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Title: Map problem
Post by: Lukester the Dukester on 14 July 2005, 19:09:00
While I was examining the map of Aeruillin I noticed something. There are no mountains. Now I'm one who likes to have everything fit together. And for there to possibly be a desert there should be mountains to the west and northwest. I know it isn't that important. But I just noticed it that’s all. Do what you want.

Title: Re: Map problem
Post by: Thuja on 15 July 2005, 05:15:00
If you had read the site you would see that the sun is in the south over this part of the map.  It doesn't deviate much from here.  It is the hottest place in the world and really doesn't need mountains per se.  

Also, the map you are looking at is a rough idea mapping out the major places for now.  As time and effort is added here the map will most likely change.  This has happened on other areas as more things were developed.

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Title: Re: Map problem
Post by: Fluffy Ramblers on 15 July 2005, 17:20:00
Hm, how are deserts and mountains connected together? If it's more than an assumption could you explain it or give some links? That would really interest me.

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Title: Re: Map problem
Post by: Lukester the Dukester on 15 July 2005, 22:07:00
The mountians block the mostiure from reaching the other side. Here is how it works. Mostiure is carried by wind to the mountians. The mountians force the mostiure to higher elevations. The higher the elevation the colder it gets. The cold causes the mostiure to condense. It then falls on the mountians as rain or snow (or sleet or hail, etc.). So the air that comes over to the other side is dry. This is called the rainshadow effect (if you want to look it up).

Here are some examples.
-the Atlas Mountians before the Sahara
-the Sierra Nevada before the Great Basin (Desert)
-the Andes Mountians before the Atacama Desert

P.S. The side that gets the rain is very vegatated.

Here are some examples.
-the Amazon Rain Forest and the Andes Mountians
-the Redwood Forest (Washington) and the Cascade Range
-the Ganges Plain (India) and the Himalayas

Title: Re: Map problem
Post by: Artemis on 16 July 2005, 04:30:00
Ermmmmm... there are two mountain ranges in Aeruillin you know!

What map have you been looking at? Central are the Cár'cál'cáey Mountains, and to the East the Xanthian range, both having connections with Dwarven tribes.

Given that it is a desert continent, we can't fill it with continuous mountain ranges, it simply wouldn't fit.

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Title: Re: Map problem
Post by: Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels on 16 July 2005, 05:50:00

Yeah, winds due bring moisture to the north and even south of Aeruillin. But as others already pointed, you can't apply earthen climatic properties on Caelereth, for it is different shaped. Not only that the sun circles in front of the disk (Caelereth is a disk), there is the void phenomen as well - and with that we explain pretty everything we want to have :lol .
And don't make the mistake, to apply earthen physics here - it just won't work.

I will repost the model discussion soon, which was lost in the ez-board crash, then you can have a look how we want our world to look like.

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Title: Re: Map problem
Post by: Lukester the Dukester on 16 July 2005, 07:00:00
Ok! I just mentioned it don't make a big deal of it.

Title: Re: Map problem
Post by: Fluffy Ramblers on 16 July 2005, 15:20:00
Thanks for the explaination. But what about the deserts in the northern Africa: in Lybia and Egypt - there are no higlands in this region, and it's still very dry.

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Title: Re: Map problem
Post by: Lukester the Dukester on 16 July 2005, 16:36:00
For the Sahara Desert there are mountians in eastern Africa with Mt. Kilomanjara. The range extends from southern Egypt all the way down to South Africa (note that the wind directions are different there). I can't find or think of the name of the range, but it's there.