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Title: Can I Help?
Post by: Luca the Thief on 29 March 2004, 23:44:00
*Looks all cute like*

I'm thinking of writing Luca's already long history and dragging it out into a nasty ol' book. And since a big chunk of it takes place in Aeruillin I would like to be a happy little member of your super special club.

I have a lot of time on my hands, so I thought I'd stop by and check things out. I would like to work on things like cities and city life, if that needs working on, especially Shan'Thai and the other major cities. But I'm good with other dealies too :biggrin  

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Title: Re: Can I Help?
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 30 March 2004, 14:12:00
I'm sure Artemis wouldn't mind to have some assistance down here in the south, Luca:)  - I'll write her a short mail to point her to this thread, so that she won't overlook it and can discuss here what would be ideal for you to take...

So welcome to the dev side of the Dream;)  

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Title: ...
Post by: Artemis on 01 April 2004, 17:04:00
Hello Luca!!!

I am actually alive Arti... I've spent the last few months planning and planning, I'm up to my armpits in plans and ideas, I may explode very soon. You will be seeing entries from me soon... hopefully... I've come back home from my work, and have the time... if I can tear myself away from Might and Magic 7, which I've recently become re-addicted to.

It would be great to have another developer in this lonely old bag of sand Luca, although I would like to shoo you away from Shan'Thai and point you towards another place. :P. Perhaps I could interest you in Thylascuran? Interesting place, I have a great many ideas for it, and I'm sure you would to. Or perhaps you would like to take on the Nyvians? Amuwen started on these, but i haven't seen her for some time. They are a tribe of people who inhabit the three cities underneath Shan'Chahalynth. No map handy to name them exactly.

Currently I am working on the major ports (places beginning with Shan) and Jhomcolas, so I'm afraid they're somewhat out of bounds. I'm slightly over possessive. ;) .

You could take a look at the overview that is being slowly written. It's one of the stickys in this forum... perhaps you would like to undertake the Rhulrans or Ordions?

Let me know what you are interested in, I'm sorry it can't be Shan'Thai, but post and I'll send you an email with certain things that need to be included (so that Aeruillin isn't a totally disjointed place) - the rest is up to you.

PS - You say that a lot of your characters history in in Aeruillin... is this already written or going to be?

Anyway, welcome!

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Luca the Thief on 02 April 2004, 02:22:00 many to choose from. But the Rhulrans certainly look interesting. :)  I assume it's a human tribe? I'm not too good with elves..."Tree hugging pointy-eared stick worshipers" a very wise half-elf once put it. *Looks around innocently*

My e-mail is:

Oh, and my history has been written (though will soon be rethought, recharged, revamped and rewritten) and if you really feel like it, is  here.

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Title: Re: ...
Post by: Artemis on 06 April 2004, 18:54:00
Yup... the Rhulrans are a human tribe. No more elfy tribes in Aeruillin for some time... so no worries there. :) .

If you look on the map, you'll see that they are located central to quite a few towns, and right next to the Oasis of Nashrul. I thought that because of this, it would make its trade mostly from travellers passing through - very much a town full of inns etc. They are ultimately rather loosly decended from the Avennorians, and split from the Ordions, whether it was due to disagreement or that they were simply colonists is up to you (check the migration sticky at the top.) This means description will have to have traits of the Avennorians, but only a few, because they are rather far removed from them technically.

They must be of the Aeoliran faith, because they are bang smack in the middle of "Aeoliran faith land ;) " but how strictly they follow their beliefs and what emphasis they place on the different Gods is up to you. I suggest you read the Aeoliran religion entries.

Other than that, you can have a fairly free rein with this lot. I hadn't thought about them much, so do as you like. It might be nice to have a myth or two regarding the Oasis.

I look forward to reading your entries! And please feel free to invent nice flora and fauna as you wish.

Just a note - if you want to ask me any further questions and want to get started quickly, please do so before THIS FRIDAY (9th April I think) as I'm going on holiday for a week from Saturday morning.

:D  :D  :D  


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