but in Aeruillin. If that makes sense.

Oh pooh, life is unfair!!! It's OK. I was a dork. Don't worry. I think I'll scrap the seasonal Deities and just put the seasons under total control of the Goddess who was supposed to be working with those deities anyway. The poor Fae will have rather a lot under her control, but hey, she's a Goddess, she can handle it ;) .

I'll find uses for those pictures some other way. Probably not as representations of the seasons, but there will be some Fae myth maybe, or legend that they can be used for.

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There, self torture ended. Thankyou for your suggestions, but I'm OK. I'll go and cry now, and then get back to that religion. I want to get it finished sometime this millenium!!!

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